1. i was trying to find out why my wrist watch (skeleton) automatic watch didn’t keep the correct time. But when i wore it for 3 days straight, it was fine, but it seems like once i took it off for a few days and went back to it, it seems to have either slowed down or sped up. I got it for $9 at Goodwill. I really like it and was hoping it wasn’t broken. Maybe that’s why they gave it up. Haha. Then I thought maybe it was operated by body heat. Haha. Thanks for any info on such a problem as this.

    1. Author

      Hi Mary. One thing that you need to know is that automatic watch is less accurate than a normal quartz watch. Normal modern automatic watch can has 20 to 30 seconds deviation per day and that was the reason why you noticed the watch had slowed down or sped up. It’s normal for these watches to be reset every week or few weeks depending on how accurate you want it to be.

      And no Mary, it’s not operated by body heat =P


  2. Hi Isaac,

    I decided to venture here because I wanted to find an interesting watch for my husband. He hates having to change his watch battery since he has to drive a long distance to do that.
    I’m glad I stumbled upon your post since I got way more information about the functioning of automatic watches. If I understood you well, these watches do not use batteries and the crown has to be rotated once in a while to tighten the mainspring, i.e., for watches that are purely manual. I suppose most watches these days have the other option and I should consider this while purchasing a watch for my spouse. As much as my husband hates changing batteries, I’m not sure he would be too happy if I got him a purely manual model, which he would have to wind occasionally. Thank you for saving my shopping day.

    1. Author

      Hi Princilla. Glad to know that my article has helped you finding a good watch for your husband. Yep, that’s the main beauty of automatic/mechanical watches – they don’t need a battery to work like all the other “normal” watches.

      Just using them every day will do the trick. Some watches (like this Tissot Powermatic 80) have up to 3 days of power reserve, so you can even lay it down during weekends!

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