20 Types Of Watches

  Undoubtedly, wrist watch is an integral part of modern fashion. Especially for men as we guys don’t really have that much accessory options to begin with. A wrist watch is a unique fashion accessory because while its main function is to tell time, it also increases our style – in other words, making our whole image better. But fashion sense is not the only deciding factor in choosing what watch to wear.     You see, there are at least 20 types of watches in existence currently and each one of them have their own unique attribute. Yep you read that right. There areRead More →

What Is Spring Drive Watch-

  Somewhere along this horology hobby, you’ll be sure to hear about this “Spring Drive” thing from Seiko which purportedly is a something truly unique and on its own realm. In my honest opinion, yes, it truly is. Just like quartz watches, Seiko just seems to innovate and create great things one after another – and spring drive watch is one of the extraordinary creation in the horological world in recent times.   So what actually is spring drive watch? To be precise, spring drive  refers to a new movement created by Seiko which combines elements from automatic and quartz movements. It’s powered by mechanicalRead More →

What Is A Chronometer Watch-

  Someone is not a real watch fan if he does not know what a chronometer is all about. This horological jargon is indeed a bit overwhelming at first but as I can attest, it’ll become easier as we read more and more about the world of watches.   So what is a chronometer?   Chronometer, in the easiest explanation is an accurate watch. And by the way, the term is mostly used for automatic watches only nowadays.   What differentiates a chronometer and a normal watch?   It is well known that automatic watch is not the best in terms of accuracy. Normal automatic watchesRead More →

What Is An Aviator Watch

  Since the start of aviation at the beginning of last century, it’s not just airplanes that begin to take off. Another thing also began to gain fame, and that is the aviator watch (or aviation/pilot watch).   Breitling Navitimer, the poster child of an aviator watch in the current age. But, what makes it an aviator watch?   So what is an aviator watch? It’s quite simply a watch that pilot uses but that’s not just the case anymore. Just like dive watches and military watches, pilot watches are also used by the normal non-pilot masses. In this article, I’m going to unravel what isRead More →

How To Use Rotating Bezel On A Divers Watch

  A watch bezel is an important element for a watch. It can add more functionality to a normal watch, while those without any bezel will look cleaner and dressier.   But first, what is a watch bezel?   Watch bezel is the part of the watch between the crystal and the case. Traditionally, this area is empty without anything on it. A normal diver’s watch with rotating bezel (the circular strip around the watch’s face). Shown above is the Seiko SBDC033 Sumo diver’s watch   But as innovation of watches took off, watchmakers begin to utilize this area to show some information, leading toRead More →

What Is Atomic Clock

  I’m sure most of you have at least heard about atomic clock once in your life. I’ve also touched on the atomic clock in my article about Greenwich Meridian Time (click HERE to read it). In that article, I’ve explained how GMT is replaced with UTC (or Coordinated Universal Time) system which is based on atomic clock timekeeping, instead of the traditional solar day.   So what is this atomic clock all about then?   What Is Atomic Clock? Atomic clock is by no means the same as atomic bomb. Trust me, I’ve also had the same first impression when I heard about it,Read More →

12 Different Strap Styles That You Must Know

  The most essential companion to any watch is its strap. Watch strap will change the style of a watch to different levels. To most of the people the brand of the watch matters the most but do not forget the thing that connects your branded watch to your wrist is the watch strap (or some of you would call watch band, bracelet, etc). This article is the second part in a series about watch straps. In the first part (click HERE to read it), I’ve written about types of watch strap materials. There are 4 most common material for a watch strap that is leather,Read More →