Automatic Vs Quartz Movement – Which Watch Is The Right One For You?

Automatic Vs Quartz Movement

One of the most asked questions is about watch movements, specifically about automatic vs quartz movement. Most people new to horology (or things about watches) usually were asking this question as they were selecting their first watch. While to most people, a watch is just a watch, this is not necessarily true. There’s a lot … Read more

Bulova Accutron II Review 96A155 Alpha – A Homage To The Famous 1960s Spaceview Watch

Bulova Accutron II Review 96A155 Alpha

  Hi guys! Today I’m writing about the Bulova Accutron II review, specifically the 96A155 Alpha model. It’s actually as a homage to the famous 1960s Bulova Accutron Spaceview watches that featured an open dial showing its tuning fork movement.     Bulova Accutron – The First Electronic Watch During the 1960s, automatic and mechanical … Read more

10 Best Solar Watches Under $200 in 2017

10 Best Solar Watches Under $200 in 2017

Solar watch is definitely a step up from the normal quartz watch. Although quartz watch is great in terms of accuracy but its reliance on battery sometimes caused inconvenience, especially when we find our watches suddenly out of juice (which I’m sure that had happened to you guys too LOL!). Solar powered watch seek to solve … Read more