1. hi friend, My automatic watch is ETA 2892-A2 movement, but it gains 10 seconds per day. is it accurate?

    I would accept 5 sec/day, but 10 sec/day is a bit high!

    1. Author

      Hi Phenix. The accuracy of ETA movements depends on its grade e.g standard, elabore, top, chronometer – with increasing accuracy (and price) with the chronometer to be most accurate. So depending on your 2892’s grade, it can be acceptable (for the standard) or not acceptable (for others).

      Either way, the movement can easily be regulated or demagnetized (if applicable) by any competent watchmaker. I never own an 2892 but based on various watch forums, the movement can be regulated up to an accuracy of less than 5 sec/day.

      Let me know how that works out for you =)

  2. Hello!
    May I to know which grades of movement on my tissot herritage visodate T019? (1853)
    caliber 2836-2
    Thank so much!

    1. Author

      Hi Le. I’m not really sure what grade is the ETA 2836-2 inside the Visodate is but I guess is the lowest grade for ETA movements. Reason being the Visodate is among one of the cheapest Swiss automatic Swiss watches around. But do let me know if I’m wrong ya!


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