Tissot Powermatic 80 chronometer dial

Chronometer is a revered watch type among watch fans. It’s considered one of the highest standard in automatic watch world for a very simple reason – it’s much more accurate than most of them. It’s also quite expensive with a higher price tag – usually thousands of dollars. This higher price is attributed to the higher labor and material costs. Not to mention, COSC certification process to get the coveted chronometer title costs some money too. And yet, Tissot managed to do what I never expected – manufacturing a chronometer at less than $1000. And if you get it from Amazon, the price can evenRead More →

Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar review

  The world of watches has moved a lot ever since smartwatches come to life a few years ago. Despite that, Tissot has been producing their own version of smartwatches – a traditional watch with touch screen and lots of functions – from the year 1999. In this article, I’m writing about this beautiful Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar review to uncover what it can do. And mind you, it has a lot of functions under its belt.   Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar – T0914204405100   If I were to put it, this Tissot is a hybrid of traditional watch and technology with sports watch design beingRead More →