Seiko Shogun SBDC029 Review

The Seiko Shogun is one of the most popular dive watches among Seiko fans for very obvious reasons: the great looking design and the lightweight titanium case. In this post, I’m going to write about the Seiko Shogun review so that you’ll know what the watch is all about, its detail specification and whether it’s the right one for you (or you’re better off with a cheaper watch… I’ll save that later).   Why The Shogun Nickname? First and foremost, I’m sure you are wondering why is the watch called “Shogun”? The Shogun is actually a nickname given by Seiko fans on the WUS siteRead More →

Seiko SNZF17 Review

  Hi guys. Today I’m writing about the Seiko SNZF17 review, or the so-called Seiko Sea Urchin watch (more on that later on). It’s also widely known as poor man’s Rolex Submariner – and no, I’m not talking about the Invicta 8926 here. While the Invicta blatantly copied the Submariner design, this Seiko SNZF17 injects Seiko’s own design characteristics (specifically Seiko 5 Sports design) into the well-loved Submariner.   Above is the Seiko SNZF17 – Sea urchin   And here is the Rolex Submariner   The end result is a watch that looks like the real thing but at a very affordable price (for anRead More →

Seiko SNKN37 Review

  Hi guys! In today’s article, I’m going to write about Seiko SNKN37 review – one of the watches in the Japanese manufacturer’s Recraft series with gorgeous blue dial and retro square shaped case. But before we go into the review, I think I need to explain a bit about this Recraft series as I’m sure you guys are wondering what the hell it is right?   What is Seiko Recraft Series? The Seiko Recraft series is basically a watch line up by Seiko with vintage vibe designs. And that’s the reason why it was named “Recraft” – a line-up of watches with styles re-manufacturedRead More →

Seiko SARZ005 Review

  Hi guys! Today, I’m going to write a review about the Seiko SARZ005, one of the models in the Seiko 5 Sports lineup. So, what’s so special about the Seiko SARZ005? For a start, it has a unique design (very different than the other Seikos out there) and is an affordable automatic watch. It’s also a Seiko JDM watch.     For Seiko fans, I’m pretty sure you guys are well aware about what JDM or Japan Domestic Model means. It’s basically a watch made in Japan and is regarded as having a higher quality than Seiko watches made elsewhere (China, Southeast Asia, etc.)Read More →

Seiko SNE331 Review

  Hi guys! In this post, I’m going to write about the Seiko SNE331 review, a no-frills military watch by the Japanese brand. It has a very simplistic and functional design – those big markers and hands on top of a pitch black dial and case. There is no mistaken that this is a military watch that’s made for casual and outdoor use. But that’s not its only selling point. The SNE331 is powered by solar/light, so its owner does not need to change its battery every few years like normal quartz watches. This effectively make it the best no-frills watch ever for day-to-day use! AndRead More →

Seiko SUN019 Review

  Hi guys. In this article, I’m covering on the Seiko SUN019 review, a kinetic watch from Seiko. From the first look, we can already see how unique and cool looking the Seiko SUN019 is – and it IS unique.    Shroud Case, Kinetic, GMT I think all these three words (shrouded case, kinetic movement, GMT watch) perfectly summarizes how different the is compared to others out there. The case has the distinctive shrouded layer for extra shock protection. Seiko fans should know that these shrouded case design is made famous by the Seiko Tuna, and its lil’ brother the Baby Tuna watches. Powering theRead More →