Best Automatic Watches in 2017

  Automatic watches is one of the type of watches that I personally love. The novelty of its mechanical parts moving to keep time, instead of relying on the ubiquitous electric-quartz movement is what I consider the best characteristic of the watch – and that is shared with many other automatic watch lovers =) In addition, automatic watch also does not need a battery to run, so there is no problem with a watch battery suddenly dies on you at inopportune moments. Automatic watch is run purely by potential energy stored inside its mainspring, which in turn is keep tighten either by self-rotating rotor asRead More →

10 Best Automatic Dive Watches Under $500

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to cover the 10 Best Automatic Dive Watches under $500 that I’ve reviewed so far. Dive watches are by far, the most versatile type of watch that men can buy. It’s rugged and masculine for outdoor or diving use, while at the same time can still look dressy for office, casual and even black tie events. A simple strap change is what it’s needed to do this. Which is why in my opinion, if I have limited money to buy only ONE watch, I’ll get one of these dive watches. How about automatic watches? Sure, it’s more expensive than quartz but theRead More →