1. I like that you talked about purchasing a watch depending on the occasions you would be wearing it. Someone recently told me that wearing a certain style of watch to a job interview improves your chances of getting the job. You did a great job explaining what watch looks good for what type of event.

    1. Author

      Definitely Ruby. A watch can change people’s perception towards you. I can imagine myself frowning upon someone who want’s to interview for a top financial executives position but wears a G-Shock or something equivalent. Not saying the G-Shock is not a good watch, but there’s a time and place for everything, and unfortunately the G-Shock is not the right fit for that occasion.

  2. I agree that you want to consider the style and color of a watch. Finding something that you like and that matches your style would be good too. My sister is looking for a watch, so she’ll have to consider the style.

    1. Author

      Yes that’s exactly right Hannah =)

  3. I do agree with finding a watch that fits your wrist. There’s so many watches that become cumbersome if they are too big and this seems to be a popular route for so many these days. Some people want the watch to stand out these days. Not for me.

    I would choose leather as the option for wearing, it doesn’t get sweaty like the plastic ones and not heavy like metal.

    Thanks for showing the butterfly clasp on a leather strap, I do like that type of fitting but have never seen a leather strap fitted with a butterfly clasp before. This will be my next choice.

    Everyone is different which is a good thing but for me, I only want the day feature on a watch, I’m not into too many dials.

    I like the Seiko Cocktail Time watch, looks sublime.

    Thanks for the info,


    1. Author

      Hi Simon. I totally agree with you. I never like big watches as I feel those are ugly and I will never wear them in a hundred years. But not everyone is like me – those oversized Daniel Wellington watches still got sold by the dozens! But then again that’s how our world works as those watches are considered to be the trendy things nowadays. I can just hope the fad will stop in the near future =)

      Thanks for dropping by buddy!

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