Bulova Accutron II Review 96A155 Alpha – A Homage To The Famous 1960s Spaceview Watch

Bulova Accutron II Review 96A155 Alpha


Hi guys! Today I’m writing about the Bulova Accutron II review, specifically the 96A155 Alpha model.

It’s actually as a homage to the famous 1960s Bulova Accutron Spaceview watches that featured an open dial showing its tuning fork movement.


Bulova Accutron II 96A155


Bulova Accutron – The First Electronic Watch

During the 1960s, automatic and mechanical watches are the only option. It’s a great little timepiece but with one (major) flaw: it’s not keeping time accurately.

The most accurate automatic watch, the chronometers, can be too expensive for most people.

Soon enough, watchmakers and engineers tried to create a new type of movement that has a better accuracy.

The quartz movement was the answer to this, but before that, the tuning fork movement, the accutron, by Bulova emerged first.

The accutron movement uses electromagnetic to create vibration in the tuning fork. This vibration is the source of the timekeeping, like how the vibration of quartz crystal to a quartz watch works.

The result is a more accurate watch than an automatic (at about 1 minute or 60 seconds per month).

Another unique feature of it? It’s totally fluid sweeping second hand movement that bested even the highest beat automatic watch.

Only the spring drive movement by Seiko, produced some 40 years after that, beat the accutron in the fluidity of sweeping second hand.

The movement also produced a distinctive humming sound due to the vibration of the fork.

Since the accutron used an integrated circuit to run its timekeeping, it’s considered as the first electronic watch in the world.

The development of the accutron marked the beginning of modern watchmaking history and is a crucial turning point in horological world.

This newer Accutron II does not use this tuning fork movement but insted uses Bulova’s Precisionist movement which is based on quartz.

But of course, it’s not a normal quartz – it’s a high frequency quartz with very fluid sweeping second hand.

It’s definitely gorgeous and a homage to the original accutron movement.

Bulova did released a re-issue of the Accutron Spaceview with the tuning fork movement in 2010 to commemorate its 50 years anniversary.


Bulova Accutron Spaceview 2010 reissue

The Bulova Accutron Spaceview watch reissued in 2010 can costs up to $5,000!


It’s not sold officially now but you guys can check out eBay for re-sellers of the watch.

But be warned the new reissued watch can costs about $4,000 to $5,000 due to them needing to reverse engineer and research how to make the tuning fork movement again.

At that high price, I think a vintage Spaceview (easily around $300-$400) is a much better deal LOL!


The Original 1960s Accutron Spaceview


Bulova Accutron Spaceview 1960s

1960 Bulova Accutron Spaceview


If you notice, the Accutron II also borrows some design cue from the Accutron Spaceview released in the 1960s with the open dial.

The Spaceview is legendary in its own right due to its futuristic look that shows the tuning fork, wire coil, capacitors and wires making it look very cool.

It’s also quite artistic in the way Bulova arranged the movement to make sure it’s still presentable and likeable.

On the other hand, the newer Accutron II, although looks similar from the first look, it’s nowhere near the wonderful spaceview.

The dial is semi-open and only shows it wire coil at the top. Well, can’t blame them as the internal workings of a quartz watch is not very presentable and neat to look at.

But the intention to create a homage is clearly seen from the design.


That’s it about the introduction to Bulova Accutron. Let’s check out the detail review of the Accutron II shall we!


Bulova Accutron II 96A155 “Alpha” Specification

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainless steel
Strap: Black leather strap
Watch Crystal: Mineral crystal

Dial: Semi-open aperture dial with green and gold background
Hands: Dauphine hands
Markers: Circular index markers
Style: Casual

Movement: Bulova Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Quartz movement BA101.10 with 262 kHz frequency
Battery: 2-3 years
Accuracy: +-10 seconds per year

Water Resistance: 30 m
Other Features: Sweeping second hand @ 16 beats per second

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Spaceview Inspired Dial

As mentioned earlier, the dial of this Bulova Accutron II Alpha is taken from Bulova’s Spaceview model, popular in the 60s.

While the Spaceview has a full open dial showing its tuning fork movement, the newer Accutron II watch only has a semi-open aperture showing its wire coil at the left side of the watch.

This is due to the quartz movement that I believe is not really that great to look at, so Bulova chose to cover the movement with a dial.

The dial is gold in color at the center and has two shades of green around it and was designed as such to capture the iconic look of the original spaceview.

The dial features dauphine shaped hands with circular index markers. The top marker at 12 o’clock uses the beautiful Bulova tuning fork logo that I really like.

The second hand’s tail tip also uses this logo. There is also a signature “Bulova Accutron II” printed direcly on the watch crystal.

On the gold portion of the dial, we can see a tuning fork logo at the lower left side with the engraving “BA101.10” which is the model no. for the quartz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) movement that this watch has (more on that later on).

Even though the dial is an “imitation” of the original spaceview, I feel that it’s still a good looking dial.

The open dial serves no purpose as we can’t see anything on the movement (save for the coil) but the way Bulova designed it makes it looks great.


Bulova Accutron II 96A155 sides


The various circles at the center of the dial serves no purpose but is a nice little touch on a dial that’s very unique and different than any modern watches out there.


Unique Shield-Shaped Case

Accompanying the unique dial is a unique case with a shield shape that’s remisniscent of the original accutron spaceview.

The case of this Bulova Accutron II is a good 42 mm diameter with 12 mm thickness. With this moderate sizing, almost all wrist sizes can pull this one off perfectly.

This is unlike the Bulova Precisionist that’s very huge and only bigger wrists can wear it without looking awkward. The case is made from stainless steel and made impeccably well.

You can see how the case is designed to have that many surfaces with different finishes (which actually reminds me of the Seiko SARB033 btw).

The detail that has been put into the making of the case shows that Bulova is serious in this watch.


Bulova Accutron II on hand

The shield case of the Bulova Accutron II is not so pronounced, but is a nice touch and something that is hard to find nowadays


Well, the Accutron name is legendary to the company after all, so this much of effort is understandable.

On top of the case is a mineral crystal watch that’s quite a let down, in my opinion.

Mineral crystal is good and can get the job done i.e protect the inner watch from dust, accidental impact and most importantly water.

But it’s not a scratch resistant material, despite all those badly written description on online stores.

Only sapphire crystal is fully scratch resistant and all the other crystals are susceptible to scratches.

Thus, the only way to ensure your new watch look pristine for years is to take good care of it and avoid scratching the crystal with any hard surfaces (steel, concrete, etc.).

Hairline scratches will always be there no matter how well you take care of it, but at least there is no deep scratches.

Another interesting design on this watch is the recessed signed crown that’s hidden when you look at the watch from the top.

It’s actually at the right side of the watch and Bulova has made it very well hidden. The crown is a nod to the original accutron that had a hidden crown located on its caseback.


Bulova Accutron II side

The crown of the Bulova Accutron II is sublimely hidden inside the case – simply because there’s no need to use the crown regularly!


It’s been said that Bulova chose to hide the crown in the original accutron because it’s tuning fork movement is more accurate than an automatic watch and does not need to be reset regularly.

A nice marketing ploy if you ask me, but there’s truth in there. And with the UHF movement inside this Bulova Accutron II that has +-10 seconds per year accuracy, there is definitely no need to even touch the crown for years!


Bulova’s Ultra High Frequency Quartz Movement

The main attraction of the Bulova Accutron II watch (apart from its look, of course) is the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) quartz movement inside it.

The Cal. BA101.10 by Bulova runs at 262kHz frequency, which is about 8 times more than the normal 32kHz frequency of normal quartz watch.

This movement is the stripped down version of the Precisionist movement found in Bulova Precisionist just so that it can fit into the more normal size of this watch.


What’s so good about this UHF movement?


For a start, it is widely known that the way to increase accuracy in any watch (be it automatic or quartz) is to increase the frequency of the vibrating timekeeping element.

By doing that, the deviation of error is significantly reduced and we will get a more accurate watch. This UHF movement also uses a three prong quartz that’s revolutionary in a way.

The new design enables the high frequency vibration of the quartz crystal without taking a toll on its battery life.

As a result, the UHF has a great +-10 seconds per year accuracy, way above the +-15 seconds per month accuracy on normal quartz watch.

Furthermore, the movement is also able to sweep its second hand instead of the normal one-second ticks on other quartz watches.

Bulova miraculously achieved this feat by an ingenious movement design. Normal quartz watches restrict its second hand to one tick per second in order to lengthen its battery life.

On the other hand, this Bulova Accutron II sweeps its second hand 16 times in a second, accomplishing a very fluid action that can rival even the highest beat automatic watch.

In a way, this is the company’s way of paying tribute to its legendary tuning fork movement that also has sweeping second hand.


Watch the video above to see how fluid the sweeping second hand on this Bulova Accutron II


As comparison, normal automatic watch has 6 beats (low to middle range Seiko and Orient) and 8 beats (most Swiss and western watches) per second.

10 beats per second is already classified as hi-beat autos and costs thousands of dollars.

As you can imagine, a 16 beats per second automatic watch will has an astronomical price tag (in fact, this Chopard L.U.C 8HF Power Control watch with 16 beats retail at a staggering $18,870!)

Even though this UHF movement is not as novel or unique as their tuning fork movement, it’s a great accomplishment in the world of watches.

For once, there is a mass produced watch that can keep up with atomic clock in terms of accuracy. All the other high precision quartz watches are always out of reach for normal folks.

We have Bulova to thank for this amazing piece of timekeeping at an affordable price.


Who Is The Bulova Accutron II Alpha For?

The Bulova Accutron II is the best for those that want an updated timepiece of the original Accutron watch.

Sure, it does not have the unique tuning fork movement, but its great design and aesthethic covers for that nicely.

In addition, the UHF movement, though is a quartz, has a sweeping second hand that’s a great tribute to the original watch.

If you’re one who dislike inaccurate watch, then this watch is just perfect for you. Its movement has an accuracy of +- 10 seconds per year, something that no normal quartz can achieve.


Who Should Not Get It?

Despite its unique and cool look, the Bulova Accutron II is a casual watch that’s not meant for formal events.

For that, you’ll need a dress watch (such as this amazing Seiko SARB033) to go with that tux. I just can’t imagine how that green and gold dial can ever be used in a formal event LOL!

Also, even though the movement is rugged and reliable (as with most quartz watches), it’s not a suitable one for outdoor activities.

The mineral crystal can scratch easily, and it’s just too flashy to bring into the woods. It’s low water resistance of 30 m does not instill confidence to use it for swimming.

Diving is definitely out of its scope. For outdoor activities, I’d recommend a good field watch such as this Seiko SNK809 that’s very affordable (so that if you break it, you can always buy another one LOL!). For water activities, a diver’s watch such as the classic SKX007 is a nice candidate.


(Click HERE to read my list of the best automatic diver’s watch under $500)


Bulova Accutron II Pros and Cons


  1. Magnificent sweeping second hand
  2. The iconic Accutron Spaceview watch design in a contemporary package
  3. Ultra High Frequency quartz movement gives a very accurate timekeeping – you don’t need to reset the watch in a few years
  4. High quality craftsmanship with beautiful case fit and finish



  1. Mineral crystal is not scratch resistant
  2. Quite low water resistance with 30 m only


Like The Bulova Accutron II Alpha? Buy It Cheapest On Amazon!

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Final Thoughts

The Bulova Accutron II Alpha is really a solid watch with deep history behind it. It’s design is a homage to the legendary Accutron Spaceview watch in the 60s, with some changes that make it a watch on its own.

Its Ultra High Frequency quartz movement is one of its kind, delivering high precision timekeeping that’s usually associated with more expensive watches.

Lastly, the magnificent sweeping second hand is so good to look at. At 16 beats per second, the sweeping action is even more fluid than most automatic watches in existence.

The Bulova Accutron II Alpha is indeed a truly cool watch that any Bulova collector should get.




What do you guys think about this Bulova Accutron II review? Do you guys like it and want it for your collection?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below =)

Till next time. Cheers!

Bulova Harley Davidson Watch (78A109) Review – The Ultimate Biker’s Watch

Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109

Harley Davidson is a very famous brand especially in the US. It’s synonymous with its touring and cruiser bikes that embodies ruggedness and tough look – the true embodiment of manliness.

But not many people knows the brand has released their own merchandises to capitalize on their famous brand. And one such merchandise is this Harley Davidson watch, which is a collaboration with the watch company Bulova.

With a winged skull face design and case that looks like a motorbike, this Bulova Harley Davidson watch (78A109) is the ultimate biker’s watch!

Harley Davidson Logo


A Bit Of Harley Davidson History

Before we go into the review of this Bulova 78A109 watch, let’s have a look at the history of the motorcycle company first.

Harley Davidson was the brainchild of its two founders: William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As one of the pioneer of motorcycles in US, it released its first bike was released in 1903, the Serial Number One bike which is basically an engine attached to a bicycle.


Harley Davidson Serial Number One Bike

The Serial Number One Bike, Harley Davidson’s first motorcycle – which is really a combination of motor engine and bicycle!

Did they invented motorcycle? Nope. The invention of motorcycle started way back in 1860s in Europe though they might be among the first Americans to invent it.

But even with a few decades of handicap, Harley Davidson managed to become an ubiquitous brand synonymous with bikes, beating the Europeans (until the Japanese bike manufacturers came in 1950s – but that’s another story for another day).

Harley Touring bike

A touring bike from Harley Davidson which is meant for long distance travel

Harley Davidson Street Rod

The 2017 Street Rod model with modern style bike

Well, enough about the brand. Let’s check out the Bulova Harley Davidson watch review shall we.


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch Specification (78A109)

Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainless steel
Strap: Stainless Steel with black PVD center links

Dial: Black dial with winged skull
Watch Crystal: Mineral Crystal
Hands: Dauphine hands with lume
Markers: Index markers

Movement: Bulova Quartz movement
Battery Life: Typically 1-2 years

Water Resistance: 100 m

Best Place To Buy: Amazon for $200, MSRP is $225

Winged Skull – Total Badass Of A Watch

From the first look of this watch, I’m sure all of you would think about how very different it is than normal watches. I mean, there is a WINGED SKULL on it!

How many watches have you guys seen with a skull on its dial?

Bulova totally pushed the boundaries with this 78A109 watch. There are a few others Harley Davidson watches released over the years but most of them uses their iconic bar and shield logo on the dial. Still cool but nowhere as cool as this watch.


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109 sides3


By far, this is the only watch that has the most unique design out of the other H-D watches. It looks so daring and manly with that black dial and skull picture.

I also like the font of the Harley Davidson signature on the dial which has a gothic style that really complements the winged skull.

On top of the dial are dauphine shaped hands and simple index markers, all which have lumes on it for additional functionality to bikers in the dark.


Motorcycle Themed Casing

Bulova is a very creative bunch when it comes to casing design. I’ve always admired their work with their watches that seems to be very unique compared to the rest (such as this Precisionist , Curv and Marine Star models).

And they really delivered a unique one for this Harley Davidson watch. Looking at the stainless steel case, one can always see that Bulova derived the case design based on a bike.

Very telling is how the lugs on this watch looks like a bike’s tyres. Instead of the normal lug design which tapers down to the center, the lugs extend straight just like how tyres looks like from top.

The spring bars to hold the stainless have caps at the end that looks like brakes to me lol!


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109 side


In addition to that, the oyster style bracelet has black PVD center links that matched with the black dial. The side links have textured pattern on them that reminds me of asphalt.

All in all, this watch is definitely a very unique watch that breaks away from the usual conformity that what someone would expect a watch would look like. Exciting, gothic and manly at the same time!


Who Is This Watch For?

A Harley biker (or any bike lovers) would definitely love to have a watch like this. It looks totally unique, rugged and helped you tapped into the rich Harley Davidson history.

And for those that does not own a bike, you might find this watch a good addition to your other normal watches and wear it during the weekends =)

Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109

Who Should Not Get It?

Let’s face it, the watch is totally unique but it’s not the watch I’ll go to work with. It’s fun and manly but the winged skull does not fit into a professional image anyone working in an office should wear.

So for those looking for a work watch, I won’t recommend this Bulova Harley Davidson watch for you.

For office wear, I find that a watch with less striking design to be great for work. You don’t want a colorful watch which draws attention to you. We are not girls, gentlemen. We grab attention by being good at work and being socially good with people.

Have a look at these watches which I find to be suitable and also affordable as daily beater for work. Not to mention these are gorgeous watches which can be a great conversation starter.

  1. Bulova Moon Watch
  2. Certina DS Podium
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium
  4. Hamilton Intra Matic
  5. Seiko SARB033
  6. Orient Bambino


Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this Bulova Harley Davidson watch (78A109)


  • Unique and manly design with winged skull on the dial
  • Motorcycle inspired case
  • Not monstrously overpriced



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Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought that such a unique looking watch would exist? Definitely not me. I’ve seen many watches but this is the one with the most unique style and design.

This watch has captured the spirit of Harley Davidson bikes with its exquisite design. Brash, manly and rugged – these words are most suitable to describe it especially the gothic like winged skull.

It’s definitely a good looking watch perfect for a Harley biker!



I hope you guys enjoy this Bulova Harley Davidson watch review. Let me know if you got any questions or comments regarding the watch.

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Bulova Moon Watch Review (96B251) – The Watch Worn On Moon

Bulova Moon Watch Review Front

The Second Watch To Be Worn On The Moon – A Bulova Moon Watch Review

Hi there! Welcome to my article on Bulova Moon Watch review. Everyone knows about the Omega Speedmaster as the watch that was worn by US astronauts on the moon.

But nobody really knows that there is another watch that has the same credential. Yes, that’s right, this Bulova Moon Watch is the only other watch to ever be worn on moon.

Before we go into the watch’s review, let’s delve deeper into the space and Bulova Moon Watch history. You can skip this part to go directly to the moon watch review at the middle of this page.


Apollo 15 Moon

Apollo 15 – the first lunar rover (aka space car) expedition when Commander David Scott wore his Bulova Moon Watch


Watches And Space Age

Around the 1960s to 1970s at the height of the space race, a question was asked: what is the watch that will be used by astronauts in space? Astronauts need watches to tell time, and it’s very important during flight.

A chronograph is definitely needed for its stopwatch function. This was a very interesting issue as the watch needs to pass high technical specifications.

For a start, any watch to be used in space need to be able to withstand cycles of high and low temperature throughout the entire flight (space travel is akin to flight, albeit a very dangerous one).

It also need to have great impact resistance and pressure resistance while able to handle the g-force while ascending and descending from space.


Vintage Omega Speedmaster

A vintage Omega Speedmaster issued officially by NASA to be used by all astronauts


Many companies submitted their watches for testing by NASA, but in the end, only the Omega Speedmaster was selected. It became a standard government issued item to all astronauts from then on.

On 1965, the Speedmaster smelled space for the first time. It was strapped (it was literally strapped around the bulky spacesuit) on the wrist of Edward White, the first American to spacewalk.


Edward White wearing omega speedmaster spacewalk

Edward White, the first american to space walk wearing an Omega Speedmaster strapped on his left wrist (the red circle area)


Omega Speedmaster And Buzz Aldrin

In 1969, mankind made history by having the first man to walk on moon during the Apollo 11 mission (Jul 1969). Apollo was the space program launched by the US to put a man on the moon and return him safely to earth.

A little know fact is that Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on moon, didn’t wear his Speedmaster during his famous walk on moon. Neil voluntarily left it in their cabin to replace a malfunction clock.

But Omega was lucky that Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on moon, was wearing his Speedmaster at that time.


Buzz Aldrin Omega Speedmaster Moon

Buzz Aldrin with his Omega Speedmaster


Omega Speedmasters were used for all the subsequent moon landings by the Apollo program. It greatly improved Omega’s image as a watchmaker that created a very tough watch that can even be worn on moon. And helped by its stylish sporty look, the speedmaster quickly become a very popular watch.


“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”
Neil Armstrong, July 21, 1969


Bulova Moon Watch Worn By David Scott In Apollo 15

So where does Bulova came in all this? Well, apparently the Bulova Moon Watch (known at that time as Accutron Chronograph) was brought into space as back-up to the standard issue Speedmaster by David Scott, commander of the Apollo 15 in Jul-Aug 1971.


David Scott Commander Apollo 15

David Scott – 7th person that walked on moon, the first lunar rover driver, and owner of the original Bulova Moon Watch


Apollo 15 was the 9th manned mission of the Apollo program, and the 4th successful landing on moon. The program was also the first time lunar roving machine was used -the first vehicle on moon driven by David Scott.

It was reported that the David Scott, the 7th person that walked on the moon, had to wear his Bulova because his Speedmaster’s watch crystal pop out.

This was quite an issue at that time as the watch was not a standard issue item, and some people have the opinion that David Scott should not have worn it.

Conspiracy theory aside, the fact is Bulova was the only other watch to have been used on moon aside from Omega Speedmaster. This testifies to the quality and craftsmanship that Bulova has.

This new Moon Watch (96B251) is a reissue of the old Moon Watch with some update befitting this modern age.


David Scott Bulova Moon Watch

David Scott wearing his Bulova Moon Watch during his moon walk


Fun fact: the original Bulova watch worn by David Scott on moon was auctioned for a cool USD $1.6 million! It was a good thing that David wore it during his lunar mission as it’s his personal property compared to Speedmasters which belong to government.

Enough about with our history lesson. Let’s go to the Bulova Moon Watch review shall we.


Original Bulova Moon WatchThe actual vintage Bulova watch that was used by David Scott on the moon. It fetched a whopping $1.6 Million for the former astronaut in 2015


Bulova Moon Watch Review Front

The new Bulova Moon Watch 96B251


Bulova Moon Watch (96B251) Specification

Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 13.5 mm
Lug To Lug Distance: 53 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainlesss steel
Strap: Leather strap and Nato strap

Dial: Black dial
Watch Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Hands: Bar hands with lume
Markers: Index markers with lume
3 Subdials: 60-minute chrono(left), 1/10th second chrono (right), 60-second running hand (bottom)

Movement: Bulova Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Quartz Chronograph Movement with 262 kHz frequency
Water Resistance: 50 m
Battery: 2-3 years
Other Features: Chronograph, Tachymeter scale, Date window

Where To Buy: Amazon


Sporty Chronograph Dial

On the first look, we can notice that this new Bulova Moon Watch 96B251 version greatly resembled its vintage chronograph worn by David Scott, and to some extent the Omega Speedmaster.

Well, its not surprising as NASA had put the requirement that any watches to be considered for its space program has to be a chronograph and has a simple look (not too complicated) so that astronauts can easily tell time.

And that’s the main attraction the dial of this Moon Watch has. It’s a sporty chronograph watch with classical and simple look, very different than the more complex that modern chronos has (such as the Bulova Precisionist).


Bulova Moon Watch Review Front


Black Watch Face

The whole watch face (or dial) of the Bulova Moon Watch is black in color with white markers and hands. Again, it seems this is the color scheme that NASA prefers since the Speedmaster has the same colors too.

Lume are applied on top of the markers and hands which I believe will only give a mediocre blue colored lume because of its small lume area.

At the outer edge of the dial, there is a chapter ring with tachymeter scale on it. This scale can be used to easily calculate the speed of an object (such as a spaceship for example?) while using the chronograph or stopwatch, provided we know the distance traveled.

(Read my article on chronograph here for more information on this feature.)

One unique thing about the tachymeter scale on the chapter ring is it’s actually not at the same level with the dial. It’s a bit raised up from the dial, giving a nice 3D look with depth to it.

The usage of black color for the watch gives it a very nice sexy and elegant look. Black has always been a safe choice of colors for very good reasons. For one, it never goes out of style. Well, just look at the vintage Bulova Moon Watch and you’ll notice how good it still looks even after all these years.


3 Subdials On The Dial

Moving on to the subdials, there are 3 of them on top of the Moon Watch’s dial. There are the 60-minute chronograph subdial (left), 1/10th second chronograph subdial (right) and 60-second running hand (bottom).


Bulova Moon Watch Review 96B251


The chronograph will be operated by the 2 pushers at the right hand side of the watch. The pushers are very unique to this watch as it’s very different than normal pushers on other chronographs that looks more like a crown knob.

This watch’s pushers looks like a triangle metal lever, which makes them easier to use since it’s bigger than normal pushers.


Bulova Moon Watch Chronograph Function

Let’s head over to how does the chronograph function works in this watch. The main seconds hand is the chronograph hand and do not move in normal condition. Instead, the bottom subdials will move continuously marking the running seconds hand.

Pushing the top pusher (at 2 o’clock) will start the stopwatch and Bulova has a surprise in store for us. As soon as the chronograph starts to move, the main seconds hand will start to sweep smoothly – which is a characteristic of Bulova’s special quartz movement. We see the same thing with the Precisionist chronograph too.

At the same time, the right subdial hand will move much faster. It is dedicated to show the 1/10th second time measurement and will sweep beautifully until it stops at the 30 seconds mark to conserve battery.

This addition of a 1/10th second measurement is a nice addition as most chronograph watches only give 1 second accuracy measurement.

Once the time crosses 1 minute, it will show at the left subdial which measures up to 60 minutes. To reset it, simply push the bottom pusher.

This chronograph setup is the major difference between the vintage/old Moon Watch with this latest version. The old one has time measurement up to 12 hours while this version only up to 1 hour.

It does not really make a difference to me as someone who don’t use chronographs often. In fact, I prefer this latest version since it has the cool 1/10th seconds subdial.

But for those that uses their chronograph watches to record long events such as F1 racings, then this could be a deal breaker to them.


Watch the video above to see the Bulova Moon Watch 96B251 up close. You can also see how magnificent the sweeping movement of its chronograph hands =)


Great Craftsmanship With Satinized Case

Moving on to the case, it seems Bulova did not do anything much to the shape of the watch here. It still has that satinized finish on the stainless steel case, which is very great to look at.

It gives the watch a tool like look. It also kinda make people remember the dusty and powdery surface of the moon, the one thing that make this watch very famous.

It has a unique case with that rounded sides and big lugs that lends some toughness look to it. Another unique element is the raised sapphire crystal on top of the watch which look cool. There are concerns that having a protruded crystal will damage it easily, but by using sapphire, I don’t think that’s much of a concern.

Sapphire is a very hard and scratch resistant material. It’s the best material for watch crystal right now (see this article on different types of watch crystal and it’s pros/cons) and Bulova did the right thing to use it here.

Bulova Moon Watch Case Back Engraving


At the back of the watch is a nice engraving showing Bulova’s logo and the details of the Apollo 15 mission. There are the duration of the mission with coordinates and location of where David Scott and co. landed on moon.

It’s definitely a nice little detail by Bulova here which makes the Moon Watch more unique and make it a valuable watch in a collector’s list.


Too Big Of A Case?

Another major complain by fans on Bulova Moon Watch is the bigger diameter of 45 mm compared to the original which is about 39 mm (44 mm) (this is just my assumption based on the trend of watch sized at that era. If you know the right diameter, do let me know in the comments below will ya!).


Update: Thanks to Guillaume, the original version actually had a 44 mm diameter. Thanks for pointing that out!


This seemingly big size for a watch, coupled with a 13.5 mm thickness and 53 mm lug to lug distance does not really goes well with loyalists of the original design as they think its too big.

It might look like that’s the case, but in my opinion, it’s not a big deal at all. The trend now is going towards bigger watches and for me, this is still an acceptable size for a watch and most of diver’s watches nowadays has the same dimensions.

With that 53 mm lug to lug distance, a 2 inch wrist can pull it off comfortably. (Actually, that’s coming from my own experience as my wrist size is 2 inch and my Seiko Sumo is the same size with this watch. It honestly looks totally great on my wrist. Lol!)


Bulova Moon Watch Side


Of course it will look a bit more refined and classical if it’s slightly smaller, but to have a watch with 45 mm is not a bad idea. It has a tougher look and has huge wrist presence. And not to mention, nobody will fail to not notice the Bulova Moon Watch =)


Interchangeable Leather And Nylon Straps

With this 96B251 version, Bulova ships the Moon Watch with a leather strap and an extra Nylon strap.

To have a nylon strap on this is reminiscence of how the astronauts used to strap their watches on their bulky spacesuits. Putting a leather patch on it with the date of mission (2nd Aug 1971) also makes it quite special for collectors.

Bulova Moon Watch 96b251 Box

The leather strap on the other hand is attractive with a cool carbon fiber pattern on top of it. For the convenience of its owners, Bulova provided the pick tool to easily change the strap.


Bulova’s Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Quartz Movement

Running the Moon Watch is Bulova’s new Ultra High Frequencey Quartz Movement developed with Citizen. It’s basically the same technology as with the Bulova Curv and Bulova Precisionist models though I’m not quite sure why they don’t continue using the precisionist name.

The main feature of this quartz movement is its very high frequency of 262 kHz, 8 times more than a normal quartz movement. The result is a much higher accuracy with this movement.

Bulova states that the UHF movement will gain or lose about 10 seconds per YEAR while a normal quartz watch will gain or lose that amount of time in a MONTH.

This huge improvement in accuracy puts the watch in the front row of non-atomic watch’s accuracy.

In addition, it’s this movement that gives the chronograph such a beautiful sweeping seconds hand action.


Bulova Moon Watch On Hand


Who Is The Bulova Moon Watch For?

Those who are amazed by our space exploration especially the lunar landing should definitely get this Bulova Moon Watch. It’s very rich in history, even though this latest version is not exactly space-ready. But to have a reissue of the vintage Bulova Moon Watch that’s been used in moon is just sooo cool.

For those of you that are not really that enthusiastic about space exploration, the Moon Watch might appeal due to its sporty chronograph subdials, but with a touch of simplicity and elegance.

Its perfect balance of sporty and elegance is something that not many watch can attain.

Not to mention, it also has the unique and very accurate UHF quartz movement – there is nothing more satisfying to know that your watch is more accurate than 99.9% of watches out there. And the 1/10th second chronograph subdial is just mesmerizing to say the least.

In short, the Bulova Moon Watch not only has the backing of a rich legacy, but also has the look and technical prowess in it =)


Bulova Moon Watch Leather Nylon Straps


Who Should Not Get It?

The 45 mm diameter and 53 mm lug to lug distance might be a bit too big for some people. Like I’ve written above, any wrist smaller than 2 inch might want to avoid this watch as it won’t fit well. But for most of the other guys out there, this might be the perfect watch because of its great wrist presence.


Bulova Moon Watch Pros And Cons


  1. A very handsome sports watch with classical look
  2. Simple chronograph watch design giving it an elegant vibe
  3. Huge amount of history of the only other watch to be worn on moon
  4. Very beautiful sweeping seconds hand action
  5. 1/10th of a second time measurement chronograph is unique and useful
  6. An additional nylon strap and pick tool provided with the watch
  7. Super accurate UHF quartz movement by Bulova


  1. Leather strap is a bit stiff and is not as good as the watch itself


Want To Own This Bulova Moon Watch? Buy It From Amazon!

Smitten by the Bulova Moon Watch? You can always get it officially from Bulova for $550 (that’s the MSRP) or get it cheaper from Amazon at much lesser than that. Click the link below to check out the watch on Amazon.


->Click Here To Check Out Bulova Moon Watch 96B251 On Amazon<-


Final Thoughts

Bulova Moon Watch is filled with history of the space exploration age from 4 decades ago, which makes it a very cool watch to have. Not to mention Bulova also package it to be a collector’s items with the special engraving on its caseback and nylon.

Not just banking on its legacy, the new Moon Watch is a very handsome watch too, with high performance UHF quartz movement with the cool 1/10th second chronograph. With all of this, it’s definitely a great value for money watch.



I hope you guys enjoy my Bulova Moon Watch review here. If you guys have any questions or comments, don’t be shy to ask.

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Bulova Curv Review (98A162) – The Curved Watch

Bulova Curv Review Side

In this article, I’m going to write about Bulova Curv review, a watch that has made headlines for its drop dead gorgeous look and curved shape. The watch was released early last year (2016) to wide, and it sure did grab lots of attention.

So what’s so special about this Bulova Curv? For a start, it has the “world’s first curved chronograph movement” – that’s taken straight from Bulova’s ads. Well, I don’t really care about the world’s first and all, but what truly matters is this curved watch is something really unique, and best part of all it’s a gorgeous and cool watch.

In this review, I’m going with the 98A162 gray titanium version because it has the coolest look among the Bulova Curved watch lineup. Without any delay, let’s go for the Bulova Curv review.


Bulova Curv (98A162) Specification

Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness: 10.1 mm
Case: Gray titanium case
Strap: Black rubber strap

Dial: Gray exhibition dial with rose gold accents
Watch Crystal: Sapphire Crystal
Hands: Skeleton hands
Markers: Index markers
Subdials: 3 Subdials: 60-minute subdial (right), 12-hour subdial (left), 60-second subdial(bottom)

Movement: Bulova Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Quartz Chronograph Movement with 262 kHz frequency
Water Resistance: 30 m
Battery: 2-3 years
Other Features: Exhibition caseback, Curved case, Curved sapphire glass

Best Place To Buy: Amazon at $680, MSRP is $899 from Bulova’s dealers

Bulova Curv Review Side

Bulova Curved Watch Case

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, the curved watch case. It’s truly a remarkable design for sure. Well, there’s not much curved watches in the market right? I’m not sure whether somebody has done this or not, but as far as I know, Bulova’s curved watch is the current watch with this form. Just look at that circular curve! It’s totally outrageous and looks great.

Besides being unique, the curved case also makes wearing it a very comfortable experience. It just hugs your wrist while sitting on it. Many brands have produced watches with a curved lugs to achieve the same thing (such as the Seiko SARB033 and SARB035), but this watch brings it to the next level.

Bulova Curved Watch on hand

The watch has a 44 mm diameter, but it’s very wearable even with small wrists due to the curved form factor. At just 10.1 mm thick, it’s very stylishly thin and looks exquisite.

The case is made of titanium with gray color which blend well with the gray watch face. Made from titanium, it’s also very light and lends to comfort while on wrist. The watch only has 30 m water resistance but I believe that would be enough for most people. It’s not really a sports watch and honestly I don’t think anyone is going swimming wearing that lol.

Bulova Curv Side

Take a loot at the Bulova Curv from the side. It’s truly something unique to have a full curved watch like this

Perhaps the only thing “off” about this watch is the usage of black rubber strap on it. And worse of all the strap cannot be changed out since it’s attached to the case with a special attachment.

I won’t deny it actually looks good with the titanium gray case, but to have a rubber strap for a watch at this price range is just not right and not value for money. A compatible titanium bracelet would have been perfect in my opinion =)


Modern And Stylish Watch Face Design

On the dial or watch face of this Bulova Curv is a very stylish gray dial with openings on it to show some of the quartz movement inside it. Due to the opening, the dial looks to have multiple layers on it which gives a nice depth perception.

Bulova Curv Review Dial

There are index markers and skeleton hands on the watch with 3 subdials. The bottom subdial is for 60-second chronograph, right subdial is for 60-minute measurement while the left subdial is for 12-hour measurement. (more explanation on the chronograph function is written a few section below)

A great addition to the watch face design is the gold accents that’s used for the index markers and hands. It’s beautifully done and totally looks great with the gray dial.


Curved Sapphire Glass

On top of the watch is a curved sapphire glass which is absolutely great to have. By having a curved watch, there is a higher chance the watch crystal might be bumped with many things. So for Bulova to use a sapphire crystal is definitely on the mark here.

Sapphire is the best among the 3 common watch crystals as it’s super resistant to scratching and have a higher impact resistance than normal mineral crystal.Bulova Curv Review Side

Exhibition Caseback To Show A Quartz Movement?

Another weird design selection by Bulova is to use an exhibition caseback on the Curv. But isn’t exhibition caseback a great thing because it allows people to see the watch’s movement from the back? Well that’s correct for an automatic watch. But for a quartz? I beg to differ.

Looking through the caseback of the watch, I hardly see anything interesting at all. The back of the movement is finished in gold color with many cut out for some solenoids and transistors. Bulova did try to make it more pleasing by some well positioned logo and signatures on the movement’s back but that’s it.

Bulova Curv Open Caseback

I don’t know about you, but having an open caseback to show a quartz movement is not a really good decision to me. Just take a look at that thing.. =P

I’ve read some other reviews that the caseback is interesting and they liked it. For me, it’s interesting too but I’d prefer a titanium caseback with normal engraving on it rather than seeing this. Quartz movement is accurate, but it does not have the same unique characteristic of an automatic watch and this caseback just proved my point.


Ultra High Frequency Quartz Chronograph Movement

Inside the Bulova Curv is a high performance quartz chronograph movement, or what Bulova likes to call Ultra High Frequency (UHF) quartz movement. Actually, I think it’s using a similar movement as the Precisionist since it has the same 262 kHz frequency but I’m not sure why Bulova does not use the same movement name in their website and ads.

But regardless, this movement has the cutting edge quartz movement that comes with vibrates at 262 kHz – 8 times faster than a normal quartz. The result? A much more accurate quartz movement.

Consider this: A normal quartz (the cheap Casio that can be had for $10 off Amazon) can gain or lose 15 seconds per month. Bulova’s UHF (and even the Precisionist before it) will only gain or lose that much time in a YEAR. Now that’s a huge improvement.


Chronograph Function – No Main Seconds Hand?

Bulova Curv is a bit different than normal watches because it does not have a main seconds hand. It also does not have a running seconds hand – the 60-seconds subdial at the bottom is the chronograph seconds hand.

So in normal usage, there is no running seconds hand which is quite unsettling for me because you never know when the watch might drop dead lol.

To run the chronograph, simply push the top pusher at 2 o’clock. This will move the seconds hand at the bottom subdial to start the stopwatch. Push the top pusher again to pause it. The time will then be shown at the left subdial (hours) and right subdial (minutes). The bottom pusher at 4 o’clock will reset the chronograph to starting position.

Bulova Curved Watch Side

Who Is This Watch For?

Anyone that want to set him/herself apart from the others should get it. The strength of the Bulova Curv watch lies in the curved form factor, which is something that is very rare ,in fact I’ve never seen any curved watch before lol. It’s truly unique, not to mention the dial design is just terrific.

Titanium lends to its lightweight case which is another great reason to own this watch. Coupled with the curved form, it’s very comfortable on wrist – something that will surely gain the watch many fans. And have I mentioned it looks super cool with that gray dial and gold accent?


Who Should Not Get This Curved Watch?

Without a doubt, it’s $680 price tag will deter many people from it. It’s very stylish and all, but the fact is this is a normal chronograph quartz watch. Unlike its older brother the Precisionist, it does not have a very smooth seconds hand movement (that doubles as running seconds hand as well as chronograph seconds hand). On top of that, the Precisionist also can measure up to 1/1000th of a second.

From a technical aspect point of view, the Curv is definitely not that high on the scale. For anyone wanting a watch with a great chronograph function, you might want to look elsewhere.

I’ve listed down some of the best chronograph watches I’ve reviewed on this site here for you guys to check it out.


Pros and Cons


  • Unique curved watch case
  • Stylish watch face design
  • Titanium case is lightweight and anti-allergic
  • Very high accuracy UHF Quartz movement


  • Rubber strap is used instead of higher end material
  • Strap cannot be changed due to special connection design
  • No running seconds hand will make it hard to know if the watch battery is low or dead


Watch this video to see the Bulova Curv up close and how its chronograph functions 

Want To Get The Bulova Curv? Buy It From Amazon!

Bulova put a hefty price tag on the Curv at an MSRP of $899 (the other versions with stainless steel cases are cheaper though). Fortunately, there are sellers on Amazon that sells it for just around $680, giving a nice 25% price reduction from the MSRP. Click the link below to get it from Amazon.

->Click Here To Check Out Bulova Curv At Amazon<-

Final Thoughts

Bulova Curv is a very unique looking watch with the curved case. It’s also designed beautifully marrying the gray dial with gold accents. The gray titanium case compliments the watch nicely as well as being very light on the wrist. Stylishly built, this is a watch to get for those that want to try something new and set him/herself apart from the crowd =)


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Bulova Marine Star Review – The Beautiful Oceanic Chronograph

Bulova Marine Star Review 96B256

In today’s post, I’m going to write about Bulova Marine Star review, a beautiful chronograph watch with diver’s watch look. What’s special about this watch? Well, for a start, it’s designed nicely and looks great with modern styling. Just look at that deep blue watch face… Hats off to Bulova’s design team for creating a very exquisite timepiece!


Marine Star 96B256 – Beautiful Oceanic Blue Dial

Since there is quite a number of Marine Star watches, I’ve chosen the most gorgeous of them all to review, the 96B256 model with blue metallic dial. The watch is a perfect combination of polished stainless steel case, “marine” blue dial with metallic sunburst effect, white markers/hand and orange accent on the smaller hands.

Despite the elegance of the watch, the Marine Star lineup is supposed to be the brand’s diver’s watch line – except that it’s not really a diver’s watch… More on that later on.. Let’s have a look at Bulova Marine Star review shall we.
Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Review

“.. with dive-look details.” This means the Marine Star watches are not real diver’s watch, just a look-a-like. A real bummer to be honest but the watch sure looks damn good!


Bulova Marine Star Specification (96B256)

Diameter: 43 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Case: Stainless steel case
Strap: Stainless steel bracelet

Dial: Blue metallic sunburst dial
Watch Crystal: Mineral crystal
Hands: Sword hands
Markers: Index markers with lume
Inner Dial: Rotating inner bezel with minute markings
Subdials: Running second hand (bottom), 1/10th second chronograph (right), 60-min chronograph measurement (left)

Movement: Bulova Quartz chronograph movement
Movement Features: 1/10th second chronograph function
Accuracy: +- 15 seconds per month
Power Reserve: 2-3 years

Water Resistance: 100 m / 330 feet
Other Features: 1/10th second chronograph, Date window, Rotating outer ring for dive measurement

Bulova Marine Star Manual: Click Here For Manual (Source-Bulova Website)

Best Place To Buy: Amazon. MSRP is $425


Diver’s Watch With Chronograph Subdials

This Marine Star is packed with diver’s watch look details. It has big index markers and sword hands for optimum visibility. On top of them, lume are applied exhaustively for usage in low light situations.

The biggest attraction is of course the marine blue dial, applied with a metallic sunburst effect on the watch face. I like blue, and I’m really smitten by this watch’s dial color. It just looks totally gorgeous!

The usage of white markers/hands and the orange accents (on the subdial hands, main seconds hand tip, date) really complement the blue dial beautifully. It’s like a work of arts!

Around the outer ring of the dial are minute markings that is can used to track diving time. This outer ring can be rotated by using the crown at top left (10 o’clock) position. I kinda like this outer ring design as it gives more dial area to wonder at that luxurious blue watch face. Not to mention the outer chapter ring is sloped from the dial to the crystal giving a nice 3-D effect.


Bulova Marine Star Review 96B256x

It’s a really good looking watch. The oceanic blue metallic dial is very befitting of the “Marine Star” line up. The polished stainless steel case also make it more stylish


The 96B256 is a chronograph version of the Marine Star watches (there are also the normal watch version). It has 3 extra subdials: running second hand (bottom), 1/10th second chronograph (right) and 60-min chronograph measurement (left).

It really looks gorgeous and symmetry, save for the date window at bottom right (which is a great addition to function btw). Usage of the blue and white colors are just nicely done. With some orange colors sprinkled on it, the dial design looks perfect. It looks sleek, very sharp and modern.


No Minute Markings On The 60-Minute Subdial

The only thing that I’m not satisfied with the dial is the left subdial (60-min chronograph measurement). The markings on the subdial are for every 5 minutes which is not appropriate. I really wonder how can we actually figure out for certain how many minutes has the chronograph run since the markings are every 5 minutes? It should have a marker at every minute.


Bulova Marine Star Review

No minute markings on the 60-min chronograph subdial (9 o’clock position). A bad decision that reduces the practicality of the chronograph


I believe this is done for aesthetic reasons as putting a marking at each minute will make it look busier. Bulova also wants to make the 60-min subdial to be symmetry with the 1/10th seconds (both only have minimal markings on them). I concede it look great too.

But then what good does it do if we cannot accurately know how many minutes has passed with the chronograph? The minutes are the MOST important measurement. Most people only run their chronographs for a few minutes at a time. To not able to tell it accurately is a real flaw to a chronograph watch.


Finely Crafted Case

The polished stainless steel case really just make the Marine Star looks great. The 43 mm diameter case is not too big nor too small, a good size for many men’s wrist. It has a thickness of 13 mm which is just average for a chronograph. The lug width is 22 mm and attached to a stainless steel bracelet.


Bulova Marine Star Review

Look at how detail and fine the craftsmanship of the Bulova Marine Star case


Bulova certainly put lots of effort on the case. The case is crafted in such a way that it looks being cut by laser. The bezel sides are textured – there is no indication of cutting corners here. Just like the Bulova Precisionist, the brand really knows how to design a good case. Just like the dial, the stainless steel case also looks elegant and sharp.


No Screw Down Crown/Pusher

The first thing that I noticed is missing from this “diver’s watch” is the screw down crown and pushers. That’s when I figured out that this is not a real diver’s watch.

The thing is, the crown plus the 3 pushers/knobs are 4 highly critical area for water ingress into the watch. Not having screw down protection on all 4 of them is not that good for sure.

Since it has 100 m water resistance, I think we can use it for swimming (I’ve had a non-screw down watch too and used it for swimming for many times. No issue at all). But to use this watch for deeper dives? Nope. I don’t think that a wise thing to do.


Only Mineral Crystal?

Another thing I’m having trouble understanding is the mineral crystal that it has. Mineral crystal is not as scratch and impact resistant as sapphire (read this post on differences between watch crystal types).

But then Bulova listed this at $425 MSRP – perplexing since watches at that price point should always have sapphire instead of the much cheaper mineral crystal. Other brands (even the Swiss) would throw a sapphire for anything above $400.

Fortunately, this watch is also selling on Amazon for a much cheaper $220. If you guys want to buy the Marine Star, I’d suggest to get it from Amazon for cheaper and more sensibly price for the watch.


Bulova Marine Star on hand


Bulova’s Quartz Movement – Chronograph With 1/10th Second

Inside the Bulova Marine Star is a quartz movement with chronograph. By using a quartz movement, Bulova is able to keep the profile of the watch thinner while also keeping the costs down.

Automatic chronographs are much more expensive with the cheapest ETA chronograph movement can be had at more than $500, but will it comes with lesser function and thicker profile.

In my opinion, a quartz chronograph is the way to go especially if you are limited on budget. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m still leaning heavily of automatic movements as I believe they are more sophisticated, have character and I just love those mechanical moving parts.


Bulova Marine Star Review 96B256

Quartz chronographs are the better choice in my honest opinion. More functions, more accurate and much cheaper than their automatic counterpart


But for chronographs, I’d prefer a quartz movement because it’s much more functional and can be designed to have lots of functions. And of of course it’s more friendly to our wallet =)

Just take a look at the Bulova Precisionist. It has a 1/1000th second chronograph with very beautiful gliding seconds hand action. Mind you, these are the kind of things can never be replicated by an automatic watch (only to my knowledge.. if there are automatic chronographs that can achieve those feats, I’m sure it will cost a bomb).

Another advantage of quartz movement is how accurate it is. A +-15 seconds per month accuracy is fairly typical for a quartz while an automatic can gain or lose that much in a day. The power reserve of this quartz is around 2-3 years, though it relies on how heavy the chronograph is being used.


Bulova Marine Star Review


Who Is The Bulova Marine Star For?

If you love blue, then this Marine Star 96B256 is the watch to get. It has that beautiful blue sunburst dial that’s very lovely to look at. Plus, the white and orange colors of the subdials/markers works beautifully with the blue dial for a gorgeous look on the dial.

If you love chronograph with modern style, this is the perfect watch for you. Its strength lies in the beautifully designed dial and detail case shape that’s just gonna attract attention of those that laid eyes on it =)


Who Should Not Get This Watch?

But if you want a real chronograph diver’s watch, then sadly this is not for you. Its lack in markings of the 60-min subdial measurement make it not a great or functional chronograph to use. Without screw down crowns and pushers, it’s not a really dependable diver’s watch either.

Some might disagree with me by saying a screw down is not needed for water resistance. That’s true as seals and gaskets can be placed around the crown/pusher stems inside the watch to avoid water ingress. But how long can this last? A screw down is the best solution for good and reliable water resistant watch – the one that diver’s need the most.


For the best chronograph watches, check out my compilation here


For a good diver’s watch, I’d suggest to check out the Seiko SKX007/SKX009 and SRP777 Turtle, two great diver’s watch with affordable price tags. The Seiko Monster is also a good choice, though it has an aggressive look that might not be everyone’s preference.


Watch this video by Bulova of the Marine Star watch


Pros And Cons

Below are the summary of pros and cons about this watch. Disclaimer: this is based solely on my opinion. If you guys disagree with me, kindly leave your comments down below. Let’s have a nice discussion about this =)


  • Beautiful metallic sunburst blue dial
  • Great chronograph with 1/10th seconds measurement
  • Sleek and elegant watch perfect for sports or casual use
  • Accurate quartz movement



  • Mineral crystal can be easily scratched and not shatter-proof
  • No screw down crown and pushers
  • Not a “serious” diver’s watch
  • 60-min chronograph measurement subdial only has markings at 5-min intervals


Want To Buy The Marine Star? Get It Cheapest On Amazon!

The MSRP of this Bulova Marine Star is about $425 (from Bulova’s website) but we can always get it cheapest from Amazon. Amazon currently lists this 96B256 model for just about $220, almost 50% less than the MSRP. Amazon also has other models of the Bulova Marine Star watches on the site that you can see. Click the link below to check it out!


->Click Here To Check Out Bulova Marine Star 96B256 On Amazon<-


Final Thoughts

Bulova has created a really beautiful watch in the Marine Star 96B256. It’s metallic blue sunburst dial gives the oceanic look to it, complementing the “Marine Star” name of the line up of watches. Having a diver’s watch and chronograph elements make the watch looks more busy, but elegant and modernly styled. As I’ve mentioned above, if you like blue, then this is the watch to get =)




I hope you guys enjoyed this article on Bulova Marine Star review. If you have any comments or feedback, just let me know.


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Till next time then.


Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review (96B175)

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review

Today, I’m going to write about Bulova Precisionist review – a massive Chronograph watch. As Bulova has produced a couple of Precisionist models over the years, this review will be specifically about the Precisionist 96B175 model.

So what’s so special about this watch? First of all, it’s something we’ve never seen before –  a very cool racing inspired watch with huge and massive case (in fact it is 46 mm in diameter – very big indeed).  Secondly, the cutting edge Precisionist chronograph movement.

So now let’s take go to the Bulova Precisionist review shall we.

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 96B175 Specification

Diameter: 46.5 mm
Thickness: 18 mm
Lug to Lug: 60 mm
Lug Width: 24 mm
Case: Stainless steel case

Dial: Gray carbon fiber dial
Watch Crystal: Mineral Crystal
Hands: Skeleton hands with lume
Markers: Index markers with lume
Subdials: 4 subdials for chronograph functions

Movement: Precisionist Chronograph High performance quartz movement. 262 kHz frequency
Water Resistance: 300 m
Other Features: Chronograph accurate up to 1/1000th second, Sweeping seconds hand, Date display, Luminous hands and markers, Tachymeter scale

Best Place To Buy: Amazon, MSRP is $825 from Bulova’s dealers

Bulova Precisionist Watch Movement

First off, what is Precisionist? Well, it’s basically a quartz movement watch. But it’s not a normal quartz watch as it’s a technically higher grade of quartz. There are two marvels that Bulova managed to innovate and put inside this watch: the sweeping seconds hand and the high accuracy of the watch.

A typical quartz watch will have a ticking seconds hand. The manufacturers can always make it so the the watch sweeps (like an automatic watch) but they didn’t because that will use too much battery. In short it’s designed to be ticking for practical purposes.

Bulova managed to make this watch sweeps while also keeping the life time to about 2-4 years (like any normal quartz watch) which is a huge achivement for the company. Little information was released on how they did it but the fact is the sweeping is very smooth and will beat most automatic watch out there.

I’ve attached a video here so you can see how fluid the seconds hand move and it’s downright gorgeous!


Watch the video review above to take a closer look at the watch. Notice how smooth the seconds hand sweeping motion is


Another technological achievement that the company did is with the quartz movement. A typical quartz uses a two-prong quartz crystal for its timekeeping device. Bulova uses three-prong and this increases the accuracy and frequency of the movement.

Normal quartz has a frequency of around 32000 Hz (means it will oscillates/move at 32000 times in one second) while this watch is 8 times of that at 262144 Hz – hence the 262 kHz sign on the bottom of the dial.

This high frequency movement as well as the three-prong quartz helps to increase the accuracy of the watch further with advertised accuracy of +-10 seconds per YEAR. As a comparison, normal quartz has a typical accuracy of +-15 seconds per MONTH. An automatic? Even COSC Chronometer movements will deviate by +-6 seconds per DAY. Now that’s a huge achievement by the company.

If you are one who dislike the inaccuracy of automatic watches but still would love to have a sweeping seconds hand, then this is the watch for you. Super accurate and has that glorious sweeping hand. Just remember to change the battery after a few years – it’s battery powered after all!

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review On Hand

It’s a huge watch for sure. Only the manliest wrist can pull it off perfectly


Massive 46 mm Diameter Watch Case

Let’s face it. It’s a massive watch. It has 46 mm diameter with an 18 mm thickness making it super big. For those with small wrists, I’d recommend you to stay away from this watch. But this watch is not just a big watch. Bulova made the watch to have this distinctive industrial look design, with sharp cuts everywhere on the stainless steel case.

There are lots of elements on the case, from the big bezel, the hex screws at the four corners (which is just for decoration only), the big ass square lugs and so on.

In short, this watch looks massive but in actuality many thoughts have been given on the case design. It’s totally unique and will definitely make a statement. You will either love it or hate it. I’d say you won’t be able to find a case with this much detail and design elements in this price range.

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review

The watch (case and crystal) has a slight curve to it


One thing that I really like is how Bulova make the case and crystal of the Precisionist to have a slight curve downwards. It’s really pretty in my opinion. It seems that Bulova has this penchant for curvy watches (one of their latest watches, the CURV has the most prominent curvy case around). The curve makes the case more unique: where do you find a big watch that also has a curve to it?

The crystal is mineral which is something that I don’t prefer – it’s easy to scratch (I’ve written an article about watch crystals here). With an MSRP of $825, it’s only appropriate for them to give a sapphire instead. After all, most Swiss watches which has a lower price tag has sapphire.

In my opinion, this is the weakest aspect of this watch. The glass also curved giving that nice visual effect by distorting the view. Another great aspect of the watch is the 300 m water resistance rating which is very very high.

I doubt that most people that buy this watch will actually use it for scuba diving because it’s quite heavy, but to put that high water resistance sure won’t be a harm. If anything, it gives the peace of mind that this is a very tough and rugged watch that can withstand all and any punishments =)

The stainless steel bracelet attached to the 24 mm width lug is very thick, much thicker than any other bracelets I’ve seen. It’s a good fit though – you can’t have a big watch with a thin bracelet right? It’s nicely done, with detail polishing strips on it.

Overall, the watch is very massive, and solidly built. It will definitely make a bold statement about yourselves. The high level of details on the case also makes it exceptional and unique than other watches out there.

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review

Motorsport Inspired Dial

The dial inspired from motorsports, with the a gray carbon fiber textured background. It’s a totally busy and flashy dial (as expected from any chronograph). I like how they use stainless steel and silver elements to contrast with the gray dial background. It really looks nice but also make the watch more readable.

The hands are big skeleton hands with lume while the seconds hand is yellow in color. It’s a very nice little design detail there. The markers are index markers with lume applied on it. There is minimal signatures on the dial with only the “Bulova”, “Precisionist” and “262kHz” on it.

There are a few updates to the dial with the first version having a bulova tuning fork sign at the top. The tuning fork used to be the company’s logo, but it seems they have decided to put it only at selected models. Honestly I’m not sure why they didn’t put it in this watch as it’s very special too!

4 subdials are on the watch which function as the time indicator for the chronograph. The top subdial is for 1/10 and 1/100 seconds measurement while the bottom is for 1/1000 seconds. The left subdial is for minutes while the right is for hours (until 12 hours only). The use of bigger subdials with silver outline for the top and bottom subdials keeps the watch face to have a symmetry look.

To conclude, the watch face is a very flashy and busy one as expected from a chronograph. It’s motorsport inspired with subdials that look like racing cars gauge panels. Colorful and cool looking dial on a big and rugged watch case.


Chronograph Accurate Up To 1/1000th Second

The chronograph function of the Precisionist is one of a kind as it can read time accurate to the 1/1000th second. This means it is a stopwatch that can tell you accurately that 57.768 seconds has passed.

Now that is a very big improvement over typical analogue chronographs that can only tell time up to the seconds only (i.e 57 seconds). This makes the watch as functional as a digital quartz stopwatch.

There are three pushers to operate the chronograph. The left bottom pusher is to change the mode from normal to chronograph. Top right pusher will start and pause the time while the bottom right pusher will reset the time.

Simply push the bottom left pusher to change the mode to chronograph. At this point, the seconds hand will beautifully glide to the 12 o’clock position and stay there until you push the top right pusher to start the time. Push it again to stop and take measurements.

Once finish, use the bottom right pusher to reset the time. (you can download this user manual for more information on the watch and its chronograph function)

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch Review

A diagram showing the various elemtns locations and its functions


What I love about most quartz chronograph watch is how the seconds hand become a running seconds hand (ticking normally) and also be the stopwatch seconds hand. This is a huge advantage over automatic watch chronographs in which the seconds hand can only do one function only (normally become the stopwatch seconds hand and will remain stationary when you don’t use it.

There is also a tachymeter scale at the outer edge of the dial as a tool to know the speed of an object by using the chronograph and knowing the distance it traveled.

The chronograph function looks very nice (you can see the chronograph in action in the above video attached) but you have to beware that this is a battery powered watch.

Unlike the Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Chronograph which is powered by solar – means it can run forever, the Precisionist battery will lasts from 2 to 4 years and using the chronograph frequently will reduce the battery life significantly.

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph 96B175 Price

If you’re interested to buy the Precisionist, then Amazon is the best place. Amazon usually has huge discount from the MSRP price of $825 from Bulova’s dealers. Click the link below to check out the best prices on Amazon.

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The Precisionist is a very interesting watch. Hugely, boxy, highly detailed and solidly built watch case with a cool flashy motorsport inspired dial, this watch for sure will make a bold statement about the owner and grab people’s attention to it.

But I’ve got to say the most interesting point on this watch is its highly accurate quartz Precisionist movement. A deviation of just 10 seconds per year is totally unbelivable! The 1/1000th second chronograph also is something extraordinary for an analogue watch. For a one of a kind watch, this is it folks. Just make sure you have a big wrist or it won’t fit!


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Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Review

Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Review

Bulova is one of my favorite low to mid range watchmakers because of their beautiful watch designs. And this Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 is not an exception either. This watch is actually an old design by Bulova and has been in the market since 2009. How do I know its an old design? Since 2014, Bulova has announced that it will stop putting the tuning fork logo on their watches except for their Accutron II line. We’ll get more to that bit after this. Now, let’s get on to the review of the Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108.

Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Review

Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Specification

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Case: Stainless steel case
Strap: Brown leather strap with butterfly clasp

Dial: Brown dial with textured design
Dial Window: Domed mineral crystal
Hand: Sword shaped hands with lume
Markers: Index markers with lume

Movement: Citizen Miyota 82S0 movement with 21 jewels.
Movement Features: 21600 vibrations per hour or 6 beats per second. Automatic self-wind and manual winding. Non-hacking movement
Accuracy: -20 to +40 seconds per day
Power Reserve: 40 hours

Water Resistance: 30 m or 99 ft

Other Features: Exhibition caseback, skeleton dial with aperture showing balance wheel

Best Place To Buy: Amazon for $380


Beautiful Brown Watch With Textured Dial

The Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 is a very beautiful watch from the first glance. The dial design is eye-catching without a doubt. It has a brown dial, with textured pattern on the outer edge of the dial. This is fabulous and is multiplied with the shining dial that reflects light when viewed from different angles. It’s just so stunning to look at. On the dial are index markers with a little bit of lume at the end of them. The lume is too small and not that bright to actually make the watch usable in the dark. The sword shaped hands also has that bit of lume applied on them.

The case has a diameter of 42 mm which is just nice on any man’s hand. It is a bit thick, at 13 mm though. The lug width is a 22 mm which means it is very easy to find a suitable replacement strap – though I don’t think you would want to do that. I believe the brown leather strap complements the brown dial beautifully.

Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Review

You can see the layered lug construction and the signed crown of the Bulova 96A108. Notice also how the lug curved down to better hold our wrists


One thing that I really like about the watch is how Bulova put some nice details in it. We can see the crown is signed by its logo. Bulova also put the logo at the 12 o’clock position, replacing the index marker there. The lug and case is made to have a multi-layered construction, which is really cool to look at. You can also notice how the barely there crown guard just emerged a bit from the case. The lugs also is a bit sloped down to hug the wrist better. All in all, the watch is beautifully constructed with high quality finishing that you would be surprised to be there at this price range.


Aperture And Exhibition Caseback Flaunting The Movement

The Bulova 96A108 also has two unique features: the aperture on the dial and exhibition caseback on its behind. These two features will give the owner a glimpse on the Miyota movement inside (more on the movement later on). The aperture on the dial is to show the balance wheel of the movement. The balance wheel is a mechanism that is used to keep the time of an automatic/mechanical watch movement. You can read more about the balance wheel and other mechanisms in my article about watch movement here .

Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Review

The exhibition caseback can be seen from here showing the Citizen Miyota 82S0 movement. The strap is hold in place via butterfly clasp which will make extend the life of the leather strap compared to normal pin buckle.


Powered By Citizen Miyota 82S0 Movement

The exhibition caseback of the Bulova 96A108 will show the Citizen Miyota 82S0 from the back. The movement is constructed using 21 jewels, and vibrates at 21600 vibrations per hour or 6 beats per second. It is automatic self-wind with manual winding function. Its a bit of a shame that the movement cannot hack, that is the second hand will not stop when the watch’s time is being set. We won’t be able to set the time to the 0.00 seconds due to this and some people will be very upset about it. But for me, an automatic watch will gain or lose time after all. Not being able to precisely set the time on the dot is no big deal.

The japanese movement has a -20 or +40 seconds per day accuracy. Take note that this is the maximum accuracy published by Miyota on their movement specification. Most reviews of the watch reported a gain/loss of about 10 seconds per day, which is not bad actually. A one thing that will really make the watch accurate is to wind it everyday. By manual winding it via rotating the crown, the mainspring is getting charged to full and this will improve an automatic watch’s accuracy. The movement also has a 40 hours power reserve – about 1 and 1/2 day.

You can read more about the Citizen Miyota 82S0 movement specification here.


The original Bulova Accutron from 1960s. The tuning fork that regulate the movement of the watch can clearly be seen in the right watch.


Bulova And Tuning Fork Logo : A History Of Electronic Watch

As mentioned earlier, the Bulova’s famous tuning fork logo won’t be featured in its model except for its Accutron II and some special watches like the Curv model (which is very cool with its curvy casing. You really should check it out!). So all their automatic and normal quartz watches will not have this logo on its dial. You can see the Bulova 96A135 that does not have the logo in my review here.

The official announcement from Bulova is that the logo is very important as it signifies the first electronic watch (the Accutron watches) in the world made by Bulova in 1960. At that time (even before the quartz watch was invented) Bulova uses a tuning fork as its timekeeping device. As electricity runs through the fork, it will vibrate and this vibration is used to control the accuracy of the watch. This is the history of where the tuning fork logo comes. It’s actually kinda like a quartz movement, where the quartz is the vibrating tool. Accutron soon loses to quartz due to the superior accuracy and its cheaper price.


Bulova’s top of the line watches: Bulova Accutron II (left) and Bulova Curv (right). Both has the state of the art high frequency quartz movement that produces unrivalled accuracy even among quartz watches. Another unique feature is the very fluid sweeping hand motion that can best even the most fast-beating mechanical movements.


They continue to announce that Bulova decided to put the tuning fork logo only to its Accutron II watches to keep true to tradition. I really find this amusing because the Accutron II is a quartz watch! Although Bulova markets it as a very high precision quartz watch with sweeping second hand but the fact is the Accutron II is a quartz watch. The fact that they are putting their sacred tuning fork logo on a quartz watch that had beaten them 5 decades ago is very very amusing indeed.

My view is Bulova recognized how unique and distinctive the tuning fork logo is so they decided to make it premium and only features it on their most expensive watches. The keeping true to tradition does not make sense to me at all. It’s a shame actually as the logo is very unique and really looks great at the 12 o’clock marker position. This decision has really reduced the attractiveness of their newer automatic models and I really hope that Bulova will reconsider this in future.

A short video showing the Bulova 96A108 up close


Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 Pros And Cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Bulova Automatic 96A108 as stated above:

1- Beautiful brown colored watch with textured dial design. The brown leather strap perfectly complements it.
2- Fine details such as layered lug design, signed crown and textured dial are very nice touch for a low-mid range watch
3- Exhibition caseback and aperture on dial give lots of look into the internal movement
4- One of the older designs of Bulova with its famous fork logo at 12 o’clock


1- A non-hacking movement is a big minus considering its price.
2- Mineral crystal on a domed dial window is not the best design decision as it will get scratched easily
3- No date or day display
4- Weak lume applied on the hands and markers



Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108 is a beautifully designed and crafted automatic watch. The brown dial and leather strap is very unique and different than the usual black or silver white dial of watches nowadays. The addition of an aperture showing the balance wheel is very welcomed and has added a very nice touch to the dial. Not only that, I really love the detail on the lugs and the textured dial. With a price of $380, this is a very affordable watch for the high level of quality it is offering.




I’m sure Bulova almost certainly stopped the production of the Bulova Automatic Watch BVA Series 96A108. But luckily, the watch can still be bought at Amazon for $380. If you really like the watch and the distinctive tuning fork logo, you better get it right now! Click the link below to check out the watch on Amazon.


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Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watches For Men Review

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watches For Men Review

Bulova is one of the few American watch companies with rich history. The Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watch is one of the few automatic watches the company made these days. Founded in 1875, Bulova traditionally produced mechanical watches for the masses in America, before inventing the “Accutron Watches”, the first electronic watch.

It then shifts to quartz watches due to lower costs and popularity and right now, Bulova’s line of watches are predominantly quartz. The company produces only a handful automatic self-winding watches these days and the 96A135 is one of it.

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watches For Men Review

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watch Specification

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
Dial: Black and grey dial with aperture
Subdials: 2 sub-dials: 24 hours and seconds hand subdials (very cool!)

Dial Window: Mineral crystal
Hands and Markers: Luminous roman numeral markers and hands
Case: Stainless steel
Band: Black leather band with butterfly clasp. 22 mm width band

Movement: Japan Automatic self-winding movement by Miyota (part of Citizen Watch Group). 21 Jewels
Water Resistance: 99 feet / 30 m
Other features: Exhibition caseback, Aperture on dial, 24-hour and seconds hand sub-dials

Best Place To Buy: Amazon with Free shipping for $220 and 2-year warranty


Bulova Automatic Watches For Men – Automatic Collection

Bulova is one of the major watch makers that I like because of its daring and gorgeous styling of its watches. Just take a look at its line of watches, all features futuristic and modern looking dial which are absolutely gorgeous. I’m always been a classic-watch type of guy, but having one of the Precisionist or the Marine Star definitely won’t hurt =).

The Automatic collection by Bulova is the only automatic watches in its stable, and is powered by a 21 jewel automatic movement by Miyota, a subsidiary of Citizen. You can say Miyota is something like ETA to the Swatch Group.

In case you don’t know, Bulova has been acquired by Citizen back in 2008. Quite a sad thing really, for an American company with a very rich history like Bulova to be bought over by outsiders.

But like Hamilton, the acquisition brought Japanese technology into Bulova. And as a result, it was been able to produce a high precision quartz movement that is featured in its Precisionist series of watches through technology transfer from its parent group. So, not really a bad thing eh?

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watches For Men Review

Beautiful Futuristic Dial With 2 Subdials and Aperture

The dial of the Bulova 96A135 Automatic is anything but simple. It has a normal roman numeral markers and hands on its black and grey dial. But what’s amazing is it has 2 sub-dials: one for showing 24-hours time while the other is for the seconds hand.

To have these two sub-dials at this price point is just fantastic! I really love the 24 hours sub-dial as it can show us the exact time it is now (am or pm). I believe that is a crucial thing that is missing in most automatic watch.

The seconds hand sub-dial is not really needed in my opinion though it does looks nicer to have two sub-dial instead of one. Again, I have to say again that to have these functions in a $200 watch is something sort of extraordinary.

On the dial also is a small aperture where you can see one of the wheels spinning inside the Miyota movement. Coupled with the exhibition caseback, the combination gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of an automatic watch which is really really cool.

Bulova really knows how to design a watch to make it look beautiful as well as gives the mechanical thing feeling through the aperture and its sub-dials.



Automatic Movement By Miyota

Bulova 96A135 Automatic watch is powered by an automatic movement by Miyota. There seems to be little info on which caliber it is using. There is no mention of it in Bulova’s website and nothing on Amazon too.

Regardless, one thing for sure is that a Miyota movement is something that you can be proud to own. Granted that it is not Swiss made or an in-house Bulova movement, but the movement is really robust and have good accuracy that can even rival the Swiss.

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watches For Men Review

Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watch Pros And Cons

Below are the summary of the pros and cons for the watch:

1- Good looking watch
2- 2 Subdials (24-hour and seconds hand)
3- Aperture on dial
4- Exhibition caseback
5- Solidly built and quality watch construction
6- Leather band with butterfly clasp ensuring longevity of the band
7- Reliable automatic movement by Miyota

1- Not enough information on the automatic movement caliber
2- Dial window uses Mineral crystal which is not as scratch resistant as Sapphire crystal
3- No date function

Bulova 96A135 Price? Get It Cheapest On Amazon!

If you are interested to buy the Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watch, you can get buy it at Amazon for the cheapest price right now, about $200. Check out the link below to go to Amazon.

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For a $200 watch, Bulova 96A135 Automatic Watch is definitely a bargain. It is an automatic watch by a very old brand, solidly built, features a gorgeous dial design with 2 sub-dials and an aperture.

The mineral crystal dial window is a let down but you can’t really expect much from this price range. Overall, a solid and gorgeous watch for the low-middle range price. A very good buy for your money.


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