1. I enjoy reading your posts, not only for the elegance, but also for the presentation of the watches, and like reading about a quality product. I would choose the SUTB403 Sistem Notte. That’s a pretty watch and a good buy for someone in my demographic. That will go maybe with any wardrobe. Thanks and keep up with more reviews of watches like this Swatch Sistem51 automatic.

    1. Author

      Hi Andrew. I’m glad you like my post. One of my objective of having this site is to share the information and my views of watches to people objectively: the goods and the bads on every watches. The Notte is a classic look with the blue dial and black strap which is also one of my favorite too. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

  2. Hi, I am new to the watch industry. You write about Sistem51 and they use less numbers of part in the mechanics, 51 parts instead of normally 100-200.

    How have they succeeded with this? Should be cool to see some design file or animation of the mechanics they use compare to a more standard solution.

    Your friend,

    1. Author

      Hi Jakob. Thanks for reading buddy. Your question is also the same thing that I’ve asked myself when I first met the Sistem51. I’ve searched everywhere but It seems Swatch does not release any video or other things detailing how they achieve this feat. The only graphical showing of the movement inside is on their website (I’ve attached the link here) where you can see how the movement is divided into “modules”‘ presumably to make it faster to assemble.



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