1. Wow! That’s a lot of information, but great information. My spouse is a lover of watches, but I never know what type to get.
    This article has given me a good insight in what to look for . I love the styles of these watches in particular, so I will be looking more into these and will most likely purchase one for the upcoming holiday.
    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Kayla. Glad to know you’ve learned something from my article. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know about this gorgeous Seiko SARB033.


  2. Excellent review, as a watch lover i never heard about this brand SEIKO, and after reading it i’m really looking for one.
    I love the finish, the details and the brush bracelet. But i’m not sure if it will love our climate here in french polynesia (South pacific). The temperature is hot and with have 88% of humidity all year.

  3. What a simple but beautiful dress watch. I’m a bit of a watch collector myself so every week I search the internet for my next purchase (I have 125 watches so far,lol) my wife hates the fact that I get so exited about watches but everyone has a weakness don’t they.
    I have around 26 Seiko watches to date but I’m sure the Seiko SARB033 will be my next addition to my collection.
    Thanks for this great review and I have bookmarked your website so I can keep coming back to see what’s on offer

    1. Author

      Wow that’s a great number of watches buddy! And Seiko easily is about 25% of that LOL!


  4. Thank you for giving such a descriptive review. I am a really big watch person and I already have many Seiko watches in my possession. I will definitely be willing to buy this.
    In my region, Amazon’s shipping fee is very high. Is there anywhere else I can buy this watch?

    1. Author

      Hi Michael. I’m glad that you find my review to be useful.

      Besides amazon, you can try other online watch retailers such as jomashop, ebay etc. You can also check seiyajapan as that site specialized in japan watches. Let me know how it turns out will ya.


  5. Isaac,

    I just showed my husband your site and he scanned and read everything. He is a huge watch person, I believe he has nearly 40 watches now and is always on the look out for others that catch his eye.

    He was thrilled to find reviews and information that he may get from the jewelers or places that he would purchase them from, so thank you for making providing the information on one of man’s best friends.


    1. Author

      Hi Kelly. I’m happy that my site has been a great information source to your husband. =)



  6. Hi Isaac,
    Great review, I especially like the classic lines of the watch, very understated and as your comparison photo shows, very similar to the classic Rolex Datejust which has stood the test of time.

    I like the fact that the watch has 50 hours in reserve as I often don’t wear a watch over the weekend, strange habit I know but I just like to forget about time over the weekends

    I am curious about the accuracy range, +25-25 seconds seems long?

    I really do like the look of the watch and I’ve just spotted the snowy white dial version which I like even better.

    1. Author

      Hi Tony. Yep the understated classic look of the watch is one of its strong points, as many of Seiko’s fans would agree.

      In terms of the accuracy, the +-25 seconds are the published accuracy by Seiko which is the worst case condition. But the 6R15 movement inside the SARB033 will usually have a better accuracy in normal use with some owners reported up to +-5 seconds per day which is borderline on COSC Chronometer standard =)

  7. I just bought the Seiko SARB033 after visiting your website. I love Seiko and have several of their watches. Automatic watches are my favorite. The Seiko SARB033 is only $360. I had to have it for that low price. For those of you looking to buy the Seiko SARB033, do it now before the price goes up. It will not sell for this low price for much longer.

    Thanks again,

    1. Author

      Hi Pete. How does the watch fares in person? I bet you must be very ecstatic right now lol =)

      Glad I could help!


  8. Hi .
    Sarb033 and sbdc003 has same case and lug design?
    Then I can use sbdc003 bracelet to sarb033?
    I bought bracelet says fit on sbdc003 ? You think I can use that braclet to sarb033? Curved end and 20mm lug
    Help me please !

    1. Author

      Hi Sungwoohan. The lug design of both watches are almost the same and both are 20mm. I think the major difference is the SBDC003 has lug holes at its sides, while the SARB033 does not have lug holes (meaning it’s a bit harder to open the bracelet/strap from the lugs).

      Dimension wise, the lug of SBDC003 is a bit thicker but won’t be that apparent. I only have concern on if there will be a gap between the bracelet to the case.

      If you have the bracelet and the watch right now, you can just try to fit both of them and see how it works. Let me know how that works out will ya!

  9. The Seiko Sarb033 definitely emits a feel of elegance. I love everything about this watch from its dial to its wristband and I think the price on it is perfect. The most recent watch I bought was about the same price and made by Burberry. Its gold though and I’ve been kind of phased out by that color recently. I’m personally starting to lean more towards silver, especially after seeing the Sarb033. Thanks for bringing this elegantly designed watch to my attention 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Peter. I’m happy that you love this watch. I also feel the same way the first time I laid my eyes on it.

      I was first introduced to the Seiko SARB033 while surfing youtube. Some guy did a review of it and I just thought to myself how gorgeous this watch is. I always knew Seiko as the maker for cheap Seiko 5 and some diver’s watches but never thought they could make something as elegant and handsome like this.

      If you love the SARB033, you might want to check out the SARB035. It’s the white version of the SARB033 and a bit dressier if you ask me. But still the same simple and elegant kind of watch throughout =)


  10. Wow! I’m in love with this watch. I agree that it is elegant and I like that it isn’t too flashy. My boyfriend is obsessed with watches and I might just have to get him this for his birthday. The simplicity of it really sold me.

    Thanks for the great read, I’ll definitely look into this!

    1. Author

      Hi Katie. Yes the SARB033 is one fine watch. You are spot on it being simple, understated and also elegant. I’m very sure your boyfriend will love this gift. Let me know what he thinks about it ya =)

  11. Hi, I like the way the post is presented, in terms of the easy to the eye. The usage of bright sharp visuals keeps you engaged on the page. The information is not too overwhelming. Personally i’m not a big fan of Seiko watches but you may just have sold me on this one!

    1. Author

      Hi Shahab. Glad that you like this post. My intent with this blog is to document my research and reviews of watches. Along the way, why not spread the love of watches to other people too right?

      I know how you feel buddy. A few years ago I also have the same perception about Seiko: cheap Jap watches. But after I dig deeper, I found that Seiko is one of the biggest watchmakers of the world, producing watches of various functionalities with all range of price tags – from the cheapest $10 watch to watch worth thousands.

      Since then I’ve never look at them the same way =)

  12. this looks like a great watch and for a great price. i think it looks really classy and expensive, as per the pictures you showed it looks just like a rolex! i love the simple and elegant design, and it doesn’t seem to be too big either. i am not a fan of those huge watches that are so popular now.

    1. Author

      Hi Brad! I totally agree with you. Those huge over sized watches are just bad taste in my opinion. Why anyone would wear such a watch is beyond me…. For me, a perfectly fitting watch to a wrist is the best, just like how a perfectly fit suit will look gorgeous on a man.

      That’s the essence of style that some people don’t really agree nowadays. Anyway, glad that you like the SARB033. Thanks for visiting buddy!

  13. Hello,

    Thank you for the info.

    I have been looking for a birthday present for my grandfather and I honestly don’t have a clue on what to get him.

    I figure a watch would be a good way to go but there is something I would like to know first.

    If I purchase this Seiko watch from the amazon link you have here will I be able to get a refund if for some reason I need to?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Author

      Hi Jason. Apologies for the late reply.. Well you know with the New Year holiday and stuffs.. I’m glad I could be of help to you. As for your grandfather, I’m sure he is going to love a watch like this. I’m simple, and yet so elegant and beautifully crafted.

      Amazon has an amazing 30-days return policy where you can return it if you feel the watch is not to your liking. Refunds can be in the form of Amazon gift card or your original payment method. Check out this link here that shows you how to do that.

  14. I’ve been looking to replace my old beaten watch for a while now and have been searching around numerous places. This watch looks right up my street. I didn’t really want to spend more than about 300 GBP so this falls well within my budget. I was concerned early on about the steel bracelet because as I’ve got older I know enjoy leather straps more – partly for the comfort but mainly for the look. However you say this can be replaced and that this watch face does go well with a leather strap so I will investigate further.

    Cheers for the indepth review, you clearly know a lot about watches!

    1. Author

      Hi Ed. Glad to have you here. The charm about Seiko watches are the cheaper price than their Swiss competitors, at the same level of quality that you will get. I’m sure you are going to enjoy it buddy.

      On the steel bracelet, I have to admit that not everyone loves it. It totally depends on what you want to wear, and since it can always be changed anyway it’s not a big deal to me. If you do want to change the bracelet of your watches, I suggest you keep all parts of the bracelets including the pins. You never know when suddenly you have a change of mind and want to try the bracelet. Cheers!

  15. I’ve had this watch for over a year now. It is very accurate for this price range, just +/- 5 seconds a day. It looks elegant and has a great case. My only negative would be the bracelet which feels light and cheap and can pick up scratches.

    1. Author

      Hi Ranvir. That’s a common issue with many Seikos – the bracelet is just not as good as the watch itself. But then they are only able to offer their watches cheaper than their Swiss competitors by skimping on the bracelet though…. Glad that you like the watch Ranvir!

  16. Hi! The Seiko SARB033 is a nice looking watch and impressive. Features in watch also very useful. It looks almost like a Rolex, i think cost may be less compare with Rolex. Recently I visited Rolex company in Dubai so i easily understand the similarities. If the person who is not interested to wear watches will definitely get interest to wear after reading this article.

    1. Author

      Hi Brahma. Thank you for visiting my website. The Seiko SARB033 really have a presence of a more expensive watch, but at a much lesser price.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve always strives to write articles to help people know more about watches and appreciate the art of watchmaking. Have a nice day!

  17. It’s with the use of a watch one may be up to date with time and it’s the watch that enable one to know when something has to happen. In my case, I have regarded the watch as an item for ladies only but today with the ideas I got from you I realized that a watch is an essential tool for a man! Now i have found that a watch is important and useful and am looking to buy my first watch in the upcoming months.

    Thank you for educating me and keeping me in line with other people in the world.



    1. Author

      Hi Jose. I was initially having the same perception as you: a watch is just an accessory for those snobs. But as I graduated and started working, time management become very important. I’ve used my smartphone to keep track of time but I found that it’s quite a hassle to have to take out the phone from my pocket every time I need to know what time it is.

      With a watch, it’s very convenient. Just take a glance at your wrist and you can know the time. I’m glad that my post has helped you buddy.


  18. I love the look of the Seiko in the photo and yes it does look extremely comfortable with the lug hugging your wrist like that.

    The SARBO33 looks very impressive if you look inside at the mechanics. I would love to have a watch like this, but obviously the ladies version. I wouldn’t spend the money on a Rolex, as to me that is just over kill.

    1. Author

      Hi Michel! That’s one thing that I love about Seiko watches. The way how they shape the lugs to be hugging the wrist makes it very comfortable to wear and eliminate any empty space between the lug to the wrist (if the watch is very big). They also make sure the lugs does not have any sharp edges that can hurt your wrist.

      It’s a shame that Seiko don’t make any SARB033 for ladies with smaller diameter. The Japanese does not really produce a woman’s version, unlike Swiss watch makers that will always make a woman’s version for their watches. Anyway, thanks for reading Michel!

  19. Smart looking Seiko watch here.

    The comparison between the Seiko and the Rolex Datejust is minimal at a distance. I would bet that the price comparison is huge.

    Looks like I could wear this to a formal function with a suit any time.

    Nice review. Thanks.

    If I order online how would I go about altering the strap to fit?

    1. Author

      Yes, the watches looks almost the same but the Rolex will costs at least 10 times more =)

      There are two ways to adjust the bracelet if you buy online. First, you can go to your local watch shop and have them adjust the bracelet for you. Or, you can buy a watch bracelet adjustment tool (you can search amazon for it. Typically costs less than $10) and do it yourselves. Here is a great video on how to adjust the bracelet link on Seiko SARB033 by using the adjustment tool (LINK).

      Seiko’s bracelet uses a pin and collar design. They both will be inserted into the bracelet. The collar is the one that really fit into the bracelet and act as locking device. Make sure you don’t lose them as they are quite small though.

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