1. I have owned the Khaki King Auto for 3 years. Great watch. As always I chose the steel band. In the price market of $1000 or less Hamilton watches, in my opinion, are a value. Look distinctive and feel great. You can tell the difference when setting the time, how the wheels are seemless. With some other brands you can “feel” the clinking. Recently purchased the Khaki Navi with the small seconds dial. Also great watch.

    Go ahead and get the Hamilton.

    1. Author

      Hi JC. Thank you for sharing your experience on the Khaki King Auto here. Thanks for dropping by buddy =)

  2. Hello. I have the watch. It does not have anti-reflective coating on the crystal. With a curved surface and black dial, it really could use it. Otherwise an accurate review.

    1. Author

      Hi Louis. Thanks for the feedback! What’s your opinion of the watch?


  3. Hello. Nice watch and nice review! Would you happen to have the lug-to-lug measurements of this timepiece?

    1. Author

      Hi Dan. Unfortunately I don’t have the exact measurement of lug to lug distance. But looking at the 40 mm diameter, I believe the lug-lug distance won’t be over 2″ or 50 mm. That’s just my assumption based on similar watches =)


  4. Thanks for the review Isaac. I have been stalking Hamilton watches for some time. I just got the silver dial Hamilton Kahki king today. I flat out love it. Since most of my other watches are divers for me the khaki has a much higher level of refinement. The 40 mm size works and feels good on. Mine has she silver dial however everything else is exactly the same.

    1. Author

      Hi Justin. Glad that you love the Khaki King. Well, a style change from your diver’s watch will do wonders lol!


  5. I’m so glad I came across this review as I am looking for the perfect gift for my brother’s graduation! He adores watches and I get a bit overwhelmed on what to by him. I like the design of the Hamilton watch, there is balance between its casual and rugged style. I would assume that it has a genuine leather strap?

    1. Author

      Hi Cherie. I’m sure your brother will love this watch.

      The strap is genuine leather and look rugged especially with the contrast stitching. But don’t worry, a simple strap change will be able to make the watch look dressier and more professional – since your brother is gonna step into the working world =)


  6. Wow, Thank you for your review for Hamilton Khaki King Automatic Watch. I really like its rugged style for a man and elegant leather strap. Through youtube video, it looks even great.

    There is many rugged watches in the market, but from the C/P( cost–performance ratio) I will definitely take this one into consideration next time.

    1. Author

      Hi George. Really sorry for the late reply. Have been very busy these days.

      You are definitely right on the C/P. In fact, Hamilton watches are among the cheapest Swiss Made watches that we can buy.


  7. This is amazing. am really in love with watches but I have not use Hamilton watch before.

    I have always like chain watches and it look good in my hand. And I mostly like engine with automatic.

    With your review I have come to know more about Hamilton khaki King leather watch. It very amazing.
    Thanks for this review, it’s really helpful.

    1. Author

      Thanks for visiting Collins. Cheers!

  8. Hi, absolutely love these watches, I haven’t seen anything quite like these before. Im a little disappointed though as I have just recently bought my husband a brand new watch for his birthday a few weeks ago, he would have liked these im sure. Do you have these for women? Thanks again

    1. Author

      Hi Rob. Unfortunately Hamilton does not produce the Khaki King watches for women sizes since they think ladies won’t be interested with its design. They do produce women’s watches, but mainly with the dressy style (you can check out their women’s watch list HERE).


  9. Hamilton Khaki King is a wonderful gift to honor our veterans who have served our country. This homage to the military watches of World War II appeals to my dad who served in the Army and was able to earn his college education through the GI bill. How does the Hamilton Khaki King watch hold up to sweat and any water exposure? ~ Tam

    1. Author

      Hi Tam. Yes the Khaki King is a great gift to any veterans out there. I bet your dad would surely love this watch =)

      In terms of sweat and water exposure, the Khaki King can withstand up to 50 m water pressure. With that, I don’t think there is any problem at all for some splashes here and there. It can even be used for swimming theoretically though I won’t suggest you to do so since the watch does not have a screw down crown.

  10. I really like the look of this watch!

    1) I like that the date at the top includes the day of the week instead of just the abbreviation.

    2) The stitching of the band really gives it a quality look!

    The Hamilton Khaki watch is something that looks like it can be worn for any occasion as well making it something that I would consider purchasing.

    1. Author

      Yep Chris I also like the full day display of the Hamilton Khaki King. It’s very different that other watches and that makes it look cool! The contrast stitching really pop up on the brown leather band. Hamilton really knows how to design an infantry watch.

      Thanks for reading Chris! If you have any questions to ask before making up your mind to buy it, just ask me buddy. I’ll be glad to help =)

  11. I love this Article it is nice to see the precision of how these Hamilton watches are made very nice and has a lot of detail. Men’s jewelry you don’ t see to much. its nice to see how much detail is in it. recommend this to all watch and jewelry lovers all over

    1. Hi there! The quality and craftsmanship of the Hamilton watches are very outstanding. Glad you love it buddy. Keep coming to my site as I plan to reveal lots more of gorgeous watches like this =)

  12. Thanks Issac for reviewing this timeless and fashionable Hamilton Khaki King watch. Very stylish it is. Your information is nicely organized and clearly presented. I also know about a brand called Invicta that is high in quality as well and my father in law has a collection of those. I will have to reward myself or have my wife buy something of the like of Hamilton or Invicta in future.

    1. Hi Andrew! Thanks for reading. Glad that you like my review. I’ve always try to make it as simple as possible to give my readers the best information without much effort. Clear and concise is what I always seek in my posts.

      I agree with you that the Invicta is a high quality watch. Like the Hamilton, Invicta also sourced their watch parts from Swiss so you can expect their quality to be on par with each other. Good quality watches at reasonable price. Currently I’ve only reviewed the Invicta Pro Diver 9937 but I’ll try to add more reviews of the brand soon. Just let me know if you want to have my opinion on any specific watch buddy.

  13. Hey there Isaac,
    First off…Wow! I genuinely really like the look of this watch. It is stylish, elegant and manly all wrapped up into one great looking watch. Giving readers a bit history on the company is an excellent way of captivating them. I for one love history on items and this easily made me want to continue reading this article. Your take on the watch is informative and gave me a better understanding of the Hamilton Khaki King Automatic Watch.
    Thanks Mate!

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for reading my site buddy! Glad that you like the watch. Hamilton Khaki King is one of those watch that will definitely give you that manly vibe for sure.

      I’m also someone that loves history of things. These watch companies are very rich in history. It is very interesting to know about their progression through time and how they have evolved since then. I also would like to point out at another American watch company, Bulova that has existed for more than a century.

      Anyway, thanks for reading Steve. Cheers!

  14. Wow, its a great looking watch I must say. I like the Hamilton Men’s H64455533 Khaki King Series Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Brown Leather Band. The contrast stitching on the band is stealing the show. Finally I got something as a gift for my husband that will go with his personality. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Sangeeta! The contrast stitching on the leather band of the Hamilton is definitely a looker. I’m sure your husband will totally love this watch. Glad I can be of help to you 🙂

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