1. Hi Isaac, this is an amazingly in depth article on quartz. I never understood its relevance in watches until now.

    Quartz watches seem to be fairly robust and able to withstand temperatures and impact. Personally, I don’t look for accuracy, however durability and performance in extreme conditions are important so I can see the importance of quartz watches over automatic ones.

    Time to shop for a good brand

    1. Author

      Hello Dushan. thanks for visiting. I totally agree that in terms of durability and extreme condition, quartz is better.

      Not to say there are no automatic watches that can have that kind of performance. In fact, the first watch that’ve walked on moon is an automatic watch (i.e Omega Speedmaster).

      But still these kind of high performance automatic watches can be quite expensive. A quartz watch will be able to provide the same kind of performance at much lower price. Just think of those Casio G-Shocks =)

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