About AutomaticWatchesForMen And Isaac

Hi Guys!

Welcome to AutomaticWatchesForMen website. This website was a product borne out of love for watches in general, and automatic watches, specifically.

Inside it, you’ll have all the information that you could possibly need about watches, so that you’ll have enough information in your next watch hunt =)

And the owner of this website is me, Isaac.

A Bit About Me

My name is Isaac and I’m a huge fan of automatic watches.

Why automatic watches?

I feel that automatic watches are very unique and different than those cheap quartz watches out there.

There’s something about the whole mechanical aspects of the watch that will self-wind itself just from a simple movement, how this causes it not to have to use any battery at all, how some watch are just so exact timekeeper, and how all of these complex mechanism can be fit into a very small area.

Watches That I’ve Owned

My collection is by no means a huge one. In fact, it’s quite small and I really would like to grow it in future.

The thing is I’m a budget conscious guy and always try to get the best bang for buck in my watch purchases – hence the many watch reviews on the site.

Below is my humble automatic watch collection (spoiler alert, there’s a lot of Seikos in there LOL!). You can click the link to go to the review page of the watches.

  1. Seiko Sumo SBDC003
  2. Tissot Visodate
  3. Seiko SARB033
  4. Seiko SKX013
  5. Seiko 5 Worldtimer
  6. Samsung Galaxy Fit (my newest watch, a fitness tracker)

Why These Watches?

Why did I bought these automatic watches (apart from the Galaxy Fit)? If you look closely, these watches do not belong to the same category or style.

The reason for this is I’d like to have a well-rounded watch collection that I can use for any occasion. Here are some examples:

  • Casual outings: Any watch would do (except the Visodate with leather strap, of course)
  • Sports, outdoor activities: Either the Sumo or the SKX013 though I hugely prefer the SKX013 due to its smaller size and lighter weight making it a charm to move around. In fact, it’s been my daily beater since I’ve bought it =)
  • Office: All watches can be used. But to look sophisticated especially during meetings or work events, the Visodate and SARB033 would be my main picks. SARB033 has the advantage of having the stock steel bracelet making it easier for me to wear it during busy workday mornings.
  • Travel: The SKX013 is my main travel watch to go. It’s cheap, surprisingly kept a very good time (even better than my other watches!), lightweight and easy to take off and wear thanks to its steel bracelet.
  • Special occasion/black-tie events: Either Tissot Visodate or Seiko SARB033. The SARB is more versatile in my opinion as it can be matched with any outfit colors but if I’m wearing my brown leather shoes/belt, then the Visodate is the default choice.

What’s Next?

My next watches would be something other than a Seiko LOL! I love the brand but somehow I feel that their prices have gone up so much so it’s not a great value proposition like what it used to be 5-10 years ago.

But then, another reason why my next watch won’t be a Seiko is because I have few of them and I feel its time to own other brands as well.

At the top of my list is Orient. I’ve always been surprised by this Seiko sister company as they always put some complications (power reserve, day/night indicator) on their watches but still managed to keep prices low. One of their Orient Star models is most likely to be it.

Next would be a Citizen Eco-Drive. I know, it’s not an automatic watch but I’ve always been fascinated by the thought of a solar powered self-charging watch which is very cool in my opinion.

My pick would be a titanium Eco-Drive model as it will be lighter than the normal steel version. With it’s typical 44mm-ish diameter, the watch will be quite hefty if made with steel.

A titanium Eco-Drive model sub-$700 USD caught my fancy few months ago but sadly it’s not in stock anymore. There are other titanium models but at close to $1000, I thought I would keep my money and wait for the price to drop to a more sensible level =)

Last but certainly not the least, I’d definitely would like to own a Swiss Chronometer. The chronometer is the a very accurate automatic watch that passes the stringent testing by the COSC institute (that’s Swiss’ Contrôle officiel suisse des chronomètres or Swiss Official Control of Chronometers).

Any watches that passed the COSC testings will be conferred a chronometer certificate.

Now, is it very important to own a chronometer? Well, not really. My watches are non-Chronometer certified and yet it works well for me. But then again, to own a watch that has a certificate saying it’s a very accurate watch is definitely something =)

As of now, Tissot has one of the cheapest chronometer (sub-$1000 if I’m not mistaken) but since I’ve already own a Tissot, I’ll be more leaning towards other Swiss brands for my first chronometer – do let me know if you have any recommendation for this =)

I hope you guys enjoyed this website. See you around then.