Hi Guys!

My name is Isaac and I’m a huge fan of automatic watches.

Seiko 5 world time
Seiko 5 World Time – the watch produced to mark 50 years of Seiko 5 in production. This is the automatic watch that started it all for me. Nowadays I always put it on a rubber strap and use it for gym or swimming. It has never failed me =)

AutomaticWatchesForMen.com is where I blog and put up reviews of some of the best and most good looking automatic watches for men out there. Occasionally I’ll also share non-automatic watches such as quartz, solar, kinetic or GPS watches. But these non-automatic watches are only here because they have great functional capabilities and excite my geeky watch blood =) My main focus is only on automatic watches for men though.

Why automatic watches? I feel that automatic watches are very unique and different than those cheap quartz watches out there. There’s something about the whole mechanical aspects of the watch that will self-wind itself just from a simple movement, how this causes it not to have to use any battery at all, how some watch are just so exact timekeeper, and how all of these complex mechanism can be fit into a very small area. I guess it’s just my geeky side that made me fell in love in automatic watches lol. I hope you guys benefited from my blog. See you around.