1. Hi there mate.

    I am in the UK and have recently purchased a Pepsi dialed Mako. I happened upon your review and site here after Googling about the top day crown, which I now believe that the newly made / sold Makos doesn’t have? Which is a sad loss. I am now going to peruse the rest of your site as I have a few automatics myself. Nice job mate!!


    1. Author

      Yes, the newer Mako (and Ray) watches don’t have the top day crown/pusher. I also like the look as it’s unique and not commonly found in other watches. Thanks for the compliment bud! Hope you enjoy my writings here =)


  2. As a diver a watch like this is a great tool so looks is not a great issue, however the Orient Mako automatic dive watch is impressive in all aspects. It is great to have the choice of orange as black and blue can be sometimes hard to see depending on the water conditions.

    My biggest concern is that the Orient Mako automatic dive watch is not ISO certified. In saying that the price is a true reflection so a great fit for shallow dives.

    1. Author

      Hi buddy! Yep the Orient Mako is a handsome watch alright. This will make it look great in and out of water =)

      I’m not really sure on how good the Mako is during dives. It’s rated to 200 m but since it’s not ISO certified, no divers in their right mind would risk their lives on a faulty dive watch underwater right. If you want an ISO certified diver watch that is also affordable, you can check out the Seiko SKX007, a very popular model among divers and non-divers alike.

  3. I learned a lot from your article on Orient Mako watches. Your article shows lots of research and I commend you for that. I guess they don’t make dive watches for women? Also, when the Mako goes to 200m as water resistant, does that mean waterproof to 200m? Thanks again for such a well researched and interesting article!

    1. Author

      Hi Robert. Thanks for spending your time to read my site. I tried to cover every single aspect of a watch. It’s for the convenience of my readers and also for me. As someone who really loves watches, I really love to know all there is about a particular timepiece. Sometimes, the information on Amazon can be total rubbish and I prefer the official information from the brand’s website.

      It’s a shame but I have yet to encounter any dive watches for women.

      On the water resistant part, the Orient Mako can be used to dive up to 200 m water depth. Lower than that there will be possibilities that water can enter the watch through some small openings around it. Just make sure you do screw the crown and pusher tightly though.

      No problem Robert. Glad to have you here. Just drop a comment if you need to ask me anything. Cheers!

  4. I really find how detailed you are with each watch very helpful. You said you have a collection of four watches so far. How do you go about reviewing the ones that you don’t own? Just wondering =) Considering how detailed and knowledgeable you are with them though. I’m sure lots of buyers will find this helpful. Keep it up!

    1. Author

      Hi Cha. Thanks for visiting my site. My knowledge of watches comes from sources such as watch forums (watchuseek forum is totally great. You should check them out – link), Google+ groups, FBs, and other social medias. Kinda like when you likes an artist or actor and you try to follow them and read gossips about them. I can say that what I did with automatic watches too.

      When I learn of a particular popular or gorgeous watch from these sources, I tried to go to my local watch shops to get a better look at them. From there I am able to get a hands on feeling and look of the watch and make my review. Some watches are quite rare and cannot be found easily (such as this Orient Mako and some Seikos because they are Japan Domestic Market (JDM) only models), I have to rely on the watch forums, social media and youtube videos for review.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Feel free to ask any other questions. Cheers!

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