Automatic Watch Guide

The Full Guide On How Do I Use My Automatic Watches Automatic watch is a beautiful creation and timepiece. But in that mechanical marvel, lies some unspoken rules that can be hard to understand which mainly come from it’s differences with the more widely used quartz watch. In this guide, I want to share top 10 tips on how I use my automatic watches in the hope that you’ll be able to fully enjoy your watch/watches to the fullest!   Table of Content: 1- Wear The Same Automatic Watch For 2 or 3 Days 2- Avoid Putting The Automatic Watch Near An Electronic Device orRead More →

20 Types Of Watches

20 Types Of Watches All Men Should Know Undoubtedly, wrist watch is an integral part of modern fashion. Especially for men as we guys don’t really have that much accessory options to begin with. A wrist watch is a unique fashion accessory because while its main function is to tell time, it also increases our style – in other words, making our whole image better. But fashion sense is not the only deciding factor in choosing what watch to wear. You see, there are at least 20 types of wrist watches in existence currently and each one of them have their own unique attribute. YepRead More →

7 Benefits Of Wearing A Watch

Whether it’s for impressing your co-workers into submission, reinventing your style or simply telling what time is it, having a wrist watch can always be a rather nifty addition to your apparel. Equipped with one, you’ll be able to NOT get late for an important meeting, and with some of the newer models, also exactly what time it is in Australia! With the current trend of smartphones being the device that almost every person on the planet use, watches are becoming less important since those phones can also show time.   Are Watches Obsolete And Out Of Style? With smartphones being the number one must-haveRead More →

What Is Automatic Watch?

What is automatic watch all about? How can it be different from the watch you are using? Automatic watch is defined as a watch that does not use battery, but instead rely on mechanical movement by our wrist inside it to store potential energy for it to function. The term automatic comes from the fact that the watch will self recharge through movement of your wrist while wearing it. In other words, a watch that does not need to change battery in its lifetime. But do you know there are other types of watches out there? Here I’ll try to explain the types of watchRead More →