Why And How To Wind Automatic Watch


How To Wind An Automatic Watch? And Why Do We Need To Do It? Two questions that I get a lot from people is why do we need to manual wind an automatic watch and how to wind an automatic watch. As we all know, automatic watch is “automatic” because the there’s a rotor that … Read more

8 Common Problems With Automatic Watch And How To Solve It

Common Problems With Automatic Watch

Problems With Your Automatic Watch? What’s The Cause And How To Solve It? If you are unlucky, you might encounter some problems with your automatic or mechanical watches. Depending on the severity, the steps to correct it will differ. Some of them can be severe that require a full service while some of the minor … Read more

Are Automatic Watches Accurate?

How Accurate Is Automatic Watch Automatic watches are outstanding inventions. Hundreds of combinations of minuscule parts such as gears, springs, screws etc. work together to produce a timekeeping device. Since it’s all mechanical moving parts, there is no way that it can be totally accurate. Are automatic watches accurate then? How accurate is automatic watch? The … Read more

What Is Automatic Watch?

What Is Automatic Watch?

What is automatic watch all about? How can it be different from the watch you are using? Automatic watch is defined as a watch that does not use battery, but instead rely on mechanical movement by our wrist inside it to store potential energy for it to function. The term automatic comes from the fact … Read more