1. I am on a budget and my brother’s birthday is coming. I am glad that these watches are under 200 dollars and it will be his first watch and he always like submariner look. So Invicta can be a good choice. However I wonder how long it lasts. I mean how is the cost efficiency? If it is not good, can you recommend me another?

    1. Author

      Hi there. Indeed, the Invicta is a really great choice if you like a Submariner-like dive watch. It looks almost like the real thing and one can only tell them apart if we look at the watch closely. It’s definitely one of the best value for money for automatic watches. But how long will it lasts? That depends on the unit that you get. Some people got a really good working unit while others got a lemon straight out of the box. 

      For alternatives, you can try the Seiko SKX013 or SKX007. These are Seikos trusted dive watches which have been around for years. Lots of Seiko fans (me included) swear by the quality of those watches. 

      If you want a more modern design (the SKX can be a bit old-fashion look for some), consider the Orient’s Ray II and Mako II. It’s not as iconic as the SKX but specification wise, it’s better than the SKX as it has a newer movement with hacking and manual winding.

      Hope this helps buddy. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. I love all of these different watches! My husband is a collector and I know he would love to own an automatic watch. Knowing there are affordable options is great! Perhaps you could share the exact list price for the watches within your content, because some of the amazon links did not show the list price.

    1. Author

      Hi Tiffany. These watches are lovely right? Not to mention it’s not that expensive either =)

      I purposely didn’t include the exact pricing in the post because as we all know, Amazon’s prices vary greatly depending on the season and promotions. But I’ve made that all of these watches are definitely under $200 based on my experience checking these out from time to time. 

      The price not showing might be caused of many factors, most probably the item is sold out on Amazon.


  3. These watches look amazing. I’m surprised they are under $200 dollars for sure. I’m a watch fanatic I have a wide variety of them. My wife knows exactly what to get me for my birthday and Christmas every year.

    The Invicta 8928 is the best one of them all to me in this article.

    I’ll be sure to bookmark and share your site.

    1. Author

      Hi James. I’m glad that my article had helped you to be aware of these amazing watches.

      Cheers =)

  4. Although I was never really a watch person, I definitely could not see myself paying upwards of $200 for one that is automatic.

    After reading this though, I am somewhat interested in getting one of these watches mainly for the look. I guess the 2 that really stand out to me are the Seagull M172S and the Seiko SNK809.

    My question is, which one would you think is the best option when it comes to both low cost and quality?

    1. Author

      Hi Arie. Well, it’s a bit of a hard thing to decide. The SNK809 is one of the cheapest automatic watches at less than $100. It’s also from Seiko, a heavyweight in the watch industry. The only disadvantage of the watch is its bit of a plain look.

      The M17S on the other hand is very gorgeous with the unique movement there. It’s more expensive but I believe that’s the price to be paid for such watch. It’s disadvantage lies with the relatively unknown Seagull brand.

      In my opinion, it depends on what is your most critical criteria: price or good look? Value wise, the SNK809 is the better option because it’s cheap and can last a long time. But if you’re looking for an outstanding watch, the Seagull M17S is the one to go for.

      Let me know if you need further advice on this buddy.


  5. I’ve always loved watches and you will never see me leave my house without one. I own about 7 watches with only one of them having an automatic movement.

    The reason for this is because they tend to be a little more pricey.

    However I love Automatic/Mechanical watches and you have provided me with some great affordable options!

    I research my watches before buying and you have gone into great detail about each watch in this article.

    Thank you for providing the watch enthusiast with some great affordable and beautiful watches!

    1. Author

      Hi Rayder. I’m happy to see that you enjoyed your watch collection. You really should diversify and get more autos =P


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