Tissot Quickster Review – Stylish Swiss Watch But Mediocre Quartz Movement

Hello there! Today’s post is going to be about Tissot Quickster review. This Quickster model lineup by the Swiss brand is designed to be a modern sports watch. While the PRS 516 models are more towards motor sports, the Quickster is designed with general sports in mind. In today’s post, I’m going to cover the Quickster Chronograph (T0954173605700) model.

In essence, it’s a really good looking watch. I just love how they combine the orange accent into the black dial/case/leather strap. It’s very handsome, and with the chronograph subdials give it a more complicated look that’s very cool. No doubt it will be a great watch for casual weekend outings. It’s also not as expensive as other Swiss watches (it’s a quartz btw) so that’s definitely a plus factor.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the Tissot Quickster review shall we.

Tissot Quickster Chronograph (T0954173605700) Specification

Diameter: 42 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Lug to Lug: 47.5 mm
Case: Black PVD coated stainless steel case
Strap: Black leather strap with contrast stitching and buckle closure

Dial: Black with orange accent
Watch Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Hands: Bar hands with lume
Markers: Index markers
Bezel: Aluminum ring bezel with Tachymeter scale

Movement: ETA 610.211 Quartz chronograph movement
Movement Features: Swiss quartz movement, Chronograph function up to 10 hours
Accuracy: +- 10 seconds per month
Power Reserve: 2-3 years

Water Resistance: 100 m
Other Features: Date feature, Chronograph, Tachymeter scale

Where To Buy: Amazon

Stylish Watch Design

Tissot managed to create a very good looking sports watch with this timepiece. The overall theme color of the watch is black with orange and white/silver colors sprinkled around the watch.

Tissot Quickster Front

As this watch is a chronograph (or a stopwatch. You can read my post here on what is chronograph watch all about), the dial is naturally busy with 3 subdials to show the stopwatch measurements.

First subdial at the top right is for 10 hours stopwatch measurement while the top left subdial is for minutes stopwatch measurement. The bottom subdial is the running seconds hand – that means the main seconds hand is not always moving and used solely for the chronograph. That’s the biggest flaw I can see with this watch: it has substandard quartz chronograph movement (which I’m gonna discuss at the lower section of this post).

Nevertheless, the subdials are neatly placed and designed with minimalist white markings. And do you notice how the font of those markings (subdial, tachymeter scale on the bezel ring) are so well put and fine to look at? It’s a modern font and really complement the theme of a modern sports watch here.

Orange Accent On The Dial And Strap

A very nice touch on the design of this watch is the use of orange colors with the index hour markers. Honestly, I don’t know that black and orange can get along so well like this. Seriously, the orange markers really pop up and bring the watch dial to a whole new level. And it definitely make it much more sporty.

Tissot Quickster Back

In addition, this Tissot Quickster also uses orange stitching on the leather strap to give it a very nice contrasting. The hands of the watch are normal bar hands with lume (as with all Tissot’s sports watch models). The end of the main seconds hand has a “T” shape – another trademark design of some sort by the brand.

At the 4 o’clock position, a date window has replaced the index marker. It’s somewhat destroy the symmetry of the watch but added a function that’s very beneficial. I definitely prefer a watch with date (and day) functions as it make the watch more functional.

All in all, Tissot has managed to make this Quickster model a very handsome sports watch. I love its symmetry and orange accent on an overall black watch. The chronograph subdials are designed not to make the dial too busy, but still give it a cool complex look.

Black PVD Coated Case

To complement the black dial, the Quickster uses a black PVD coated stainless steel case which is just gorgeous and elegant to look at. There is nothing special with the case: straight sides and moderately sized lugs; but I love how the black PVD make the case so refined and great to look at.

Tissot Quickster On Hand

It’s in 42 mm diameter, which is a good size that can fit most men’s wrist comfortably. It’s also quite thin at 11 mm thick – which is not surprising since it’s a quartz movement. An ETA automatic chronograph movement will take more than 13 mm thickness though (such as this Tissot Couturier Chronograph).

The lug to lug distance is about 47.5 mm and lug width is 20 mm. On the top is an aluminum ring bezel that is marked with tachymeter scale. For those that don’t know about it, tachymeter scale is used with the chronograph to quickly calculate the distance of any object. Read this post to know how it works (plus some other cool chronograph functions available).

A Mediocre Quartz Chronograph Movement

Inside the watch is a quartz chronograph movement ETA 610.211 (ETA is a movement company inside the Swatch Watch Group – the same parent group of Tissot). The usage of a quartz movement has helped to push down the price of chronographs as a Swiss automatic chronograph will costs at least $500.

Quartz is a good movement for sure. It’s cheap, allows for thinner profile and best of all, it’s very accurate often times up to a few seconds a month whereas the typical automatic watch will have that kind of accuracy in a day. For in-depth comparison of automatic vs quartz movement, read this post.

Tissot Quickster Side

To operate the chronograph is very simple. Just push the top right pusher to start the time measurement and push it again when you want to stop the time. The main seconds hand will measure the seconds while the top left and top right will measure the minutes and hours respectively.

Sadly the ETA 610.211 quartz chronograph movement in this Tissot Quickster is mediocre compared to what we can get for the same price with other brands. For a start, the main seconds hand is use solely for chronograph function while the bottom subdial is for running seconds.

Now this is typical for most automatic chronographs since it’s the limitation of the mechanical movement but a quartz watch can easily be made such that the main seconds hand is running and can also be used for chronograph function. At least for $310 that’s what I would expect.

Another main gripe about the chronograph is how it does not sweep and moves with a normal tick-tock motion. Again, it’s something normal for quartz watches since it’s done to ensure the battery last long but for a $310, Tissot can always make a higher grade movement that have sweeping second hand while also maintaining normal 2-3 years of battery life.

With all of this, I would say the chronograph movement is mediocre and not good value for money.

A video of the Tissot Quickster showing the watch up close

Who Is The Quickster For?

So who should get this Tissot Quickster? I think it’s perfect for people who want to wear a very stylish watch as a casual watch during weekends. It’s very well designed. Not too busy and looks cool to be worn.

Who Should NOT Get The Quickster?

For a start, those that expect a great chronograph movement should not get this watch. It’s very handsome for sure, but it’s movement is quite lacking. I sincerely believe for the same price, one can always get a watch with better chronograph function. For some alternatives to the Quickster……

The Other Alternatives…

Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Watch

1- Bulova Precisionist 96B175

The best bang for buck (at least as chronograph watch movement is concerned) is definitely the Bulova Precisionist. With a cutting edge quartz movement that’s super accurate (up to 10 seconds a YEAR), this watch just oozes of great technology.

It’s seconds hand has beautiful sweeping action (it can act as running seconds hand and also chronograph hand) but still can maintain the normal 2-3 years battery life. Not to mention it can also measure up to 1/1000th of a second – that’s something a digital stopwatch can do.

With a very distinctive look, it’s a about the best chronograph watch that money can buy.

=>Click here to read in-depth review of the Bulova Precisionist 96B175

=>Click here to buy this Bulova Precisionist 96B175 on Amazon

Seiko FlightMaster Alarm Chronograph SNA411

2- Seiko FlightMaster SNA411

It might not look as elegant as the Quickster but it surely is quite cool. On top of the watch is a slide rule that can be used for so many manual calculations such as multiplication, division, square roots, etc. It also has compass ring, tachymeter and many conversion scales. A very tool/utility watch indeed.

The main second hand only functions for chronograph but I like how it has a nice sweeping action to it. Not to mention it also has split time function, a great tool for when we want to time a race or such events. It even has an alarm that can also be used to set a second time zone!

If you need a chronograph that’s not just look cool but also have all the tools that a pilot uses (even more!), this would be the perfect choice for you.

=>Click here to read in-depth review of the Seiko FlightMaster SNA411

=>Click here to buy this Seiko FlightMaster SNA411 on Amazon

Pros And Cons

1- Handsomely stylish modern watch that looks stunning
2- Great build quality – as expected from a Swiss brand
3- A cheaper option for a Swiss watch

1- Mediocre quartz chronograph movement
2- No sweeping seconds hand for chronograph function

Tissot Quickster Review T0954173605700

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Tissot Quickster Price And Where To Buy It

Wanting to get this stylish watch? Then Amazon has the best offer for it. It’s MSRP is around $495 but can be had for just way lesser than that on Amazon. Click the link below to check out the watch on Amazon.


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Tissot Quickster is a very stylish watch from the Swiss brand. It really looks cool with the chronograph subdials and two extra pushers at the right side. Tissot made a great job to make the dial not so busy, thus creating an elegant sporty look for the watch. The usage of orange and white on a total black watch is another great decision by the design team.

My only dissatisfaction is with the basic chronograph movement that it has. It functions just like an automatic movement despite being a quartz – and quartz chronographs can be very very advanced and much better than this. Considering the price, I feel that Tissot can use a better quartz chrono movement to make it more valuable for money.


Hope you guys love this Tissot Quickster review. For any questions or comments, drop it at the section below. Till next time.


10 thoughts on “Tissot Quickster Review – Stylish Swiss Watch But Mediocre Quartz Movement”

  1. AFAIK, the movement designator is not ETA 610.211,
    but ETA G10.211
    And I respectfully disagree with it being mediocre: it might not have some more modern features but it is well made and durable.


  2. I have bought my Tissot Quickster Chronograph one year ago and in one year I had to replace the strap two times. It looks good but it’s just cheap and always breaks after a couple of months.
    I have contacted Tissot but unfortunately, they just advice to buy a new strap, the same model that breaks as easy as the one before.
    Very disappointing customer service and aftercare at Tissot and the reason why it will never be a premium brand.

    • Hi Milton. That’s definitely not a good experience. I’ve had my straps damaged before but those were not the original watch straps that came with the watches so I can totally understand why you’re so flabbergasted here. Thanks for sharing your story here as it’s going to be a good reference to those looking to buy the Quickster in future.

      I would suggest that you get an aftermarket strap from online shops instead of getting the same Tissot strap. Besides being cheaper, you will have more options to choose from. Just make sure you get the strap width correct.

  3. Hi
    Thx for the review – it really is a nice looking watch.
    Just a question about the movement of the watch – after having mine for about 6 months the minute hand became loose.
    They repaired the watch under warranty but my stopwatch works differently now – let me explain:
    Before the repair, if I would press the button to start the stopwatch, the 1/10 second hand would stand still at the zero position and only if I pressed stop again, it would jump to whatever position I would have stopped it.
    Now, after the repair, if I press start it rotates continuously while timing is commencing, once for every second that has expired, and if I press the stop button, it stops wherever at that moment I stopped the timing.
    Also the main second hand moves much faster to the 12 o’clock or zero position again after I have reseted the stopwatch.

    My question is, did they give my watch a totally new movement when they repaired it?
    And if they did, it’s the movement I’m describing through the way the stopwatch now works a better movement, or should I take the watch back to them?
    From what I could find out, it looks like the stopwatch now works like some PRS models.

    Kind Regards

    • I think I understand your situation. The Quikster should have an idle 1/10th second subdial that will jump to position when we pause the chrono. And the hands should sweep across the dial to the top when we stop the chrono. You are right in saying they changed the movement when you send for repair. I’d think the reason could be they couldn’t find a suitable movement to replace yours.

      I honestly don’t think there is much difference between these movements in terms of normal usage. Both are quartz and have the same chrono up to 30-min counter. But there could be a difference in the chrono functionality namely the add and split time functions. Download the user guide from tissot.com (Link attached) and try to do the add and split time features in the manual.

      If it works, then it’s ok. If your new movement cannot do the features, then I think you have a basis to ask them to change the movement to the Quikster movement.

      Hope this helps bud.

  4. I bought a TISSOT QUICKSTER CHRONOGRAPH 6 months ago and for my surprise, both strap keepers broke within 6 months. Honestly, it’s a disaster. The watch looks good but the leather quality of the strap is just cheap.

    • Hi Milton. I’m really sorry to hear that. That’s just awful and should not happen to a watch at this price range. Can you share a bit on your usage pattern for others to be aware of? (e.g wear everyday? used for outdoor activities? etc. etc.)

      What did you do with the watch afterwards? Did you get a new leather strap for it?

  5. Hello, top right subdial is for 1/10’s of second not for hours, and it does have split mode an lap mode. However it’s a cheap quartz watch. I tought i would never buy a quartz movement watch but i did and it doesn’t seem too bad for me, thanks for the review. Regards!


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