1. Mine arrived today and I opted for the black and beigue varrient. Have a Zulu strap in order but I’m loving it as it is out of the box … Simple no nonsense watch and it has a lasting quality to it. It goes really well with all my other analogue hobbies !

    1. Author

      Hi Nader! Glad to know that you love this little timepiece. I’m sure it will serve you well.


  2. Thank you Isaac for the great info on this beautiful Hamilton khaki field watch. Lots of detail here, and to know that I can just pick it up on Amazon at the best price is a bonus because I already have Amazon Prime. The great pictures on your site are very cool and really show the product well. Thanks for the help on this.

    1. Author

      Hi Randy. Glad that you love it. Not much people prefer a simplistic watch like this so I’m actually really glad that someone else besides me like the Hamilton Khaki Field Officer.

      Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

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