1. I have a Rolex Datejust . Bought it new in 1980 for $1300. I recently bought a 009. I have the same confidence in it as the Rolex. I never hand wound the Rolex so I don’t miss that feature.

    1. Author

      Wow never thought that the SKX009 is comparable to a Rolex. I know it’s a good watch but never thought that it’s that good. And this is coming from a Rolex owner. Thanks for leaving your comment on the watch here John =)


  2. I like the blue and red color scheme the Seiko SKX009 Divers watch purveys and as you mention the red “pepsi bezel” colour gives the watch style. It’s a stylish watch that’ll suit me fine.
    Personally, a divers watch or not I would never go diving or swimming with this beauty on my wrist in fear of ruining it.
    The clear face without any interruptions for reading the time and the self winding characteristics favour my attention.
    Really nice watch, thanks,

    1. Author

      Hi Simon. Glad to know that you like the watch. It really is a stylish watch that will surely commands attention from people around you. You might also want to check out the Seiko SKX007 that have the same specification as the SKX009 but with a black dial and bezel. It’s better suited for those that like to lay low with their watches.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting!

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