1. Hello! After much reading I zoned in on this watch to be my champion and first foray into owning a good watch! I was wondering where did you get the gorgeous brown leather strap with the clip buckle shown above. I agree that the bracelet doesn’t suit this gorgeous time piece.

    1. Author

      Hi there! I’m happy my review of the SNA411 helped you. I’m not really sure what’s the specific strap but you can get an identical one at major online stores e.g amazon.com, longislandwatch.com, jomashop.com etc.

    1. Author

      Hi Rob. Many thanks for pointing that out! I’ve edited the post accordingly =)


  2. I didn’t know much about these watches until I read your post. You have done a very detailed job with this and provided the research to help the reader choose which one suits them best. I’ve already shared this to my father in law’s facebook page because he’s a pilot. I especially like the video depicting the details of the watch and what it can do. Very handsome watches. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Candice. I’m glad that you like this review and find it helpful. Thanks for sharing it =)

  3. Hello,

    I own this master piece since about 4 months ago now. I love it!
    I would like to buy the brown leather strap shown in the picture above. Do you happen to have the link to it?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Author

      Hi Nelson. Unfortunately I don’t know where to get the exact same leather strap. But I found this strap off Amazon that kinda look the same as the strap in the picture. (LINK)

      Let me know how it turns out =)

  4. Hello, the truth is that this watch looks nice, I already have several Seiko, but I am thinking of increasing my collection, and this could be a good candidate.

    One thing that I hate on a watch is that it is uncomfortable on the wrist and that it is inaccurate.

    Is it precise?
    How does it feel on the wrist?

    Best Regards

    1. Author

      Hi Jose. Glad to know you like your Seikos =) They are definitely a great value for money watches in my opinion and you couldn’t have made a better choice.

      On the SNA411, I’ve tried it before (lent it from a friend) and I think it’s quite comfortable. And since it’s a quartz watch, it’s much more accurate than any automatic watch (read my post here on the difference on these 2 watches).

      Generally, quartz has +-10 seconds per MONTH accuracy while automatics have that kind of accuracy in a DAY. So yeah, it’s pretty far apart =p

      If you think your watch is uncomfortable, I suggest to change it to a lighter strap such as Nato or leather. Sometimes stainless steel bracelet can be too heavy and become a nuisance.

      Happy hunting buddy!


  5. Hello.

    Thank you for that helpful review on this Seiko.

    I can now make an informed decision before placing an order. The flightmaster is an amazing watch to buy and I have found it really affordable. It also has a good color though If there are other varieties I would like to know

    However, where can I get this watch at the cheapest price?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Hi Bruno. Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad that I can be of help to you. This Seiko Flightmaster is indeed a great tool watch to have.

      If you don’t like this black dial, there is another version of the watch with blue and white dial (blue at the outer edge and white at the center), it’s almost like a Bretiling Navitimer design. Unfortunately this version is always sold out, especially during this festive season. I’ve checked at all reputable online sites (Amazon, ebay, jomashop) but none carries it right now. You can try to search for it sometime next year. The model number is SNA413.

      Currently Amazon has the lowest price for this model Bruno. Good day to you!

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