1. Hi Isaac. I really like this watch because it’s something that’s truly unique and I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before. As you’ve mentioned, the green dial and gold accent works fantastic in creating a truly unique to the Alpinist.

    I just would like to ask your opinion on the compass ring. In this time and age, do we still need this feature? I just think that it’s just for show and no real functionality….

    1. Author

      Hi Mike. I’d say the compass ring don’t really serve any real purpose since most people will just buy a cheap real compass that can anytime (the compass ring needs the sun to be visible to work with).

      But even then, you do agree that the compass ring do make the watch busier and cooler right?

  2. How often should this watch be serviced? What is the typical cost of servicing it, and what questions should I ask the serviceman so that I know he is legit? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Clayton. Generally automatic watches need to be serviced once every 3-5 years. The cost of servicing varies and depend on where you do it i.e Seiko’s service center or independent watchmaker. You can contact the Seiko center at your country for more information on this.

  3. One little detail,
    To use the compass to determine the direction you split the difference between the hour hand and 12’o clock placing south at that midpoint or north if in the southern hemisphere, also subtract an hour if observing daylight savings time.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the additional info Dan!

  4. Hi Isaac,

    Thanks for this review. Very interesting. I never new about the history of the Alpinist. It made me want to own one.

    How does someone who hasn’t worn a watch for 15 years get back into the habit of wearing one again?

    Since the advent of mobile phones, my old watch has lain in a box somewhere.

    A beautiful looking watch, the Seiko Alpinist.

    Kind regards,

    1. Author

      Hi Paul. Thanks for visiting my blog. Well, it’s easy to start wearing a watch again. Like what Nike said – “Just Do It”. In short, just wear your watch!

      I can say there are a few advantages of using a wrist watch instead of a phone to tell time. For a start, our watch will not run out of battery. It’s also very easy to check time by a simple twist of your wrist. This is much better than having to unlock our phone every time =)

  5. Hi Isaac,
    I’ve just recieved my SRAB017 from vendor.
    Please, tell me the best way to use this watch.
    Many thanks for your great review.

    1. Author

      Hi Siamto. So how does the watch looks like in person? In my opinion, the watch looks best with a casual wear. The green dial is too unconventional to be used as a dress watch. In the end, you choose how best to wear the watch to reflect your own character and style.


  6. Hi Isaac…thanks for your great review. Can i use sarb033 bracelet to this watch?

    1. Author

      Hi Gerald. It should works fine but I’m not entirely sure since the case of SARB017 and SARB033 is not exactly the same. If you are buying the bracelet new, you might want to make sure that you can return it in case the bracelet won’t fit. Otherwise, consider getting the bracelet sold from SeiyaJapan .


  7. Wow Great Review Isaac!!! I have to admit I am partial to Seiko Warches myself as both of my parents wore them. I have been searching for a great wrist watch that is durable and dependable as I am always outside and on the go. Your breakdown of this watch has really peaked my interest, I truly didn’t know the amount of detail that goes into building one of these time pieces. Thank you sir for the valuable information.

    1. Author

      Hi Matt. I’m happy that I’ve been able to help you understand more about this watch. Let me know if you have other questions. I’ll be glad to help.


  8. Oh I am in love with the Seiko Alpinist.I haven’t seen a watch as nice as it in a while and the price ain’t bad.Would the sapphire Crystal be scratch proof on this watch?Also I love the fact that it has a compass.This is handy when going on hikes in the mountains.

    1. Author

      Hi Trev. It’s a true beauty right? The green dial is also something unique so much so this is the only watch that I’ve seen having a green face.

      The sapphire crystal is scratch proof – read my post on introduction to watch crystals HERE about the different types of crystals.


  9. Wow! What a beauty! I’d like to buy one. Especially because it is SEIKO. I like the brand very much. And these green and gold… Ahhh…

    What concernces me, is it’s accuracy. The review says that it will improve over time but does not tell how much. Still, 25 seconds… per day – isn’t that a bit much. It’s about a minute per day and 3 minutes per week.

    Way too much, in my opinion. Or did I understood something wrong here?

    Otherwise… Awesome!

    1. Author

      Hi Egon. Thanks for visiting by and reading my review. 25 seconds gain/lose per day is the published accuracy of this Seiko SARB017 (it uses the 6R15 in-house movement by Seiko).

      It might seem a bit too much but this is the maximum accuracy they have tested. The usual day to day accuracy will be much lesser than that. If the watch gain/lose more than half a minute, it’s better to return it back to the vendor as it could be a lemon unit.

      This kind accuracy is actually fairly standard across all automatic watch manufacturers (Swiss, Japs, Germans, US etc.). Only COSC Certified Chronometer watches has very good accuracy of maximum 6 seconds gain/lose per day. But these watches can easily be worth more than $1k though =)

      Automatic watches are not the most accurate watches there is. Quartz is much more accurate (up to +-10 seconds per MONTH). But to me, the real attraction of automatic watches rests on its uniqueness and mechanical moving parts that’s foreign with our current world of electronics nowadays =)

  10. Hi Isaac,

    Ever since I was a kid, watches have always been something which interests me. Since then, I have owned many Seiko watches and they have all given me great service.

    Tha Alpanist is a handsome looking timepiece and its good looks appear to be supported by great features, thanks to your review.

    Definitely worth thinking about!


    1. Author

      Hi Stephen. Great to know that you also love those Seikos. In my opinion, Seiko watches are the best value for money among other brands. Swiss watches on the other hand has the advantage of century-old heritage and among the first people to build a functioning mechanical watch.

      The Alpinist surely is a handsome watch. Thanks for visiting =)


  11. Honestly i like watches and am a great fun of them but i should admit that these are classics, on top of the game. so absurd that am just out of the festive season and am quite broke but i’d really love to get one for myself…

    1. Author

      Hi Mugabi. I totally agree with you. I too also love watches and thing that they are a great piece of vintage technology, something that our digital world (think smartwatches and wearables) still cannot beat.

      I’ve had enough of my phones, laptop, tv, car and everything else that just have too much electronics. A certain piece of “ancient” technology is something that I crave =)

      Totally understand your situation with the festive season. I can say I’m also in the same situation lol. Thanks for visiting buddy!

  12. I love this watch. It has a great look. I love the story you mentioned. It attracts me to read the post. I learn that this watch is designed for extreme mountain environment. But, it is a masterpiece more than a sport watch. Is it a mechanical watch that runs without battery?

    1. Author

      Hi Billy. Many thanks for the compliment. I kinda love watches that have a rich history (such as this Alpinist line from Seiko) and would like to share it with people. I’m glad you love it too.

      Yes it’s designed for extreme conditions but it’s looks is more dressy so I would say it’s kinda a hybrid between these two. But if anything, this will ensure the watch can withstand anything its owner throw at it =)

      The Seiko Alpinist is an automatic/mechanical watch that runs without battery.

  13. I myself am a fan of watches so when i came across this i found it good interesting read. i like how you’ve bullet pointed the specification so that readers know all the details they need to know about the Seiko SARB017 Alpinist watch. the post is well laid out and is a good fluent read.

    1. Author

      Hi Joshua. Thanks for reading this. I’m glad that you like the post. Hope you love the watch too =)


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