1. I bought this watch in black tone several months ago and am very pleased with it’s accuracy. Chrono timing down the 1000th of a second with an analog watch is something of a novelty, but it’s fun to play around with. The only thing I don’t like is that it is practically impossible to read in low light conditions. The black hands blend too easily into the black background, and are only luminous on the ends. The luminosity is poor period–I’ve worn this watch all day in the blazing sunshine, and it is still very difficult to read in the dark. The luminous paint Bulova uses on these watches shows a very faint light blue, and only glows for a couple of hours. My Reactor watches are truly “never dark”, so the poor luminosity of the Bulova Precisionist kind of irks me, especially since it cost more than any of the Reactors and Seikos in my collection.

    I think that if the hands were completely white/luminous against the black face that it would be much easier to read. I’m thinking of sending it in to Bulova and asking them to replace with white hands, or paint the hands white, whatever the case. Has anyone else tried this fix?

    1. Author

      I can relate with your issue. My Tissot Visodate is a gorgeous watch, but it’s silver hands over a white dial background means it’s a pain in the ass to tell time under daylight. The Precisionist busy and complex dial can easily make this worse.

      On the hands replacement, I actually never heard of manufacturers changing the hands of their watch by our request. You can definitely throw the question to them and see what’s their reply. A suggestion from me is to also check your local watchmakers if they are able to do the same thing. You can also ask them to change out the hands with a better lume too.

  2. I forgot to mention, my Precionist has a sapphire crystal as noted on the case back. Recently purchased from Amazon though at a slightly hier price. Definitely worth the extra expenditure.

  3. I’m enjoying this Bulova a great deal. I have 40+ watches but look forward to wearing this Precisionist more than the others. The performance is truly outstanding, going by its’ concurrence with my atomic wall clock! One thing I’d like to note: despite its’ size and weight, Bulova did a great job with the case back and band design. My wrist isn’t particularly large yet this watch wears comfortably all day. I have a Citizen solar professional diver smaller than the Bulova but similar in weight, that becomes quite uncomfortable after 2 or 3 hours. Cheers for Bulova. Enjoyed your review.

    1. Author

      Hi Pierre. Glad to know you’re enjoying your Precisionist =)

  4. Hi Issac , I like the review you are doing for the bulova watches I am going to buy this watch soon I like it Bulova pretty good company . Thanks for the review .


    1. Author

      Thank you for the compliment Jack. Let me know what you think of the Precisionist once you hold it in your hands =)


  5. This is a big and beautiful watch! I love all of the functions it offers and you have done a good job with this review. I especially like the diagram you show with the various elements locations and its functions. Nice watch, but a little out of my price range unfortunately.

    1. Author

      Hi Steve. I’m glad you like this review. There are other cheaper watches from Japanese makers (Orient and Seiko) but watches like this Bulova Precisionist is entirely unique =)


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