Bulova Harley Davidson Watch (78A109) Review – The Ultimate Biker’s Watch

Harley Davidson is a very famous brand especially in the US. It’s synonymous with its touring and cruiser bikes that embodies ruggedness and tough look – the true embodiment of manliness.

But not many people knows the brand has released their own merchandises to capitalize on their famous brand. And one such merchandise is this Harley Davidson watch, which is a collaboration with the watch company Bulova.

With a winged skull face design and case that looks like a motorbike, this Bulova Harley Davidson watch (78A109) is the ultimate biker’s watch!

Harley Davidson Logo


A Bit Of Harley Davidson History

Before we go into the review of this Bulova 78A109 watch, let’s have a look at the history of the motorcycle company first.

Harley Davidson was the brainchild of its two founders: William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As one of the pioneer of motorcycles in US, it released its first bike was released in 1903, the Serial Number One bike which is basically an engine attached to a bicycle.


Harley Davidson Serial Number One Bike

The Serial Number One Bike, Harley Davidson’s first motorcycle – which is really a combination of motor engine and bicycle!

Did they invented motorcycle? Nope. The invention of motorcycle started way back in 1860s in Europe though they might be among the first Americans to invent it.

But even with a few decades of handicap, Harley Davidson managed to become an ubiquitous brand synonymous with bikes, beating the Europeans (until the Japanese bike manufacturers came in 1950s – but that’s another story for another day).

Harley Touring bikeA touring bike from Harley Davidson which is meant for long distance travel

Harley Davidson Street RodThe 2017 Street Rod model with modern style bike

Well, enough about the brand. Let’s check out the Bulova Harley Davidson watch review shall we.


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch Specification (78A109)

Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness: 11 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainless steel
Strap: Stainless Steel with black PVD center links

Dial: Black dial with winged skull
Watch Crystal: Mineral Crystal
Hands: Dauphine hands with lume
Markers: Index markers

Movement: Bulova Quartz movement
Battery Life: Typically 1-2 years

Water Resistance: 100 m

Best Place To Buy: Amazon for $200, MSRP is $225

Winged Skull – Total Badass Of A Watch

From the first look of this watch, I’m sure all of you would think about how very different it is than normal watches. I mean, there is a WINGED SKULL on it!

How many watches have you guys seen with a skull on its dial?

Bulova totally pushed the boundaries with this 78A109 watch. There are a few others Harley Davidson watches released over the years but most of them uses their iconic bar and shield logo on the dial. Still cool but nowhere as cool as this watch.


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109 sides3


By far, this is the only watch that has the most unique design out of the other H-D watches. It looks so daring and manly with that black dial and skull picture.

I also like the font of the Harley Davidson signature on the dial which has a gothic style that really complements the winged skull.

On top of the dial are dauphine shaped hands and simple index markers, all which have lumes on it for additional functionality to bikers in the dark.


Motorcycle Themed Casing

Bulova is a very creative bunch when it comes to casing design. I’ve always admired their work with their watches that seems to be very unique compared to the rest (such as this Precisionist , Curv and Marine Star models).

And they really delivered a unique one for this Harley Davidson watch. Looking at the stainless steel case, one can always see that Bulova derived the case design based on a bike.

Very telling is how the lugs on this watch looks like a bike’s tyres. Instead of the normal lug design which tapers down to the center, the lugs extend straight just like how tyres looks like from top.

The spring bars to hold the stainless have caps at the end that looks like brakes to me lol!


Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109 side


In addition to that, the oyster style bracelet has black PVD center links that matched with the black dial. The side links have textured pattern on them that reminds me of asphalt.

All in all, this watch is definitely a very unique watch that breaks away from the usual conformity that what someone would expect a watch would look like. Exciting, gothic and manly at the same time!


Who Is This Watch For?

A Harley biker (or any bike lovers) would definitely love to have a watch like this. It looks totally unique, rugged and helped you tapped into the rich Harley Davidson history.

And for those that does not own a bike, you might find this watch a good addition to your other normal watches and wear it during the weekends =)

Bulova Harley Davidson Watch 78A109

Who Should Not Get It?

Let’s face it, the watch is totally unique but it’s not the watch I’ll go to work with. It’s fun and manly but the winged skull does not fit into a professional image anyone working in an office should wear.

So for those looking for a work watch, I won’t recommend this Bulova Harley Davidson watch for you.

For office wear, I find that a watch with less striking design to be great for work. You don’t want a colorful watch which draws attention to you. We are not girls, gentlemen. We grab attention by being good at work and being socially good with people.

Have a look at these watches which I find to be suitable and also affordable as daily beater for work. Not to mention these are gorgeous watches which can be a great conversation starter.

  1. Bulova Moon Watch
  2. Certina DS Podium
  3. Citizen Eco-Drive Titanium
  4. Hamilton Intra Matic
  5. Seiko SARB033
  6. Orient Bambino


Pros and Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this Bulova Harley Davidson watch (78A109)


  • Unique and manly design with winged skull on the dial
  • Motorcycle inspired case
  • Not monstrously overpriced



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Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought that such a unique looking watch would exist? Definitely not me. I’ve seen many watches but this is the one with the most unique style and design.

This watch has captured the spirit of Harley Davidson bikes with its exquisite design. Brash, manly and rugged – these words are most suitable to describe it especially the gothic like winged skull.

It’s definitely a good looking watch perfect for a Harley biker!



I hope you guys enjoy this Bulova Harley Davidson watch review. Let me know if you got any questions or comments regarding the watch.

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2 thoughts on “Bulova Harley Davidson Watch (78A109) Review – The Ultimate Biker’s Watch”

  1. Neat review. I’ve been looking to get a watch and although this isn’t quite the watch for me, I did learn a few things on what to look for in a watch, so thanks for that. I have some extended family members that might like this watch. Although the price tag seems steep. I suppose that’s what you pay for when you want something unique. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Trent. Thanks for the referral buddy. Yes, you are definitely right about the price. In my opinion, the price is quite high for a normal quartz watch. But the unique design and association with Harley Davidson brand had pushed its price higher.


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