1. You definitely go into detail n this Seiko watch. It is really clean looking for sure. I actually prefer the black dial if I was going to pick. The white dial is still nice too.

    Interesting how it is 6 beats so I would be curious to see in person a comparison to the Swiss with their 8 beats. I might have to get one just to see.

    Thanks for explaining so much I don’t think you missed anything in my opinion.

    1. Author

      Thanks for reading buddy. In my honest opinion, normal people won’t be able to tell the difference between 6 and 8 beats. I’ve done this a few times and I still can’t figure out the difference. Perhaps a slo-mo video will do the trick. But a 6 vs 10 beats is another story though =)

  2. Thanks Isaac for your Seiko site. I’m a Seiko fan, I look elsewhere but always seem to come back to Seiko and now find I have four of them!

    I am considering a SARBO35 which I note has been out some few years (I don’t rush into these things!) and notice that this model is listed as discontinued, and on sale while stocks last. Do you know what it’s replacement will be and anything about it!


    1. Author

      Hi Jan. Yeah I can relate to you bro. The attractiveness about Seikos is how their watches are have very good value for money compared to other brands. And the models are such real beauty too.

      I believe the SARB035 is still on sale buddy. Just click on the links to Amazon.com above and you’ll notice the watches are still available though it can be sold out depending on the availability. If that’s the case, then just wait for a few days for the supplier to restock.

      Or if you can’t wait for Amazon, do check other online watch shops such as Longislandwatches.com or seiyajapan.com to see if the watch is available.


  3. Thanks for a thorough and well-written review. In terms of differences and similarities between the SARB035 and the SARY055, I noticed that you state the latter is antimagnetic. As far as I can tell, you do not mention that the SARB035 has this useful property. I don’t think I understand why this should be so—the pieces seem similar in terms of case construction and quality. Can you confirm that the watches are indeed different in this regard? Antimagnetic protection seems like a valuable detail and might make me gravitate towards the cheaper model.


    1. Author

      Hi Eirik. Many thanks for pointing this out. Yes, the SARB035 does has an anti-magnetic case (as stated in Seiko’s website HERE).

      Again, many thanks for pointing this buddy. Cheers!

  4. Your review is excellent and in depth.I like the pictures.That really helps to show the difference between the different models.You have made it easy to see the quality of the product. If I were in the market for a watch I would certainly find this helpful. What about womens watches?

    1. Author

      Hi Lulu. Many thanks for visiting my site. Unfortunately I don’t think Seiko releases a watch such as the SARB035 for women… there are on a tighter budget than the Swiss so this could be one of the reasons.

      Let me know if I can help you with other things.


    2. Hi:
      Most people are not happy with the accuracy of the watch +- .15 to .25 second per day.
      What you think ?
      Thank you

    3. Author

      Yes, in terms of convenience, automatic watches (not just the SARB035 or SARY055 here), have the disadvantage of not being accurate.

      I too, once were very particular about my watch’s accuracy and tried to improve it (manual winding everyday, auto winder, keeping it face up on flat surface, etc etc.). But I found that all of these concerns took away my appreciation of what the watch is truly is, so much so I can’t enjoy it to the fullest.

      Now, I don’t really care about accuracy though I do keep my auto watch within a few minutes accurate. Since I’m always carrying my phone, it’s not a big deal for me as I can always depend on the phone as a backup.

      I cannot say for others, but I believe the usage of watch have changed drastically with the ubiquitous use of smartphones. Before, we rely solely on our watches to tell time. Now, our phones can do that (which is even more accurate than the most expensive watch). With that, the accuracy on an automatic watch is not really relevant, unless we are doing some activities that require precise timekeeping such as diving etc.

  5. It is, by all means a really fine watch. I am just not a fan of automatic watches. it looks like a hassle to me (i actually never owned one, but i did give them as a gift to my family members and they loved it) Maybe i am still under impression of one watch that could barely make it overnight when was placed to a stand still on the table. I hope this one has more “energy”? how long can it work without moving?

    1. Author

      Hi Bob. This Seiko SARB035 has 50 hours power reserve, or a little bit more than 2 days.

      Well I actually has the same perspective about watches, that is until i found them not that much work to use. We might need to use them often or else they will drop dead but we can also manually wind them to recharge without having to wear them.

      But if you really want a hassle-free watch, I’d suggest you take a look at solar powered watches. Quartz and solar means very accurate and no battery change in its lifetime. You can have a look at some of the best solar watches by Citizen such as the beautiful Eco-Drive Titanium or sporty Eco-Drive Blue Angels.


  6. Hey Isaac,

    I just saved your website to my favorites. I’ve been collecting Seiko’ for years. I just purchased the Seiko SARB035 and can’t wait for it to get here. Automatic watches are my favorite but I’ll buy just about any Seiko. Are there any new Seiko’ on the horizon?


    1. Author

      Hi Jack. I’m happy to meet a fellow Seiko fan =). I’m sure the SARB035 will serve you well buddy.

      Unfortunately, I don’t hear any concrete news about new Seikos on the horizon. There are some talks that Seiko will replace the SARB065 (cocktail time) with other models, but there is nothing official from them yet as far as I know. Worry not, I’ll make sure to post about it here if I heard anything.


  7. Great site. You certainly know your way around watches. I have a citizen eco drive that was given to me a couple of years ago for Christmas and I love it. The next time I find myself in the market for a watch I will check out your page first to see what the latest options are and to find reviews about them.

  8. I have the SARB035 and absolutely love it. From the feel and look of the watch, to the workmanship and attention to detail, this is one fine timepiece.

    I also own the SARB017, which is quite different, but also exceptional. Congratulations to Seiko for two great watches, and to you for your comprehensive reviews.

    1. Author

      Hi Tris. You sure do love your Seikos to get two of them =). I’m really happy that you love them both.


  9. I simply adore dress watches that are simple and elegant. I personally have a ball that is not too fanciful that goes well with my shirts but it cost a bomb on me haha.

    This watch reminds me of Rolex date just 2 and it’s impressive that seiko has been pushing watches that is tough and beautiful out at a regular pace. The seiko in house movement is also a world wide trusted movement. For that price tag, this SAR035 is simply lovely.

    1. Author

      Hi Leo. Many thanks for visiting by and dropping your comment here. Yes the SARB035 is a majestic looking watch that surprisingly does not cost a bomb to average guys. And that’s the great thing about Seiko watches in general: good looking watch at low price tags =)

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