1. I really enjoyed your article, as was currently looking at this watch as one of my options… My main question is what are your thoughts on a comparison of this Orient to the Citizen NH8350? As they’re a different style obviously. But as a functional watch that looks good, and you’d enjoy wearing as little or as often as you’d like. As they’re available at very similar prices.

    1. Author

      Hi Calvin. Actually I think both this Orient Symphony and the Citizen NH8350 (I can only find the picture of the watch on longislandwatch.com) have similar dress watch style. And both are about the same size too. In terms of the aesthetic, I’d have to leave it to you to make the decision on which one you prefer.

      But on the topic of movement, the Citizen can be manual wind whereas the Orient don’t have this feature. Both are not hack-able though. In addition, the Citizen has a day indicator. From this, it looks like the Citizen is the clear winner in the movement category (unless you don’t like the day date look on the watch…).

  2. As someone who has recently started to get into collecting watches, I had never come across this brand before. I like posts like this that take people like me away form the popular brands commonly talked about by the masses and show me some of the hidden jems out there that aren’t common knowledge. I like the way that you have broken down the features of this watch brand and I am definitely going to consider adding this watchmaker to my watch list. Thanks for this.

    1. Author

      Hi Jon. I’m glad that I’ve managed to grab your attention to Orient. Understandably, they are a somewhat small brand outside of Asia. But make no mistake, their watches have an in-house movement inside, something that only a few of the biggest names in Swiss watches can brag about. =)

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