1. Why is an automatic watch less accurate than a quartz watch. You explain that the automatic watch charges a lithium ion cell which is in turn used to operate the quartz mechanism. I would think one would be as accurate as the other? If, on the other hand, the automatic watch stores its energy in a spring mechanism, I could see the difference in accuracy.

    All in all, a very in-depth article. Thanks for teaching me about these watches. I used to have one many years ago.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael. I’m sorry that I didn’t elaborate on that part further. 

      Automatic watch stores it’s charge in a spring mechanism, whereas the kinetic watch stores electrical current in a Lithium ion cell. This does not directly cause the difference in accuracy though.

      The reason why the kinetic is more accurate is because it’s using quartz movement instead of the automatic movement

      Quartz movement is very accurate because of the timekeeping is defined by the quartz crystal’s vibration (which goes for thousands per second). This can only be powered by an electronic setup – with electrical energy from the lithium ion cell in a kinetic watch.

      The automatic watch on the other hand uses the more traditional method of balance spring to keep time. It’s only vibrating/oscillating at a few times per second, which means it has a larger room of error. 

      Let me know if you have further questions buddy =)


  2. Thanks for the very detailed discussion on what a kinetic watch is. I haven’t ever owned one personally. All mine have been battery powered. Now I use my smart phone to tell time. That actually isn’t ideal because at work we’re not allowed to have our smart phones out: not even to tell time. I need to get me a watch because I will get caught eventually. Watches are a work of art, aren’t they? I especially like the one pictured that looks kind of like it’s melting. That’s cool!!! How much is that one?

    1. Author

      Hi Jason. Then all the more reason for you to get a watch ASAP =)

      I think you’re referring to the Swatch Autoquarz. But unfortunately I think the watch had been discontinued some time ago as I never actually saw it now (the picture was put up to show an example of a kinetic watch by the Swiss brand).


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