1. Hi Isaac,
    Love your site as I share your love of analog watches.

    I came here because my trusted and most reasonably-priced Reguno solar watch (a Citizen cheap brand) fell on the concrete floor and the glass crystal got damaged badly so now I am looking for a replacement as I think it might cost a lot more to repair than to buy a new one. My absolute favorite look is the classic minimalist face of train station clocks -no numbers, just black short lines and hands on white background without even a brandname, but I think impossible to get in solar (or maybe not? Perhaps you know of one?). DW designs are also wonderful to look at, but again, they don’t make them in solar, which is a great shame.

    1. Author

      Well, I don’t think DW do solar watches so your best bet is with the Japanese brands (Citizen and Seiko).

      A quick check on Amazon shows two similarly minimalist style watches that I think you’ll like : Seiko SUP873 and Citizen Axiom.

      Have a look at both of them and let me know what you think!

      p/s: Actually you can also change out the crystal by yourselves. Check out youtube for lots of videos on how to change watch crystal DIY. And the parts and tools are not that expensive too!

    2. Author

      Yes, that’s quite a DW kinda style you’re looking for. Unfortunately our friends at Seiko and Citizen don’t have that kind of taste LOL!

  2. Hi Issac, you’ve made a lot of useful review here…
    You may check out a cheap solar watch from Q&Q (group of Citizen) Smile Solar series. it just cost around $20, maybe it use the same movement from eco drive but with cheap resin case.
    Very nice site btw, I really enjoy your articles.

    1. Author

      Hi Erfan. Many thanks for the heads up on Q&Q smilesolar. I can say that Citizen seems to be making their own Swatch competitor – with all that colorful resin case and band. It really looks funky and best of all, the watch uses solar movement that’s much superior than normal quartz in a Swatch.

      Much thanks for this info! Cheers.

    2. Hi Erfan,

      Where can I buy the smilesolar watches for $20? Citizen’s Q+Q official site in Japan has a direct link to Amazon, but they are more than double that price (JPY 5900) and for shipping within Japan only. I really like the 003 series.

  3. Thanks for your review Isaac on these solar watches!
    I really didn’t realize how cheap they come. I thought they would be way more expensive, especially since its quartz and all.

    One of my problems has been the battery life, so a solar watch would definitely solve that problem! Awesome!
    Now I know what to ask for Christmas 😉

    I just wondered though, the second problem I do have with watches is that cheaper watches tend to have problems with the binding on the straps. How is that with these watches or do you have a certain watch, brand or system that you recommend to those having problems with straps falling off?

    I do also simply love these analogue watches. Love to watch those special clock stores in Switzerland full of ticking watches and clocks.

    1. Author

      Hi Steven. Thanks for reading my blog. Indeed, solar watch’s biggest forte is the independence from having to change batteries. And in my opinion, chronograph solar watch are the best because you can run the stopwatch without worrying about squeezing the battery juice =)

      My suggestion for you about the straps is very simple – buy a watch with metal bracelet. The bracelet will be very tough, very durable and will lasts as long as the watch itself. And you can easily change the bracelet to straps (leather or nylon) in case you got bored. 

      Btw, don’t be afraid to change the strap yourself. With some cheap tools and youtube videos, it’s very easy to do =)


  4. Wow, solar powered watches are amazing. My biggest problem with watches was always a dying battery. I feel burdened when I think about going to get a replacement but I was always a bit skeptical about the solar powered watches because I wondered what would happen in the night or during the rainy season. It is great to know that some technologies actually allow them to be charged under my lights at home or at work!
    I am searching for a watch for my hubby for his birthday 🙂 I think he would like the Casio Edifice EQS500DB-1A1

    1. Author

      Hi Crystal. That’s the beauty of solar watches – no need to worry too much about dying batteries because you can charge it effortlessly by just wearing and exposing it to lights. And with huge power reserve up to months, it does not have to be worn every day or two like automatic watches.

      The Casio Edifice EQS500DB-1A1 is a watch with good looks  and great specs. I’m sure your husband will love it. =)


  5. I have always wondered how solar powered watches work and wondered do they ever stop if the Sun goes in.lol obviously not….
    Honastly didn’t even know you could get them this cheaply either, I was thinking more like £500 for one.
    I like the Seiko SSC233 ths most out of the list you have given.

    1. Author

      Hi Matthew. That’s my thoughts exactly! But it seems the watchmakers know what they were doing lol!

      I’m pretty sure the price for a solar watch used to be quite high back in the days when these were released. But due to reduced costs, it becomes more affordable now than ever. 

      May I know why you like the Seiko SSC233 buddy?

  6. Hi great review of solar watches. I didn’t know you could buy solar watches hence I’ve always owned battery operated ones. Solar watches are a great idea and I like the fact that you don’t have to rely on the sun but light in an office or your room. I personally like the Casio Edifice as I think it looks awesome!

    1. Author

      Hi Harjit. You are just like me a few years ago when I first knew about these solar watches. These truly are good tools for those that want a fuss free watches as it can be recharged by any light. And what’s best is these are not necessarily expensive – and my list here intends to show just that.

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