1. Hi Isaac, this is a very good, fair and unbiased review. I will be getting an upgrade from the SNK to SNZ because of the size. The SNK looks a bit tiny on my wrist. I love the design because it is simple and practical. A good value for money too as compared to the others and the legendary Seiko 5 had proven its quality and robustness. I am from Malaysia. (0835 09112018)

    1. Author

      Hi Ben. Thanks for the kind words. I guess it’s a good thing that watch brands make their models in at least 2 sizes eh? Either way, I’m happy for your new watch. Do let me know what’s your impression of your new SNZG ya!

  2. Hi Isaac, thanks for a nice review. I have the Japan version and agree with everything you say. For the price, it’s a nice first automatic watch. But I must say I’m a bit disappointed. The biggest con is the lack of hand-winding as you mention. If you own several watches, you will grow tired of resetting the time and date. I also found some cons that I didn’t read about before. Firstly, in my opinion, the hands look silly small from some angles, due to the addition of the outer dial. The hands have pretty much the same length as hands on watches without the outer dial, so they are further from the “edge”. If you angle your wrist so you always look at the watch from straight above it’s not a legibility problem, but it still makes the design feel a bit imbalanced. I work as a designer so I’m a bit OCD about these things. Strangely I didn’t think about this until I saw the watch in real life, but then most photos are taken from straight above. Secondly, the center of the back (the glorious exhibition caseback) protrudes a bit, which makes the watch ride too high on my skinny wrist. The “arms” or whatever you call the parts that attach to the strap don’t even touch my wrists. I need to tension the strap too hard in order to get a nice tight fit. And finally, this is a cool looking retro military style watch, but the reflecting crystal glass would for sure break military stealth protocol, so it’s not something you would actually wear in the military, but that’s probably obvious to most people. But the crystal could be useful if you get lost while hiking and need to signal to a rescue helicopter, or perhaps more likely, if you want to play with your cat 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Tom. It’s great to know a fellow watch enthusiast as yours. I absolutely agree with everything you’ve mentioned above. Gee, I don’t notice about the short minute hand until you pointed that out! It’s definitely a weird one for sure LOL!

      In terms of the absence of hand-winding feature, I’ve found its easier if you wear the same watch for 3 to 4 days at a time, instead of wearing a different watch everyday. That way, you will only have to reset the time every 3-4 days vs. everyday. This is just some of the more practical ways I’ve worn my watch nowadays =)

  3. On the movement: the only diffence between the 7s26 and the 7s36 is the addition of two non-functional jewels in the latter. That means they don’t actually bear any moving parts, and should ‘officially’ not be labeled as being a 23 jewel movement… I really don’t know what Seiko was up to in doing this. Reliability and accuracy should be quasi identical for both movements

    1. Author

      Thanks for this info bud! Never knew about this stuff before. Thanks for sharing this.


    2. 21 jewels second hand makes 21 tiny steps every second. And 23 jewels makes 23 steps every second witch makes the second hand more smooth.

    3. Author

      Hi there. Actually the jewels are not referring to the tiny steps (that’s the beats per second, and for this Seiko, it’s 6 beats/tiny steps per second). The jewels are pivot points used in the watch movement to make the necessary parts move without friction.

  4. The SNGZ13 has a polished case versus the SNZG15’s bead blasted case.

  5. I just got my Snzg15 for Christmas, due to my old Seiko getting scratched up. I hope this bad boy does no get scratched. So far I love the watch, however I noticed it was gaining time like a race hound. So I googled it and tried the tapping back fix. So far today it has worked. Now I am constantly checking it. However I will not return it because I really like it! Size & features all great from the deal on Amazon!

    1. Author

      You must have been very lucky to get the SNZG15 for Christmas. It’s one of those watches that is so beautifully simple =)

  6. With respect your comment about day and date on a watch, ultimately it’s a personal thing but for me a practical watch should have both day and date as a necessity.

    I once owned an Omega Speedmaster automatic with day/date, and it was the best thing ever! Apart from the watch itself, which was incredibly thick and heavy, the convenience of having both the day and date make me yearn for this feature in every watch I’ve worn since – I think people who haven’t had this feature just don’t know what they’re missing out on.

    And for the record, yes – I have also purchased an SNZG15, because despite the affordable entry price it’s a really well made watch that is easy to service and will last a lifetime.

    1. Author

      Hi Mark. Great to meet someone who shares my opinion on the day date =)

      It’s not quite as refined but nobody can dismiss the usefulness and functionality of the day date on this Seiko SNZG15. As a man that values functionality, it’s one of my favorite complication on an automatic watch.


  7. You can’t go wrong with Seiko. My husband has always worn Seiko watches and is in the process of replacing his 15 year old Seiko with a new one. This is a very thorough review and will help him decide which watch he will purchase. Personally, he only buys Seiko watches made in Japan and never from China where the end product is of lower quality.

    1. Author

      Hi Karen. I absolutely agree with you. The brand is an example of a good value for money buy. Besides, you are never afraid to wear your Seiko for any outdoor activity for fear of wrecking the watch (as compared to the more expensive brands). Just saying LOL!


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