1. I just got my Snzg15 for Christmas, due to my old Seiko getting scratched up. I hope this bad boy does no get scratched. So far I love the watch, however I noticed it was gaining time like a race hound. So I googled it and tried the tapping back fix. So far today it has worked. Now I am constantly checking it. However I will not return it because I really like it! Size & features all great from the deal on Amazon!

    1. Author

      You must have been very lucky to get the SNZG15 for Christmas. It’s one of those watches that is so beautifully simple =)

  2. With respect your comment about day and date on a watch, ultimately it’s a personal thing but for me a practical watch should have both day and date as a necessity.

    I once owned an Omega Speedmaster automatic with day/date, and it was the best thing ever! Apart from the watch itself, which was incredibly thick and heavy, the convenience of having both the day and date make me yearn for this feature in every watch I’ve worn since – I think people who haven’t had this feature just don’t know what they’re missing out on.

    And for the record, yes – I have also purchased an SNZG15, because despite the affordable entry price it’s a really well made watch that is easy to service and will last a lifetime.

    1. Author

      Hi Mark. Great to meet someone who shares my opinion on the day date =)

      It’s not quite as refined but nobody can dismiss the usefulness and functionality of the day date on this Seiko SNZG15. As a man that values functionality, it’s one of my favorite complication on an automatic watch.


  3. You can’t go wrong with Seiko. My husband has always worn Seiko watches and is in the process of replacing his 15 year old Seiko with a new one. This is a very thorough review and will help him decide which watch he will purchase. Personally, he only buys Seiko watches made in Japan and never from China where the end product is of lower quality.

    1. Author

      Hi Karen. I absolutely agree with you. The brand is an example of a good value for money buy. Besides, you are never afraid to wear your Seiko for any outdoor activity for fear of wrecking the watch (as compared to the more expensive brands). Just saying LOL!


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