1. I have a Reactor .. https://reactorwatch.com/product-category/mens/ … Never Dark® is the first technology to combine the intense brightness of Superluminova with the multi-year longevity of tritium, providing optimal illumination under all lighting conditions.
    Tritium is radioactive. Should You be worried?
    Unlike radioactive isotopes that have been used on watches in the past, tritium poses no health risk to the wearer or to the workers who assemble the watches. Tritium’s radioactive decay produces only weak beta particles that are contained completely within the sealed glass tubes. Even if exposed, the beta particles do not posess enough energy to penetrate the outer layer of human skin.
    Is this the best self bright watch on the market?

    1. Author

      Hi Robert. The Reactor watches looks very interesting. A superluminova with tritium tubes will make the lume glowing all the time!

      I guess it depends on the people. Some people are okay with it while others are more conservative and don’t want to put themselves to danger.


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