1. It’s going to be my first time buying a dive watch, and I definitely want it to be a Seiko. As a starter, I just want their low-midrange section, like this watch. I was actually thinking of either buying the SKX007, the Black Samurai (K1), or this turtle. For some reason, I always end up looking at this watch. It is true that its cushion case is not the “normal” watch look that everyone recognizes, but it was actually that part of the watch that lured me in! The Samurai is also a nice piece, but its crown location is not as “unique” as the SKX’s and this (lol). Anyway, I came to visit this page to give myself more justification about this watch, and I can say that you have given me a good reason to buy it. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi there. You surely did your research as you just can’t go wrong if you go for any of the watches you’ve listed. Do let us know when the SRP777 Turtle arrives and how you feel wearing your first dive watch. Cheers =)

  2. Haha Ilke the part when you say “It’s definitely for those that want a pure functional diver’s watch, and don’t really care how fanciful the watch is. It’s not the best looking watch for sure: the cushion case is weird, the dial is simple and looks basic.” It’s very honest. Everything in life comes with pros and cons =). Great review mate.

    1. Author

      Hi Remi. Glad you like my review post on this Seiko Turtle.

      Like you said, everything in life comes with pros and cons lol! While this SRP777 has a great diver’s watch functionality all around, it does have that unique look that is not as “stylish” as the other watches out there. In the end, it depends on the wearer what they want for their watch =)

      Cheers mate!

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