What Is Diver’s Watch?

What Is Diver's Watch

What is diver’s watch? It’s one of the most popular type of analog watches because of its cool and sporty look. It’s also the most versatile – can be worn with any thing for any function (except for black tie events of course). This versatility and coolness helped propel its popularity among watch fans. Diver’s … Read more

What Is Quartz Watch And How Does It Work?

What Is Quartz Watch And How Does It Work

What is quartz watch? How does quartz watch work? I’m sure most people always wonder how this tiny thing can show time (and very accurate too). In this post, I’m going to explain on what is quartz watch is all about, it’s history, how it works and the future of quartz watch. A transparent quartz … Read more

Introduction To Watch Crystal : What Is It, Types, Problems, Repair And Replacement

Introduction To Watch Crystal : What Is It, Types, Problems, Repair And Replacement

What is watch crystal? What is dial window? Can they get scratched or break? Can watch owners repair or replace them? These are some of the questions that anyone wanting to buy or already own a watch will surely have in mind – regardless of automatic, mechanical or quartz watch. Here I will cover all … Read more

Why And How To Wind Automatic Watch


How To Wind An Automatic Watch? And Why Do We Need To Do It? Two questions that I get a lot from people is why do we need to manual wind an automatic watch and how to wind an automatic watch. As we all know, automatic watch is “automatic” because the there’s a rotor that … Read more

8 Common Problems With Automatic Watch And How To Solve It

Common Problems With Automatic Watch

Problems With Your Automatic Watch? What’s The Cause And How To Solve It? If you are unlucky, you might encounter some problems with your automatic or mechanical watches. Depending on the severity, the steps to correct it will differ. Some of them can be severe that require a full service while some of the minor … Read more

6 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wrist Watch – How To Choose A Good One For You!

How to choose perfect wristwatch

When I was younger, I never really know what wrist watch I want. I just know that I need a watch to tell time (was just started working back then and need a watch to keep me punctual for all the meetings, etc). So I went to many shops and look around until I found … Read more

Automatic Vs Quartz Watch Movements : Which Is The Right One For You?

Automatic Vs Quartz Watch Movement

In recent times, the advent of smartwatches have brought new attention to the watch world. But prior to these new technology-filled watches, watches were divided into only 2 major categories: automatic and quartz. Well, that’s quite a summary because as I’ve written before, watches can even be divided into 20 types. While that list consists … Read more

Watch Winder VS Manual Winding – Which One Is Better?

Watch Winder VS Manual Winding - Which One Is Better?

So you’ve got yourselves an automatic watch after much research about it and how it differs with the normal cheaper quartz watches out there. But then you realize that you need to use the watch at least a couple of hours everyday for the mainspring to have sufficient charges to power the watch for the next … Read more