1. Yes, the slide rule watch bezel is inferior to the breast pocket calculator, but not in speedy checking for gross calc errors.
    As an (nowdays 15 years retired) aviator I then used my Citizen bezel to crosscheck the fuel upload gallons vs weight before each flight, and was long done when my young collegae was still strugling with his pocket & calculator. Then we checked our answers. Goody -Go.

    1. Author

      Sometimes, the old method can be quicker than the newest ones. Great to hear your story!

  2. Whoa! Ok I had absolutely no idea all of that is going on on my wrist. I just thought all those numbers had something to do either with diving or altitude! My granddad had a Breitling with a slide rule and i used to imagine i was James Bond playing with it. But seriously, tell me, do people actually use this feature or do you think it’s just included for tradition/heritage and prestige?

    1. Author

      Frankly speaking, I don’t think people use the slide rule bezel anymore… though I could be wrong! On the other hand, I can see how the bezel can be a great tool for pilots as it’s very easy to do the stuffs with it, such as unit conversions (mile to km, etc.), tachymeter, and others.

      But for mathematician, scientists engineers, the slide rule is not a good tool – calculators are way more reliable and accurate.


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