1. These watches unwind very quickly and are a nuisance to own. They would be ideal with batteries.

    Seiko old models from 40 years ago run 5 times as long.

    I suspect they may be Chinese copies.

    1. Author

      Hi buddy. This is my first time hearing this. May I know what’s the power reserve of the older models?

  2. What do u mean that the lume won’t last long?
    Isn’t it supposed to lume as long as it’s getting “charged” daily?

    1. Author

      What I meant was the lume (or glow in the dark paint on the watch) will only glow for short period of time, possibly 1 hour at most as this is a lower priced watch by Seiko (and don’t have their Lumibrite on it). While it’s being charged daily, only the charging immediately before the watch enter dark areas and discharge its lume light will count.

  3. Hello,
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    1. Author

      Hi Karlo. Thanks for visiting and I’m happy that you love this watch.


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