Victorinox Maverick Review – A Unique Swiss Diver’s Watch

Victorinox Maverick Review

  Diver’s watch is a very popular type of watch and in this article, I’m going to review the Victorinox Maverick automatic watches (241705 & 241706), the Swiss company’s interpretation of the much-loved segment of watch. Rolex Submariner has always been a gold standard of sort for diver’s watch design. It has a simple style … Read more

30 Best Automatic Watches Under $1,000 in 2018 – The Best Watches For Every Budget

Best Automatic Watches In 2017

Best Automatic Watches From $1,000 To $200 Thinking of getting an automatic watch? Wanting to buy the Best Automatic Watch but don’t want to spend more than a thousand to get one? Well, that’s definitely possible! Of course, High-End and Luxury brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe etc. are out of reach. But that does … Read more

Invicta Grand Diver 3049 Review – The Big Diver’s Watch From Invicta

Invicta Grand Diver 3049 Review

  In this post, I’m going to write about Invicta Grand Diver review, specifically the two-tone version with reference number 3049. The Grand Diver is part of the family of Invicta’s diver’s watch. I’m pretty sure most of you already know about the Submariner-like 8928/8926 diver’s watches right?     Those are inside the Pro … Read more

10 Best Affordable Automatic Watches Under $200 In 2017

10 Best Affordable Automatic Watches Under $200 In 2017

The Best Automatic Watches You Can Get Under $200 Can anyone get automatic watches under $200 today? Although automatic watches are always associated with being pricey, it’s entirely possible to get one for a more affordable price (especially if buying online!). Below are the 10 best affordable automatic watches that you can get in 2017 … Read more