1. Wonderful list of watches. I am a diver and looking for a suitable diving watch for myself under dollar 1000 as my budget is not more than that. Hamilton Pan Europ and Hamilton Ventura watches look really fantastic. Would love to buy one of them soon.

    1. Author

      Hi Alexander. Thanks for dropping by. I hope this list can help you to make your decision =)

  2. Hi Isaac and thanks for the review of the beautiful luxury timepieces. I think that the materials used are of a really good quality and when I clicked through on the check price links, I see some good discount me too. Which would you recommend for a first time buyer if one of these pieces? Also are there any automatic watches that are still quality, but from lesser known brands that would be worth checking out? Appreciate your thoughts, thanks Kenny 

    1. Author

      Hi Kenny. If you’re first time buying an automatic watch, I’d suggest that you buy a lesser priced downwards of $500 – just to feel the watch and see if automatics is the watch type that you can live with. Forking out a $1,000 for a watch that you still are not certain you will love is a bit risky. I’ve written a few posts about these great automatic watches with more affordable prices that you can have a look at (under $200 and under $500).

      In terms of what watch to buy, I’d suggest that you have a look at my post here where I discussed the top 6 factors to choose the watch to buy. But the topmost factor is to buy a watch that you like and feel strongly about. If you’re dreaming about wearing the watch even in your sleep, I’d guess that’s the watch that you have to get.

      Of course, there are other aspects to look into (wrist size, functionality of the watch, price, etc.) but it should always start with whether you like the watch or not.

      Do let me know if you have further questions buddy =)

  3. Thanks for listing out all watches. I am looking for a watch for my husband and I was keen on a Seiko watch but after reading your post , I am thinking of Oris Big Crown Date due to its colour! It stands out from the rest of the watches. Citizen Grand Touring Sport looks good too! 

    1. Author

      Hi Priya. I’m sure your husband will be ecstatic to be presented with such beautiful gift =)

  4. I have taken several moments in time to read this very well presented article about a range of classy watches for men.  I guess wearing a classy time piece is part of being properly dressed in business attire , to look and feel the part. 

    I think if you are a professional and want to look professional then the choice of watch is significant.  I do like the clean and simple look of the Raymond Weil Maestro Moonphase. Most of the watches you have showcased have a clear and functional design although one I felt the face was too dark, that was the Oris Big Crown. I did not like the shape of the Hamilton Ventura XXL but that is just personal taste. . 

    I agree with you that it is amazing how man has been able to create such functional time pieces that  are also compact and attractive. 

     A great site for anyone in the market for a quality watch. 

    1. Author

      Hi Judy. Thanks for taking the time to read through the post. While I do believe that self-confidence should come from within, I still feel that wearing a nice and proper watch can also contribute to our self-confidence, especially when dealing with our business counterparts. 


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