1. I can totally understand why you put the black Tissot in the first place. A chronometer at below $500?? You got to be kidding me! Last time I checked Swiss Chronometers used to be above $1,000 at least. Just wondering how can TIssot produce such model at such a killer price Isaac?

    1. Author

      Hi Kyle. Yes, it’s true. Though I need to make it clear the under $500 price is only possible if you get the watch from an online shop. It’s quite hard to find any Tissot automatic watch under $500 at any boutique store in my experience. From the looks of it, I dare say Tissot managed to offer the Chronometer at such a great price by reducing the dial complexity (it has a quite plain looking, though still looks sleek). A simpler dial makes the production easier hence cheaper price.

  2. Very nice list of automatic watches here mate. Just wondering how much will the service cost of these watches be? Will it be cheaper to just buy a no-frills normal watch then?

    1. Author

      Hi Kyle. I’ve found that the service cost varies depending on your location – whether you have a local watchmaker that can service the movement or any authorized service center or not. If your area don’t have these, then it might be a hassle to send the watch to them either by hand or by postage.

      Service cost of these watches are not that expensive as they are considered normal/average movements in the market, though perhaps the Powermatic 80 movements are quite new and might need special services by authorized center.

      Yes, I’ll admit that a normal watch (quartz movement powered by battery) is much cheaper than any automatic watch. But then, where’s the fun in owning a normal watch right? =)

  3. Of these watches, my number one pick would be the Tissot Le Locle. It’s classic look with the textured watch face design looks very unique and I can imagine myself wearing one =)

    Just wondering is 39 mm watch size is big or small? I have a medium-ish wrist and will it fit?

    1. Author

      Hi Mike! 39 mm is the classic-ish size of watches, and is smaller than the current trend of 43-44 mm sizes. If you have a medium wrist size, I’d say it will be a perfect fit! Do let me know how it turns out ya.

  4. This is a very thorough review and round up of info on these particular watches. Thank-you for that!

    I’ve been thinking of getting my son a watch for Christmas because he actually uses one for his work. He’s been wearing a cheaper watch, but I think he would like something a bit more stylish. He has to dress formally in a posh server position. He wouldn’t want something too flashy, but watches in the price range of less than $500 would be fine. I will bookmark your page for further research.

    With your interest in watches, you probably own several. Do you have a particular way of storing them when you aren’t wearing one? What do you recommend?

    Thanks again for the helpful research on affordable watches.
    Stella 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Stella. It seems my preference changes depending on my mood LOL! I’m currently into dress watches – I love the elegant look that certainly can be used for casual or formal situations. When I don’t use my watches, I’ll put them into a proper watch box to keep them away from dust and accidental scratches from metal objects such as keys, coins etc.

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