1. This is a very thorough review and round up of info on these particular watches. Thank-you for that!

    I’ve been thinking of getting my son a watch for Christmas because he actually uses one for his work. He’s been wearing a cheaper watch, but I think he would like something a bit more stylish. He has to dress formally in a posh server position. He wouldn’t want something too flashy, but watches in the price range of less than $500 would be fine. I will bookmark your page for further research.

    With your interest in watches, you probably own several. Do you have a particular way of storing them when you aren’t wearing one? What do you recommend?

    Thanks again for the helpful research on affordable watches.
    Stella 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Stella. It seems my preference changes depending on my mood LOL! I’m currently into dress watches – I love the elegant look that certainly can be used for casual or formal situations. When I don’t use my watches, I’ll put them into a proper watch box to keep them away from dust and accidental scratches from metal objects such as keys, coins etc.

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