Seiko SARX015 Review

Welcome to Seiko SARX015 review, in which I’ll go in depth about a very eye-catching dress/casual watch from the Japanese watchmaker. It has a unique vertical textured pattern dial, a design that is synonymous with Omega Aqua Terra watches. Let’s get on to the Seiko Presage SARX015 review and look at what does this remarkable watch has to offer.


Seiko Presage SARX015 Specification

Diameter: 39.5 mm
Thickness: 11.2 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainless steel case
Strap: Stainless steel bracelet

Dial: Black greyish textured dial
Watch Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Hands: Bar hands with lume
Markers: Index markers with lume

Movement: Seiko Caliber 6R15 Automatic self-wind movement
Movement Features: Seiko In-house movement, 23 Jewels, 21600 vibrations per hour or 6 beats per second, Hacking, Manual winding
Power Reserve: 50 hours

Water Resistance: 100 m / 10 bar / 330 feet
Other Features: Luminous hands and markers, Date display, Exhibition caseback, Magnetic resistance

Best Place To Buy: Amazon

Seiko SARX015 Review

This Seiko SARX015 is part of the Presage line up, a very wide range of Seiko watches


Seiko Presage Collection

The SARX015 is part of Seiko Presage Collection but what is it all really about? The Presage is actually Seiko’s middle range watches and covers watches from $200 up to $2000, which is quite a large area to cover. The main difference with the SARB line is how they are more sporty looking while the Presage line have this more premium and dressy look to them.

While the lower to mid range of Presage line is comparable to the SARB, the upper line of the Presage features more refined design, material and higher grade movement – a stepping stone of sort before going to the Grand Seiko models. If the SARBs can be said as poor man’s Grand Seiko, higher level Presage watches are middle class Grand Seiko.


Beautiful Textured Dial

The first thing that most people will notice on the Seiko SARX015 is the beautiful textured dial. The dial is black grayish in color and has these numerous black lines running vertically throughout it creating a very impressive and distinct look.

For those familiar with Omega watches, they might notice that this dial design is actually similar to Omega’s Aqua Terra textured dial. But the Aqua Terra is more refined and beautiful with its sunburst effect on top of the textured dial. And not to mention it will cost at least $4000 =P

Omega Aqua Terra Skyfall Daniel Craig James BondAbove is Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial watch (the one worn by Daniel Craig in Skyfall). An absolutely stunning watch

On top of the dial are index markers made from stainless steel. The markers are slightly protruding up giving it a nice unique look. I really like how the markers are positioned in between the dial and the outer dial. At the end of the markers are some lume pips applied. The hands are slim and not over-sized.

It’s also quite unique with the small void space at the starting of the hands – adding bits of detailing that I really love to has in a watch. Small amount of lume are also applied on the hands for some visibility in low light condition. But I bet those lume won’t really last as its not applied in big amounts like what we can always see in dive watches.

Seiko SARX015 Lume shot

Lume on the Seiko SARX015 – even Seiko’s famed lumibrite can’t make it glow bright if the application is not sufficient. But then, who needs lume on a dress/casual watch? 

The slim hands with the markers really accentuate the image of the watch to be more dressy and have that classy look. A date window is positioned at the 3 o’clock for some functionality. Overall, the highly detailed dial with vertical lines pattern is absolutely stunning and beautiful to look at. The amount of detailing put out into the dial, hands, markers have really make it such an unforgettably eye-catching watch.


Solid Stainless Steel Case With Sharp Edges

Another distinct design on the watch is the boxy edges of the watch is constructed. Seiko really has a penchant in making beautifully crafted cases. Just look at their SKX007, SARB033 and SARB017. Their watches generally have distinct case design unlike other watch makers that are more lazy in this aspect with their normally straight cut of the watch sides.

The case is another unique thing about the watch with its sharp cut edges and layering of polish & brush finishings

The SARX015 sides are vertical but it then slopes upward to connect to the top of the watch. The same goes with the lugs – the case slope downward from the watch bezel towards the lug end. These slope are cut so straight and sharp, giving the boxy and edgy look of the case. To sweeten it more, Seiko finished the case with a mix of brush and polish surfaces making the watch looks very sophisticated.

Seiko SARX015 On hand

It has the standard size of today’s men watch – there should be no problem to fit with most men’s wrist

The diameter is 39.5 mm, a nice size for most wrists. It has 11.2 mm thickness with 20 mm lug width coupled with a stainless steel bracelet. The bracelet is another unique bracelet as it has a boxy look to complement the case.

The whole surface of the bracelet is brushed, saved for some inner edge of the links that are highly polished. This exquisite detailed craftsmanship makes the bracelet a unique and beautiful sight.


Sapphire Crystal And Anti-Magnetic Case

At the top, the watch uses sapphire crystal as the watch glass. The use of sapphire is totally appropriate for a watch of this price in my opinion. I also like sapphire because of its high scratch resistance (read my article on different types of watch crystals here).

The bezel holding the crystal is highly polished and this make the watch more shiny and dressy. At the back is a hardlex crystal open caseback to allow people to peek the 6R15 automatic movement inside.

Another interesting thing about this watch is that its built with magnetic resistance in it. This is a very nice feature as its owner does not need to worry too much about accidentally magnetizing the watch.

As I’ve written here, watch can be magnetized by putting it close to strong electrical magnets such as speakers or fridges. The magnetized watch movement will behave erratically and is one of the common problem for highly inaccurate watches.

All in all, I really love the watch case of this Seiko SARX015. Some people might be turned off by the straight cut boxy look but I feel this is much more unique and different than most watches we see today.

For those that are afraid the watch face is very dressy, worry not as the edgy case also make the watch more sporty, and can be worn for casual events. Hats off to Seiko for tirelessly giving out beautifully crafted watches at a lesser price than what the Swiss might charge us.


Seiko Caliber 6R15 Automatic Self-Wind Movement

Inside this watch is the Caliber 6R15, Seiko’s own in-house automatic movement. Being an automatic, this means the watch can automatically recharge itself by simply wearing it. Wrist movements will rotate the rotor inside it and wind the mainspring. This mainspring is the source of the energy of the watch – no need to change your watch’s battery on this one folks. You can read my article on how automatic watch works (link is here) for in-depth explanation of how it works.

The movement has 23 Jewels and vibrates at 21600 vibrations per hour or 6 beats per second. This means the sweeping seconds hand is actually ticking 6 times in one second. Truthfully speaking, Swiss watches that typically has 8 beats per second will produce smoother and more fluid sweeping seconds hand.

But Seiko’s reasoning for the 6 beats is to reduce the strain on the movement to extend its life. Its just like a car, if you drive it more, it will accumulate more mileage and that will shorten its lifespan. Using 6 beats movement also enable it to have a higher power reserve (50 hours) than typical Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement with 38 hours.

Seiko SARX015 Review


One important thing I have to stress here is how this movement is very commonly used in many Seiko dive watch with up to 300 m water resistance. If it is robust and suitable to be used in the most extreme condition, its more than qualify to be used in any other situations normal people might use it for (work, dinner, casual events, sports, etc.).


Who Is This SARX015 For?

Without a doubt, those that loves a sharp and stylish watch should definitely get this. It has a very cool dial with those laser cut case. It’s really a stylish watch and perfect for any dress or casual situations.

Not to mention it has the same style with Omega’s Aqua Terra watches. The SARX015 can be a stepping stone before jumping the gun on the Omega =)


Who Should Not Get It?

For starters, I think those that want a watch with lume should stay away from this watch. The lume on it is weak and definitely not long lasting. I’d suggest for those that want a decent lume to look at diver’s watches (such as the Seiko Monster or Seiko Turtle SRP777).


Can’t Resist The Charm Of This SARX015? Get It Now From Amazon!

If you really love the pattern dial of this Seiko SARX015, get it from the comfort of your home by buying from Amazon. This is a JDM (Japan Domestic Market) model and it’s not sold outside of the country.

Luckily there are many online retailers that market it to Seiko fans all over the world. Amazon has almost always have the best price for the SARX015 compared to other online sellers.Click the link below to check out this watch on Amazon.

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Seiko SARX015 is definitely a good looking watch. It has the unique vertical line pattern dial and perfectly designed watch face. With a boxy cut case that is finished with combination of polishing and brushing, this is definitely an eye-catching watch.

Featuring the robust 6R15 automatic movement, there is no question on how great the performance is going to be. All in all, it’s an exquisite watch for the sub-$500 price tag, a true high value for money.




I hope you guys enjoy this Seiko SARX015 review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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  1. Hi. Been thinking of buying the watch and was looking up for reviews. I like the dial and the bracelet looks cool. Stumbled across your great article and found it quite helpful.
    Need to ask you one question. I have a big wrist, about 7.5 inches and I was wondering if the watch would fit. I am not keen on getting a replacement bracelet though.

    • Hi Azmi. Unfortunately I’m not really sure about that. How about you contact the seller and ask for the information? And do make sure they provide assurance that the watch can be returned should it does not fit your wrist. Let me know how it turns out =)


  2. Thanks for writing this helpful review! My boyfriend has been looking for a new watch since he lost his old one. With our anniversary coming up, I think you’ve given me a good idea about what to get him! This looks like a very high quality, well-made product with beautiful design. I also like that it costs under $500–that’s fantastic!

    • Hi Audrey. Many thanks for visiting and leaving your comment here. I’m sure your boyfriend will definitely love this watch. It’s very stylish and totally unique. Let me know what he thinks about the watch ya =)

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