Seiko SSC233 Review – The Stylish Orange-Black Watch


Orange has always been a ladies’ color for as long as I can remember. But only during the last decade or so this color has slowly made its way into men’s style and fashion – to a very good effect.

And today, I’m going to give a review about the Seiko SSC233, a watch that uses orange heavily in it’s design.

The first thing that anyone will notice about the watch is how the bright orange markers and hands just seem to pop up from the black dial and case.

Definitely not a traditional style for a watch, but I just can’t deny how trendy and stylish this watch is.

And not to mention how unorthodox the watch is. With such contrasting colors of the orange/black, this is definitely a head turner =)

Being a chronograph also makes the watch more useful than ordinary watch while also making it look cooler with those extra subdials.


Seiko SSC233 on hand


Last but not least, the watch is also a solar watch which will make it more convenient without any frequent battery change.

And all of these are for less than $200! I can honestly say this is one of the good value for money watch in the market right now.

Without getting ahead of ourselves, let’s check out the Seiko SSC233 review shall we.


Seiko SSC233 Watch Specification

Diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Lug Width: 22 mm
Case: Black PVD Stainless steel case
Strap: Black nylon strap
Watch Crystal: Hardlex crystal

Dial: Black dial
Subdial: 24-hour time (right subdial), Running seconds hand (left subdial), 60-min chronograph indicator (bottom subdial)
Hands: Sword hands
Markers: Full numeral markers

Movement: Seiko Caliber V175 – Solar quartz movement
Accuracy: +- 15 seconds per month
Power Reserve: 6 months (for a maximum of 1-hour chronograph used everyday)

Water Resistance: 100 m
Other Features: Solar powered, 1/5 second Chronograph (up to 1 hour), 24-hour display
Seiko SSC233 Manual: Click here to download the user manual

Best Place To Buy: Amazon, MSRP is $350

Stylish Orange-Black Dial

The one biggest selling point of the Seiko SSC233 is its stylish orange-black dial. The orange markers just seems to burst out from the matte black dial.

It’s truly very trendy and stylish – assuming you’re one of those hip young guys of course LOL. I don’t think older adults would be interested with this kind of style

Though I could be wrong on this. Let me know if you’re already in the older range of age and still find this Seiko SSC233 stylish and desirable =)


Seiko SSC233 on hand


Another thing that I like about the dial is how Seiko chose to use full numeral markers on it.

Sure, it makes the dial busier but you can’t deny that it makes the watch easier to read especially for those that have been used to normal clocks.

There is a date window at 4:30 location but I find it to be too small for my liking. Such a small window will be hard for anyone to read the date.

Lume is applied on the hands and markers but is not as good as any of the Seiko’s dive watches. But then again it’s to be expected from a casual watch like this.


3 Subdials with 60-min Chronograph

Being a chronograph, the Seiko SSC233 has an additional 3 subdials for this function.

The right subdial is used to show 24-hour time (more on that later on), while the bottom subdial is for the 60-min chronograph timekeeping.

The left subdial on the other hand is for the running seconds hand. This actually means the main seconds hand (the bigger one) is stationary during normal usage and is only used for chronograph function.

This is the same quartz chrono movement used in the gorgeous Seiko SSC017 which I found to not be as cutting edge as what I’d like.

What I mean is this setup is exactly the same as any automatic chronographs, with a separate running and chronograph seconds hand.


Seiko SSC233 watch front


Being a quartz chrono, Seiko can easily use the main seconds hand for both function – easily done since it’s electronically controlled after all.

The left subdial is then free and can be used for hours counter of chronograph or even a power reserve indicator which is much more useful.

But alas, this is not a high-end quartz chronograph (like the Bulova Precisionist) so it’s actually passable.

Still, high-end or not, chronograph subdials do make for a more complicated and sophisticated which is just way cooler than normal watch =)

Has 24-Hour Time Display, But No GMT?

One thing that I need to highlight is that the right subdial is for 24-hour time display and it’s not for GMT or second time zone display.

It’s definitely a good addition as the 24-hour time display can show the current AM/PM that an analog watch lacks.

But still, I believe a GMT subdial where it can show a second timezone will be more useful especially to those that travel often.

What do you guys think? Is the 24-hour time display sufficient or a GMT watch is much more preferable? Leave your thoughts on this at the comments section so that we can discuss further.


Sleek Black PVD Case

Complementing the black-orange theme of the Seiko SSC233 dial is a stylish black PVD stainless steel casing. It’s the finishing touch on this beautiful and trendy watch.

The case is a bit on the big side with 45 mm diameter and 12 mm thick.

I’d think those with smaller wrists should think carefully as there is a big possibility the watch’s lug will hang off from your wrist (which is not a good sight. Think baggy clothes/pants and you’ll get what I mean).


Seiko SSC233 side


On top of the watch is a Hardlex crystal, Seiko’s own enhanced mineral crystal. It’s supposed to have a higher impact resistance, but sadly the scratch resistance is not there.

My advice is to take good care of the watch and avoid any contact with hard surface (concrete, steel, etc.) as there is a good possibility that your hardlex will be scratched.


(For more info about watch crystals, click here to read my article)


The watch also has a 100 m water resistance. While most owners of this watch will never swim with it, it’s still a good feature to have.

Well, better safe than sorry right?

One thing that’s a bit strange about this watch is it’s black nylon strap. The nylon strap which is hooked up to the 22 mm lug width is strangely out of place.

While the case and dial are immaculate, the nylon strap is a bit too cheap in comparison.

It’s be much better if Seiko can use a leather band with orange stitchings on the watch instead (which many owners of the Seiko SSC233 have done LOL!)


Seiko SSC233 back


Seiko Solar Quartz Movement

One of the best features that the Seiko SSC233 has is its solar powered movement. Being a solar watch, this means there is no need to frequently change its battery.

This is because the watch will automatically convert any light (minimum strength is our house/office light) to electrical energy instantly!

The secret lies within the photo-voltaic cells underneath its black dial using the same mechanism as solar roofs.

Charging it is a breeze since we only need to wear it while exposing it to any light. A man-made light will require longer exposure time while a bright sunlight can easily charge the battery in a few minutes.

In my opinion, the combination of chronograph and solar watch is definitely a good thing.

Chronographs can squeeze the juice out of the battery of a normal quartz watch faster. But if the watch is a solar watch, this is not a problem since the battery is easily recharged.

Also, being a quartz watch mean a very accurate timepiece is at your disposal.

Accuracy wise, it has a +-15 seconds per month gain or lose time which is much more accurate than even the best and most expensive automatic watches.

This makes this watch very suitable for those that want an accurate and fuss free timepiece.


(But automatic watches also has its own flair. Read my comparison of the two main types of watch movement here)


Who Is This Watch For?

In my opinion, those who like a very stylish and trendy watch should get the Seiko SSC233. It’s definitely will attract lots of attention from people due to its great look and unique color combination.

Not to mention the chronograph function with subdials adds to the complexity and cool factor of the watch.


(Check out also the Seiko Monster, another watch which uses orange on its dial)


The Seiko SSC233 is also suitable for anyone that want a convenient watch and does not like to change its battery every couple of years. This solar watch will take care of the recharging immediately, without you guys even noticing.


Who Should Not Get It?

In my opinion, those with a smaller wrist will not find this Seiko SSC233 watch a good companion. The big 45 mm diameter is only suitable for bigger wrists.

Beautiful watch aside, I sincerely believe a good fitting watch to a wrist is an important part of our overall style which is why I don’t recommend it for those with small wrists.

Secondly, since the watch uses non-traditional orange color, it’s not a suitable watch for formal functions.

For those functions, a dress watch with traditional look is much more suitable (such as the Seiko SARB033, Tissot Visodate and Hamilton Jazzmaster).


Watch this video to see the Seiko SSC233 up close


Seiko SSC233 Watch Pros and Cons


  • Trendy and stylish design with orange/black dial
  • Subdials causes it to be more stylish and cooler
  • Solar powered quartz movement for total convenience
  • Chronograph function is useful for sports fans


  • A big 45 mm diameter is not for everybody
  • Lume is not as good as Seiko’s diver’s watches


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Final Thoughts

Seiko SSC233 is one of those watches that just grab your attention to it with its stylish orange-black dial. It’s also a cool watch, no thanks to the chronograph function.

Being a solar watch makes it a total convenience while reducing the work needed to change the battery. For a great all round watch with trendy look and without breaking your bank account, this is the watch you guys have to seriously consider.




I hope you guys like this Seiko SSC233 review. Let me know if you guys have any questions about it.

Don’t forget to drop your comments below =)


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  1. I’ve been using this watch for a couple of years. Overall, I’ve been quite pleased. But, I find two things annoy me:
    (1) The date marker at 4:30 is impossible to read in all but the best lighting.
    (2) In darkness, the hands and markings start out glowing quite brightly, but fade to the point they are almost invisible by morning.

    • Hi Lee. I’m glad that you enjoy your SSC233. Unfortunately, that’s the best that any luminescence paint can do. I don’t think any watch lumes paint can actually sustain until morning.

      For that, you’ll need a watch with radioactive lume such as tritium that is able to glow continuously – though it depends if you actually want to keep a radioactive material around your body =)

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