Hamilton Khaki King Scuba Review – Hamilton’s Take On Diver’s Watch


In this post, I’m going to write about Hamilton Khaki King Scuba review (H64515133), a diver’s watch from the American-Swiss brand. And I’d dare say that this watch is among the cheapest Swiss Made diver’s watch currently in the market right now.

Swiss automatics are expensive, more so diver’s watches. So to have a Swiss automatic diver’s watch that can be had for around $500 is a very big deal.

The watch’s official name is Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto (taken from its Hamilton’s website but somehow the Khaki King Scuba name sticks. Well, this watch do look a lot like the Khaki King watch, another famous watch from the brand with military style design.

The DNA of a diver’s watch is very strong in it, with the unmistakable Rolex Submariner-like styling all throughout it especially with the bezel.


A Watch With Diver’s Watch Look

The Khaki King Scuba is unmistakably a diver’s watch from the look itself, but I found some aspects of it to not be as good as I’d expected from a true diver’s watch. You know, the watches you used for actual dives and not just one that only has the style.

The bezel, less than satisfying lume, small hands and lack of double lock clasp are the showing that this is not a “real” diver’s watch in terms of functionality. Not just that, with the price encroaching into the $500 mark, it’s less value for money as compared to most Japanese diver’s watch.


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But stictly in terms of the design and aesthetics, this Hamilton Khaki King Scuba is definitely a good looking diver’s watch. That full day calendar is very unique and useful to have too.

Enough with the introduction. Let’s check out the Hamilton Khaki King Scuba review.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba (H64515133) Specification

Diameter: 41 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Case: Stainless steel case
Strap: Stainless steel oyster bracelet
Watch Crystal: Sapphire crystal

Dial: Black dial
Hands: Sword hands with lume
Markers: Numeral markers with lume pip

Movement: ETA Cal. 2834-2 Swiss Automatic self-wind movement
Movement Features: 25 Jewels, 8 beats per second, Hacking, Manual winding
Accuracy: +-15 seconds per day
Power Reserve: 38 hours

Water Resistance: 100 m / 330 ft
Other Features: Screw down crown, Full day display, Date display, Unidirectional rotating bezel, Exhibition caseback, Lume on hands and dial

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Black Dial With Classic Diver’s Watch Style

The dial of the Khaki King Scuba is unmistakably diver’s watch style, though with some elements that make it look not like the other diver’s watches out there.

For instance, though it has the normal black dial, the full day window at the top of the watch is unique and you won’t find it with any other watches. It’s definitely much better and easier to recognize when the watch shows “TUESDAY” instead of just “TUE”.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba on hand


In addition, the date window is located at the bottom. This is a strange thing to do since most watches put their date window at the right side but then considering the fact that the day window is at the top, this layout will even things out and make it symmetry.

The full numeral markers are also quite unusual for a diver’s watch as circular or rectangle markers are preferred since those shapes can hold more lumes on them. But I believe it will be a favorite for that are used to the traditional watch look.

The number 3 and 9 are enlarged as compared to the other numbers and this make them pop. The dial is more attractive this way as it’s less boring than what normal watches have.

On top of the bezel is an unidirectional rotating bezel which is the biggest thing that tells apart this watch from its brother, the Khaki King. On this, I’d prefer Hamilton to create their own bezel design instead of using the bezel used by the more famous Rolex Submariner. I mean, if they can design a unique dial, I’m sure they can design their own unique bezel.


Not So Great Lume

But the draw back of the metallic numeral markers is there is not much lume on the dial. Instead of putting the lume on the markers like traditional diver’s watch would, Hamilton was forced to apply lume pips above each marker.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba lume

That’s the lume on the Khaki King Scuba


Well, the result is less than satisfying. The hands glow brightly but the weak lume from the pips will cause problem to tell time in the dark. Not to mention there is no special lume marking for the 12 o’clock. This will surely cause a little bit of confusion as to the orientation of the watch in low light setting.


Seiko Sumo Lume shot

And this is the lume on the Seiko Sumo. So which one you’d prefer =)


Small Size Case

The diameter of the case is a “small” 41 mm, with 12 mm thickness. It’s sleek and looks great, befitting of the Hamilton brand. The stainless steel watch uses a matching stainless steel oyster bracelet which I believe is the best choice in terms of usability.

Stainless steel bracelet will last way longer than any fabric, leather or rubber strap. Being stainless steel, it wont be corroded or damaged from repeated use.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba side


Not just that, it’s also versatile – can be worn as a dress watch and also casual use. The only drawback is the additional weight to your wrist. But you’ll get used to it, sooner or later lol!

Covering the watch at the top is a sapphire crystal which is the best option when it comes to watch crystal. It’s way more scratch proof than other crystals (mineral or acrylic) and will make the watch look pristine even after years of usage.

Last but not least, the watch has a 100 m water resistance, thanks to its case design and screw down crown. It’s definitely at the lower end of water resistance rating but most people don’t need that 300 m water resistance right?

Not to mention having only the minimum 100 m rating will enable Hamilton to reduce the weight and thickness of the watch, thus making it a more wearable watch to the normal people.


The Trusted ETA 2834-2 movement

Inside the Hamilton Khaki King Scuba is the robust ETA 2834-2 automatic self-winding movement. The movement is one of the most popular movement from the Swiss movement manufacturer and features 25 jewels inside it.

Not to mention as the ETA company is part of the Swatch Group, I’m sure that the company won’t go anywhere in the future. This gives the assurance that the parts and knowledge about the movement will be there when the watch needs a servicing later on.

Hamilton Khaki King Scuba back

The Hamilton Khaki King Scuba also has an exhibition caseback so that its owners can peek at the ETA 2834-2 movement


The movement runs at 8 beats per second which gives a fluid sweeping second hand motion that’s characteristic of all automatic watches. It’s also slightly more fluid than the 6 beats per second movements that the Japanese (Seiko and Orient especially) makers loves to use.

It’s power reserve can be called modest at best. With just 38 hours, it will barely pass 2 days of no use without dying. But fortunately the movement can be manual wind so that we can easily replenish the power reserve by rotating the crown without having to wear the watch continuously.


Watch the above video to see the Khaki King Scuba up close


Who Is This Watch For?

Anyone looking for an affordable Swiss automatic diver’s watch should seriously consider this Hamilton Khaki King Scuba. It looks great in its own right, without having to copy the popular Submariner look like other watches.

The watch construction is great and with the 41 mm diameter, it will surely fit on most guy’s wrist. The usage of the trusted ETA 2834-2 movement makes it a good automatic watch.

Overall, a really good looking watch suited for casual and dress use.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba on hand 2


Who Should Not Get It?

I don’t recommend this watch to those looking a watch for serious diving. It’s a good looking watch for sure, but the features are less diver’s watch and more to dressy.

The lume is unsatisfactory for a diver’s watch standard. It’s very hard to tell the time with such small lume pips. Not to mention there is no lume on the 12 o’clock position of the bezel rendering the watch bezel limiting its use to places with good light.

In addition, the clasp does not has a double lock which is very important to secure the watch. No one want’s to accidentally release the clasp and losing the watch in the sea right?

With all of that, I believe the Hamilton Khaki King Scuba is more towards a good looking diver’s watch look than practical usage. For a list of the best automatic diver’s watches that can be used for diving, head over to my article HERE.


Hamilton Khaki King Scuba Pros and Cons


  • One of the cheapest Swiss Automatic diver’s watches around
  • Unique dial design unlike other diver’s watch
  • Sapphire crystal for maximum scratch protection
  • Easy to read dial with numeral markers


  • Lume is unsatisfactory for a diver’s watch
  • No double lock clasp


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Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, the Hamilton Khaki King Scuba is a good looking watch with dive styling. And it does this by using Hamilton’s own design without copying the more traditional look of other diver’s watches.

If you guys like the Hamilton Khaki King, then you’ll surely love how this watch looks.

It might not have the best specification and features for a diver’s watch, but considering it only costs about $500 is already a great value for money for a Swiss Made watch.




Hope you guys like this Hamilton Khaki King Scuba review. If you guys like this review, don’t forget to share and drop your comments below.

I would love to hear what you guys think =)


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  1. “The watch’s official name is Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto (taken from its Hamilton’s website but somehow the Khaki King Scuba name sticks.”

    Nope. The watch you show here is the Khaki King Scuba; the Khaki Navy Scuba is different. The King has both a day and date display, the Navy is date only. The date window on the King is at 6 o’clock, the date on the Navy is angled between 4 and 5 o’clock. The King shows the depth rating on the dial, the Navy does not. Two different watches.

  2. Hi.I nearly bought this watch after I read this review (until my wife reminded me about the last 10 watches I have broke) oops

    • LOL! What a story Matthew. But don’t worry, diver’s watches are normally built more robust than normal watches. And if you’re looking for a great automatic diver’s watch, but at an affordable price, check out my list of the 10 best automatic diver’s watch HERE.


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