1. This review is useful and informative, but echos some of the unfounded opinions and inaccuracies of other reviews. With tongue in cheek that makes it a homage of other Invicta reviews! Seriously, I own several Invicta automatic watches, several Vostok Amphibia, and several Seiko automatic watches for several years. I don’t scuba dive, but i do snorkel, swim, shower, wash and get my watches wet all the time. No WR watch i have ever owned has leaked water. Period. Accuracy of the brand out-of-the-box, places Invicta far superior to Seiko in my personal experience. I happen to have found a few very good dealers who simply replace or refund a defective watch without question, in some cases well beyond 30 days if need be. Even Amazon will offer a several year replacement warranty for a very nominal charge if the buyer wants it. Value for the dollar? Invicta automatics are very hard, maybe impossible, to beat. If you can’t stomach homages, and nothing short of the “real thing” is acceptable to you, ante-up, and head to your favorite Authorized Rolex Dealer, and purchase a gorgeous, investment-class, Submariner, because anything else has copied something from that great watch maker. Above all, marvel at the human ingenuity incorporated into every watch ever made.

    1. Author

      Hi buddy. I agreed with every word you said. In the end, it depends on the user – if you want a bonafide Rolex, then go for it. But if you don’t have the money but still like an AUTOMATIC sub-like watch, then the Invicta is a really good choice. Cheers =)

  2. The NH35 movement is not a “low grade” movement from Seiko. In fact, this is the 4R35 movement that you need to spend almost $300 to find in a Seiko watch. It has handwinding an hacking, which the SKX 009/009 and Monster do not. It is also a pretty robust movement and can be regulated very easily – I have several Invicta mods running at +/- 0.5 sec/day (better than Rolex specs).

    As for the fogging, this is not unusual. Long Island Watch has a video about water resistance that demonstrates how any watch can fog up.

    As for looks, yes – blatant Rolex Submariner look with poor lume. No, I wouldn’t rely on this for diving. As an inexpensive, you can wear with almost anything watch, it suits the bill.

    1. Author

      Hi J.D. Thanks for taking your time to read and leave a comment here. The information about the NH35 movement is something new to me and thanks for pointing that out =)

      On the fogging, I beg to differ. While all watches can fog up (even diver watches), the rate of Invicta watches fogging up is higher compared to other brands. It’s totally understandable though as the watch is inexpensive and I’m pretty sure they have to cut some corners here and there to sell at these prices. My intention with that is to warn the prospective owner of Invicta to be more careful with using it in future.

  3. Really great review here, thanks. I personally really like this Invicta watch, but I have the same concern as you seem to have that it’s an exact copy of the Rolex. However, with how expensive the Rolex is this would be a cheap option. Personally I like the coin edge version of it, and I would never use this watch diving. Would this be a good watch to wear if you are in business and just want a stylish timepiece?

    1. Author

      It’s definitely a good looking watch (it has the famous Submariner look after all lol!), so I’m sure it’ll be a good and stylish watch for a professional.

      But until to a certain level of course. I doubt you want to wear this to meet a multi-millionaire since that guy most probably own a few Rolexes and will surely spot the Invicta. And I don’t think any true Rolex fan would think highly of any Invicta.

      So in my honest opinion, if you want a stylish watch then this Invicta 8926 is a good watch to use. But if you want a watch that will impress your counterparts in business, then I suggest you look for other watches. Not necessarily an expensive one but at least something that has its own unique and original design.

      I’d recommend the Seiko SARB033, SARB035 (the white version) and SARB065 for this purpose. All are good looking watches with beautiful designs.

      If Japanese brands are not your thing, then the Tissot Visodate, Tissot Le Locle and Hamilton Intra Matic are good choices too without breaking your bank.

      Let me know if you have further questions. =)


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